Old Pigman Plus (Ruby and Nether Wart Forest Update)

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What is Old Pigman Plus? It is an addon that brings back the old pigman, without replacing the zombified piglin. The old pigman includes new features that are very useful for the players. You can trade with zombie pigmen just like you do with piglins, but with a new material called pink ruby. You can also heal the zombie pigmen by bringing them back to the overworld. If you are one of the veteran players, you will love this addon, since in this update the nether core reactor was added.

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New Biomes:
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Zombie Pigman Professions:
Nether Core Reactor:
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Here is a video about the new update, I show the new "Inferno Spire" structure generated by the "Inferno Reactor Core"

Below is a small demonstration of how the nether reactor core added by this addon is!

Updated on November 24

Updated 2.2:

  1. A new biome called Nether Wart Forest has been added, where the piglin beast will now spawn.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused the zombie pigmen that are being healed in the overworld to not barter with the players.
  3. A vanilla error was corrected, which consisted of piglin brutes not being able to equip anything, no sword or piece of armor, now they could equip better armor and axes.
  4. The ID and all the textures of the pink ruby were changed, now it is simply called ruby, this to have more logic, it really is a very important change and one that perhaps many were waiting for to become better familiar with the item.
  5. The Wildfire AI was improved.
  6. The vulcan is now called Wildfire!
  7. A misconception was corrected: zombie pigman still equip gold items, or monochrome gold, they will no longer do so.
  8. Lava Zombie spawn rate reduced!
  9. You can now find ruby ores in the overworld!
  10. Reduced the chance that ancient zombie pigman can equip ruby armor.
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Download links
Download Old Pigman Plus RP
Download Old Pigman Plus BP
Download Nether Reactor Core Update BP (Necessary Package)
Supported versions
1.20.40 1.20.30
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  1. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
    You know that the glowing obsidian and old Nether reactor cores are still in Vanilla Minecraft right!? The nether reactor core is just not functional anymore but it does still exist and can still be obtained either through the use of an nbt editor or the scripting API.