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Another Vanilla+ addon, but Smaller...
The addon's Small Explanation:

This addon is Adding Small Features that Designed towards Vanilla
But, Without significantly changing the game...

So... that's the Purpose of this addon!

This addon Adds Small Features into the game that Designed towards Vanilla Without significatly changing the game!




!! Attention !!

This Addon is an Unofficial Port of a Java Mod named "Inspirations" made by Knightminer

Although the mod is MIT Licensed, I'm Still Respecting the Creator's Hardwork while making this Addon!


Back to the Addon Explanation...



Blocks of Paths

Paths (Bricks, Rocks, Round & Tiles)

Can be crafted in Stonecutter with the respective blocks

Mulch blocks

Mulch (Dyeable)

Can be crafted in Stonecutter with any planks


Crooks tools

Crooks! (Wooden, Stone/Bone, Blaze Rod/Wither Bone)

A tool Increases the Sapling & Apple drops when used for breaking Leaves...


Crooks tools recipes


Potato Soup

Potato Soup

Another soup...


Potato Soup recipe


Beetroot but Heals!

How to Obtain it?

Farmer and Heartbeet

Farmer has a chance to Sell it at Master Level


Silverfish Powder, Stone Rod and Withered Bone

Silverfish Powder

  • Dropped by Silverfish• Used for brewing Potion of Haste

Stone Rod

  • Can replace sticks on tools & torches recipe• Used for crafting Stone Crook

Withered Bone

  • Dropped by Wither Skeleton• For crafting Wither Crook• For brewing Potion of Decay• Can be crafted into Withered Bonemeals

Withered Bonemeal

  • Can be crafted into Black Dye
  • Can convert Poppy into Wither Rose

Wither Rose from Withered Bonemeal recipe

  • Can be compressed into Withered Bone Block

Withered Bone Block


New potions

Potion of Absorption

Brew Instant Health Potion with a Golden Apple

Potion of Blindness

Brew Awkward Potion with an Ink Sac

Potion of Haste

Brew Awkward Potion with a Silverfish Powder

Potion of Health Boost

Brew Absorption Potion with an Instant Health Potion

Potion of Hunger

Brew Awkward Potion with a Rotten Flesh

Potion of Levitation

Brew Slow fall Potion with a Fermented Spider Eye

Potion of Mining Fatigue

Brew Haste Potion with a Fermented Spider Eye

Potion of Nausea

Brew Awkward Potion with a Pufferfish

Potion of Resistance

Brew Awkward Potion with a Shulker Shell

Potion of Saturation

Brew Instant Heath Potion with a Rabbit Stew


Brewable Potion of Decay

Brew Awkward Potion with a Withered Bone



Skeleton drops their Skull

Cave Spider

Cave Spider drops Cobweb

Alternative Dispenser recipe

Alternative dispenser recipe


Cow Milking Cooldown


Grass drops Beetroot, Pumpkin & Melon seeds too



Knightminer for making the Mod!

IEmotionless for Allowing me to Use his Crook!

Permission from IEmotionless:

Permission from IEmotionless for Zyuro



Required Experimental Feature:

Required experiments for the Inspirations BE addon


◆ English

◆ Deutsch

◆ Русский

◆ 简体中文

Working on 1.17.0+!

Enjoy & Have A Vanilla+, But Small!

> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

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Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0
  1. Not sure what "tl:milk_bucket" is, can it be substituted with "minecraft:milk_bucket"?
  2. Mushroom recipes have older values for dye (and had same aux value), I think needs to be replaced with brown_dye and red_dye
  3. Withered Bone in recipe can output either 3 Withered Bonemeal or 3 Withered Bone Shard. Not sure if need the latter or can delete that one. Is giving an error. Thanks.