Actual Guns CSO V3.1.20: DesnoGuns 2 Reveal

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"Actual Guns" is the first add-on to introduce custom guns into Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and the first to introduce key-features such as first shot accuracy, Recoil recovery, Skins, Different accuracy when (jumping, walking, in air, swimming, ladder, etc), Hit-markers, Announcers, B Modes (Semi, Burst, Change of gun, Silencers), Enhancements, Attachments, Editions, Reserve ammo, Eat to reload, Reload, Automatic reload, Iron sights, Scopes, Perks, Recoil, Real dual-wield, Sniper steadyness/sway, Draw mechanic w/ sounds, Rocket-jumping, Headshots (not yet here, but there's a video!), and much, much more! it was previously made by TheEnderface and Keyyard, I have taken the add-on expanded it; re-wrote everything, so it's brand new. It contains about 120+ weapon items (this includes grenades, melees, guns, etc). All the weapons in this add-on are unique in terms of their stats (everything will feel different) and their texture - we don't like copy pasta here!

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What is Actual Guns?

From what you have read from the brief introduction, it's the first add-on to bring the first custom guns, hence the name "Actual Guns". It was previously made by Keyyard and TheEnderface, but they ditched the add-on for some time. I was bored and had nothing to do, so I revived the add-on after a year of no sign of hope from updates and worked on the first V2 prototype on April 2020 when lockdown was a thing. Me and Jun worked on the add-on again just to update it a single time, but based on the reactions we got from the community, we decided to stay and continue. This add-on has come a long way since, adding things that no other gun add-on has ever made nor thought of and possibly never surpassing the efforts, and we put to this project and how we take it so seriously. The funny thing about this add-on is that it's 2D, and yet surpasses any 3D add-on (including our own spinoff, ActualGuns 3D) and it just shows it's not about being 2D or 3D, it's about how much you actually care and your willingness to do something. Our determination and creativity has leaded us here, and also your support has helped us on this ever lasting journey. On October 31, 2020, Actual Guns is based on Counter-Strike Online and still is to this day.

Why should you choose Actual Guns?

  1. Your opinion is heard, we listen to it.
  2. It is the first add-on to introduce custom-made guns.
  3. It is the first gun add-on to introduce key features that most gun add-ons also inherit - we are basically the inventors.
  4. Our changelogs in major updates are longer compared to other add-ons out there (13-20k characters, previously 8-12k)!
  5. Our very minor patches can surpass most if not all any add-on update on this site, mainly character-wise but they bring a heck ton of major changes (V3.1.16, V3.1.17, V.3.1.18)
  6. We are the first ones to introduce the burst feature and silencers.
  7. Unlike other add-ons, they have "/playsound" for guns, meaning they will sound the same even if you are close or far from the sounds - we don't do that here, it's semi-realistic.
  8. We are the first ones to have draw sounds.
  9. When you shoot, villagers get scared (or if you hit with a certain melee or hold something scary, they will run).
  10. We are the first ones to Introduce custom scopes and iron sights.
  11. First Kill! Double Kill! Triple Kill! we've got those, we've got "Announcers"!
  12. Want to detect if you really hit that player? of course you do, we have "Hit Markers"
  13. Want a gun that harms people when you're reloading? want a gun that shoots void bullets and make your foes fly to their death? want a weapon that kicks people out of your world? we've got you covered!
  14. We've got more variety than every gun add-on combined, and best of all, they all have their own unique behaviours and stats!
  15. Dual Weapons!
  16. Decorate your gun with skins!
  17. Unlike other add-ons, the accuracy or recoil of guns are worse if you move or jump. It's very much like Counter-Strike!
  18. We are the first ones to achieve the longest ever changelog on MODBAY!
  19. The add-on was based on DesnoGuns, a very nostalgic and old mod back in the day. Guess what? we have the artist who worked on the mod, and now he works in here! his name is Jun.
  20. We have the fastest rate of fire in all of Bedrock!
  21. The gameplay is unique, very fast paced and every decision you do is risky, it's quite competitive too.
  22. We have automatic reload!
  23. It gets even better, we have reserve ammo like first person shooters!
  24. The most polished gun add-on, and bugs get patched extremely FAST!
  25. Our textures are handmade, not ripped out of google and then re-edited to make it seem like you have made it.
  26. The fastest changing gun add-on of all time!
  27. Do you want to experience the first ever (real) Attachments on Bedrock? Actual Guns has them! (as a test, for the AWM as of now)
  28. Do you want to Enhance your gun stats without giving them abilities or changing their looks? you can also do that!
  29. AG is the first add-on to incorporate the first shot being accurate and later rounds being inaccurate.
  30. We have DLCs that you can download to enhance your AG experience, or download guns or stuff that wouldn't otherwise be added officially into the add-on.
  31. Unique mobs!
  32. Survival friendly!
  33. Crafting!
  34. Perks!
  35. If you want an addon that has a grind of getting items in survival mode and opening super rare items to flex, this add-on is for you.
  36. 3D Items!
  37. Explosion particles reflect explosion power.
  38. Rocket jumping mechanic! try it with the RPG-7.

Please read before scrolling down!

  • The addon version is called V3.1: 20 Stages of Hell. The add-on is on this version since 15th of July 2021, so basically a year. This is biggest update to ever release, it's so big that even a year later it has not been finished.
  • We're now on a period where I call it the "Patches". In this period, every update is called a "patch", they are shaping up V3.1 as a whole slowly so we can get to V3.2: Attachment Update.
  • A major update would require the "1" to be changed into "2", so "V3.2". A patch is something like V3.1.(number goes here). I just thought I'd let you know on this. But patches can also be major, don't underestimate them!

When is V3.2 releasing?

By 1 million shares, I hope that V3.1 is finished and that's when I will start working on V3.2, which will be based on attachments just like the AWM, but better, and more complex.

Why is V3.1 taking so long?

V3.1 consists of many things to add, but the main thing is adding guns that are shown in this picture below. They never made it into the first patch of the version because my artist didn't have time. When he finished, the update release date was way too close, and I couldn't add them. Remember, a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. I took that mindset and pushed the guns aside until I got the time to work with them and put the envision I want for them.

Speaking of "envision", adding a gun isn't as simple as you think. You see, I experimented with fixing the first shot of the gun so that it actually goes where you are looking, instead of an RNG factor. From there, I developed prototypes experiments called "Counter-Strike adjustment", they weren't called that when they first added of course, it was added for the AK-47 in the very first patch but it was quite simple and had to make separate bullet entities for every accuracy change, which I did not like. Also, the recoil needed to be lowered for this system to work smoothly, which only made it harder for me because I can't just lower the values, that's called lazy developing, I have to re-imagine EVERY single gun in the add-on with different stats. With further experimentation (you can probably tell that I like experimenting with guns a lot), I achieved a few Counter-Strike adjustments! I'll show you every generation:

  • 0th Generation = Recoil gets worse the longer you shoot and gets reset instantly the second you stop shooting, accuracy stays the same, multiple files needed, there are no "stages"
  • 1st Generation = Recoil gets worse the longer you shoot and gets reset instantly the second you stop shooting, accuracy changes, one file needed only, there are "stages" - every stage, the accuracy and the recoil changes
  • 2nd Generation = Recoil gets worse the longer you shoot and gets reset once the gun starts to cool down, accuracy changes, one file needed only, there are "stages" - every stage, the accuracy and the recoil changes and recoil is generally lower than before on this generation
  • 2.1 generation = same as 2nd, except your inaccuracy has a pattern (e.g it goes up instead of side to side, the ACR has this)
  • 3rd Generation = same as 2nd, except you can move and fire!

Actual Guns items

What is a "stage"?

Guns have a rage meter that indicates how harsh the recoil and the accuracy is becoming. Every "square" is a stage, you reach this stage by firing bullets in a short amount of time that is generally shorter than the time it takes for this specific gun to re-charge back, so the bar is completely grey.

This is an example of a gun that is fully cooled down and is ready to fire with precise accuracy.

ACR gun, ammo, rage and reload

Please grow and change as a person. Maybe. Anyway, this is an example of a gun that will not fire with precise accuracy, and I seriously recommend that you stop shooting for at least a second.

ACR gun rage stats

Now that's out of the way, let me show you the things available in this add-on!

Please read them in order so you understand things! each category is connected to the other.

Mobs section

Decoders and Grades section

Bingo section

How to get guns and other items

All items (guns, grenades, melee weapons, etc.) are available in the creative inventory. Some items can be found in Laptop.

Some guns are now labeled as "rare", and can now be found in structures.

Ammos can be dropped by ranged mobs such as skeletons, piglins, pillagers, illagers, and other ways you will discover whilst playing.

Also, you can now fish "parts" to craft your weapons.

The Laptop

Screenshot of Laptop.

Personal phone

Buy station phone.

Assault Rifles

Use /function getar to get all Assault Rifles.

Assault RIfles in the inventory.

Submachine Guns

Use /function getsmg to get all Submachine Guns.

Submachine Guns


Use /function getsniper to get all Snipers.

Snipers in the inventory.


Use /function getpistol to get all Pistols.

Pistols in the inventory.


Use /function getshotgun to get all Shotguns.

Shotgun pellets now matter; all of them will deal divided damage. Only to players for now.

Shotguns variants


Use /function getheavy to get all Machineguns.

  • Negev
  • Ultimax-100



Some guns have a sight. Sit down to activate it.

Aiming with a sniper gun


Use /function getmelee to get all Melee weapons.

Melee weapon


Use /function getetc to get all Equipment.

Equipment items

Bunker Buster

Sit down and right-click (long press) to cause the missile to destroy the area when hit.

Using Bunker Buster

Destroyed area in the village


With a parachute, you will fall slowly and will not receive damage when landing.

Player with a parachute

Night Vision Googgles

Allow you to see better at night.

Night vision goggles on the player


Right-click (long-press) to put on the Jetpack. Look up to start flying and down to lower the altitude.

Using the jetpack


Use /function getgrenade to get all Grenades.

Grenade items

Other grenade items

Explosive Grenade

When exploding, it does a little damage and explodes blocks.

Using Explosive Grenade

M67 Grenade

Explodes immediately when touching the ground and causes a lot of damage, destroying blocks.

Using M67 Grenade


Ignites a 7x7 block area with fire when touching the ground.

Using Molotov

Flashbang Grenade

When exploding, it blinds creatures for a few seconds.

Using Flashbang Grenade

Smoke Grenade

Creates a thick fog of smoke in the area of 7x7 blocks.

Using Smoke Grenade

Toxic Grenade

When exploding, it creates a toxic fog that deals damage with a Wither effect.

Using Toxic Grenade

Holy Grenade

Holy fire will appear at the place of the explosion.

Using Holy Grenade

Electro Grenade

Creates lightning at the site of the explosion.

Using Electro Grenade

Heart Bomb

After the explosion, it creates a cloud with a Regeneration IV effect

Using Heart Bomb

Ghost Grenade

Explodes immediately upon contact with the ground.

Using Ghost Grenade

Trinity Grenade

Trinity Grenade is activated when it hits a mob and has several types:

  • Stun: Slows down movement after an explosion
  • Fire: Destroys blocks and sets fire to the area, deals damage
  • Knockback: Pushes away everyone around.

Using Trinity Grenade

Chain Grenade

Three standard chain explosions.

Using Chain Grenade

Freeze Grenade

When an explosion occurs, the movement slows down greatly.

Using Freeze Grenade

Bat Grenade

Creates a cloud of bats at the explosion site.

Using Bat Grenade

Tear Gas Grenade

A gas grenade that imposes 5 negative effects.

Using Tear Gas Grenade

Coin Grenade

Throw a coin a long distance to get an explosion.

Using Coin Grenade

Cake Grenade

Congratulate your friend on his birthday. This cake with a surprise inside!

Using Cake Grenade

Water Balloon Grenade

A ball of water will create 1 block of water at the explosion site.

Using Water Balloon Grenade

M24 Grenade

A classic grenade with an explosion.

Using M24 Grenade

Peace Dove Grenade

After the explosion, you will see the «Peace Dove» above the explosion site.

Using Peace Dove Grenade

Gravity Grenade

After the explosion, it throws the nearest mobs and players high into the sky.

Using Gravity

Samsung J7 Grenade

Throw Samsung JS to blow it up immediately.

Using Samsung J7


A grenade with increased explosive power.

Using OwO~ grenade


Firebomb Grenade ignites an area and destroys blocks when it explodes.

Using Firebomb

Dao Grenade

Dao Grenade explodes after 5 seconds.

Using Dao Grenade

How to get skins?

Various skins are available for guns. They cannot be created in survival, but can be obtained by commands. To do this, you can use one of the following commands:

  • !skin (gun name) (number)
  • /give @p gun:name 1 (number)

For an example: /give @p gun:awp 1 5.

AWP default skin AWP red skin


It does not spawn naturally, and it is used to detonate any mob and player that crosses the red laser.



Throws high up if you stand on it.



Don't step on it in survival mode! The landmine explodes immediately and does a lot of damage.


Gas Barrel

Does not spawn naturally. Shoot it to blow up and set fire to the area.

Gas Barrel

Addon structures

Actual Guns DLCs

There are several DLCs attached to this add-on. They are adding a number of new guns to the game.

Actual Guns DLCs banner


Force-A-Nature gun from the Team Fortress 2


Got a spare item? No problem!

Want to reset skins? No problem!

Need other gun parts? No problem!

Disassembling helps you use spare items for good, you can turn them into mileage, get more ammo or get a part that you don't have, and the gun you want to craft happens to share this same part. You can the disassembly feature to reset skins.

Place item in the Stonecutter, and choose what you want.

Disassembling in stonecutter

NOTE: Empty items are NOT supported, as they get removed from the add-on due to CS adjustments!

Disassembled items

[ Important Things ]

Remember, stealing or copying the add-on in any form will get your add-on deleted. Ask for permission, but just don't be surprised if I say "No" because there are parts of the add-on that are only exclusive to AGCSO, and I don't anyone else having them.

Please do not post the mediafire links or make a clickbait out of it, you know exactly how many hours and months I've spent on this update and me having to tell specific people to have basic human decency is honestly out of this world. Thank you to everyone who understands and never did any of that, I hope you have a blessed life.

"base add-on" means the add-on itself, Actual Guns CSO.

If you have any questions, comment down below. I love replying to all of you. Or argue, as well.

Preferably use Android or PC to play this add-on, iOS is quite a hassle. DO NOT USE BETA MINECRAFT OR EDUCATION EDITION VERSIONS!

Required experiments for Actual Guns CSO addon

Known bugs

Sniper gun bug

If the gun is in the air, simply minimize your game and open it again OR press ESCAPE to bring up the menu, and you can see your gun position fixed.

Warning messages in Actual Guns addon

Do you see that warning? Ignore it. Thanks.


Bug with announcer regarding cactus or magma being spammed is out of my control, try to avoid them or just turn off the announcer.


[ Designer's Toolkit ]

Actual Guns CSO and Designer's Toolkit

Designer's Tookit (DTK) is an add-on that adds unique blocks that suits many types of styles or buildings of your liking. Ranging from building, decoration, industry, functional, nature, and the addition of both Vanilla and Custom blocks. Best of all, it suits AG perfectly; DTK has blocks that is compatible with AG guns, meaning blocks will react/explode if they are shot at.

Go ahead and make a map that adds both of these add-ons together and upload it to MCPEDL or Modbay, you have our permission! (just make sure to put both of the add-on links as credit)


Updated on August 18

Changelog for v3.20:


  • When sneaking, damage you recieve from bullets will be slightly increased
  • Added hover-over text for all guns
  • Removed gun grades in item name  
  • Real bullet ejections for pistols



  • Thermite
  • Hecate
  • Destroyer
  • Tactical Awareness Grenade
  • MK16
  • Ethereal
  • Anaconda
  • MG42


  • Thermite [BREW ONLY]
  • Anaconda


  • Thermite
  • Hecate
  • Tactical Awareness Grenade
  • MG42


  • Re-shuffled the rates for Rifles
  • Added Ethereal


  • Items that are affected by a change in an update are now highlighted in the inventory for that particular update, this will continue from now on


[Explosive Grenade]

  • Added pull mechanic, you can "cook" the grenade for 0.5 sec and throw it anytime you're ready


  • Nata Knife and Black Dragon Cannon textures have been re-made to match the one in CSO
  • Machete texture have been re-made to mach the one in CSCZ


  • Edited the sound of M4A1 Silenced


  • LR-300 skins now has their own actionbar instead of a popup


  • Changed grade to Rare
  • Can now be found in Rare decoders only, with a much lower chance than before

[Battle Edition]

  • Guns will no longer jam when in the gun has 0 reserve ammo left


  • Changed particles for Trintity Grenade (flame), Water Balloon, Holy Grenade



  • Gave it the Counter-Strike adjustment (3rd generation, ability to run and gun!)


  • Added jump-boost effect


  • Backpack (mojang reverted the code)
  • Bowie's custom hold animation


  • UI Title rescaled


  • Fixed crash bug with Water Elemental
  • Fixed fire damage with Water Elemental
  • Fixed explosive grenade not firing
  • Fixed Widowmaker not appearing in TF2 DLC
  • Fixed Welrod not ejecting anything
  • Fixed Jiangshi Red eyes not glowing in the dark
  • Fixed LR-300 and MK18 1st stage whilst sneaking recoil value being way too low
  • DLC pack versions between resource and behavior now match eachother
  • Fixed misspelling with "saftey"
  • Fixed Negev & Ultimax-100 not resetting rage bar when reloading
  • Fixed Battle Glock in Auto mode not shooting whilst standing in the last rage sqaure
  • Fixed Trintity Grenade (flame) exploding on impact


  • Hecate  
  • Destroyer
  • Thermite
  • Tactical Awareness Grenade
  • MK16 [CSO2 DLC]
  • Ethereal
  • Anaconda
  • MG42 (might get nerfed)
Download links
Base Add-on: Behavior Pack
Base Add-on: Resource Pack
TF2 DLC: Behavior Pack (enable it with base add-on)
TF2 DLC: Resource Pack (enable it with base add-on)
L4D DLC: Behavior Pack (enable it with base add-on)
L4D DLC: Resource Pack (enable it with base add-on)
Old Guns DLC: Behavior Pack (enable it with base add-on)
Old Guns DLC: Resource Pack (enable it with base add-on)
SMG DLC: Behavior Pack (enable it with base add-on)
SMG DLC: Resource Pack (enable it with base add-on)
CSO2 DLC: Behavior Pack (enable it with base add-on)
CSO2 DLC: Resource Pack (enable it with base add-on)
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  1. I can’t exit out of the phone so I have to wait until I get killed so I could get out of it. Please fix that.
    1. A new update can be found on MCPEDL, it will come here later.