JOJO's Bizarre Adventure: Stand Disc Addon v1.1.84 Magician's Red, Silver Chariot, Dragon's Dream Update!

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This addon enables you to use more than 30 different stands in the famous anime: JOJO's Bizarre Adventure! You can use different skills to fight, and the stands are all available in survival mode! Come in and take a look!


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How to get started?


This addon includes so many stands, so it is only for high-end devices.

Required Experiments for the JOJO's Bizarre Adventure Addon

How to get my Stand?

There are 2 ways to get your stand. The first way is to get stand discs.

Stand Discs

Right click/long press the Disc to summon your Stand.

Star Platinum Stand

And the skill of the stand will show up in inventory. To use them, right click/long press.

For example, if I want to use time stop of Star Platinum, I need to right click/long press the skill item, and then the time will be stopped.

Time Stop Item

And the 2nd way is to use the stand arrow. There are 2 kinds of stand arrow. The left one is a normal one, and the right one is a special one.

Two Kinds of Stand Arrows

Right click/long press to use the arrow. If you are using the normal one, you will possibly get your stand, or get withering.

Usage of the Stand Arrow

And if you are using the special one, you will 100% get one random stand.

Getting a Random Stand

(I got the hanged man.)

And if you don't want the stand anymore, you can use the item 'Stand Disc Remove' to recycle it.

Stand Disc Remove

Right click/long press to use it. After using it your stand will be collected into a Stand Disc.

Stand Disc Hanged Man

All stands
20th Century Boy

20th Century Boy

After using this skill, you will be unkillable and unbreakable. But you will also freeze forever until you stop this skill.

Anubis God

Anubis God Disc Recipe

Use this disc and one machete to craft the Anubis God Weapon.

Anubis God Weapon

Right click it, Anubis God will appear on your back and you will get a lot of buffs.

Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond Stand

This stand can restore objects or organisms.

The 1st skill has 2 modes, the 1st mode is the usual barrage. When activated, it will change to the 2nd mode called "Divide the Part". Use it to get a part of your target. It means you can use the 1st skill twice at a time.

(To divide the target's part, you need to be REALLY close to the target)

Punching Barrage

After dividing the target's part, you can use the 3rd skill to send the part you divided back. It deals DMG. The part will follow the target.

Restoring Tracking

The 2nd skill of Crazy Diamond is restoration, use the skill to heal the mob around.

With the 4th skill you can make a wall, just like the 1st skill, it also has 2 modes. The 1st mode is making a wall.

Build Structures

When activated, it will change to the 2nd mode. Use it, and it will send you back to the wall.

Grass Wall

If you don't understand how it works, I made a video on how to play this stand. Here it is:


C-Moon Stand

This stand can change the Gravity.

Change the Gravity

It can also control the Gravity to push the mob around it.

Gravity Push

You can get C-moon in survival mode now!

First, you need to get dio's bone by trading with Rohan.

After that you will need 36 sinners' soul, kill 36 Illagers around the bone.

And then the bone will turn to an egg... Give it 'mind disc' and 'explosion disc' from white snake to hatch it.


Cinderella Stand

This stand can give the mob around it buffs by doing face-lifting for them.

Cinderella Face-Lifting

You can also stop the face-lifting effect by using the 2nd skill item.

Dark Blue Moon

Dark Blue Moon Stand

It can summon barnacles. Use the 1st skill item to put barnacles on the mob around you. The target will freeze and your HP will be recovered for a few seconds.


And if you are in the water, you can use the 2nd skill item called tourbillion. It will absorb the mob around it and kill them.

Tour Billion


D4C Stand

It is a stand which can travel through different universes. Its 2nd skill can summon the minion from multiverse.


Its 3rd skill is annihilation. It's a powerful skill. After using it a steve from multiverse will show up.


If anything get close to the multiverse steve, it will be damaged continuously until steve dies.

Steely Dan

Right click/long press the 4th skill item, you will change the body with you in multiverse. Your HP will be recovered and you will be unkillable during this time. But you will also freeze during the effect.

Using D4C 4th Skill

Effects from D4C 4th Skill

Right click/long press the saint's corpse to evolve into D4C Love Train, and there will be a light wall around you.

Saint's Corpse

All mob around the light wall will be pushed away. And everything except you in the wall will be teleported to a random position. But the light wall can be broken by tusk act 4.


Echoes Stand

This stand can use gravity to control its target. To control the target we need to use the 1st skill item: Punching Barrage first.

Echoes Act 3

Echoes' Punching Barrage looks normal, but it can mark the target. After marking the target we can use the 2nd skill item: Freeze.


The marked target will be forced frozen for a second. And if you freeze the target you marked, the mark will disappear and you will have to mark the target with Punching Barrage again.


Emperor Gun

It is a gun with infinite ammo, right click/long press to shoot it. If you shoot it while sneaking, the pistol will follow the nearest target.

Hierophant Green

Hierophant Green Stand

Use its 1st skill item to shoot emerald splash.

Its 2nd skill is stranglehold. Use it at your target to let it freeze for a few seconds.


The 3rd skill item is 20-Meter Radius Emerald splash. All mobs within a 20-block radius will be attacked.

Emerald Splash

Sneak the right click/long press the take back item, you will turn into Hierophant Green and be able to move freely.

Take Back

Using Hierophant Green Stand

Adjust the Angle of view to control the lift. And when you use the Hierophant Enchantment, you will be forced to be back to the user.

Hermit Purple

Hermit Purple Stand

1st skill item: Divination, you need to have a camera first (We added it in the addon).

Camera Recipe

Using Camera to get a Map (Screenshot 1)

Using Camera to get a Map (Screenshot 2)

The 2nd skill is shackle and the 3rd skill is sweep attack. So you can use the 2nd skill first to control the target, then use the 3rd skill to attack it.

Hermit Purple - Second and Third Skills

And the 4th skill is called Zipline. Aim a block and then use the skill, you can fly to the target block like spiderman.


Harvest Stand

1st skill item: Move. You can sit on the stand to move quickly.

Harvest - Move Skill

2nd skill item helps you collect the items on the ground.

3rd skill item will summon some harvest to impact the target and slow it down.

Harvest - Summon Skill

(Rush B XD)

4th skill item is poison attack. Use it, and there will be harvest summoned in front of you.

Harvest - Posion Attack Skill

If they hit any mob, they will stay on the mob and give it the poison attack, like mosquito.

Harvest - Posion Attack


Justice Stand

The 1st skill item will let the stand invisible.

Justice Stand - 1st Skill

The 2nd skill item is to make illusions. The mob around you will be slowed down.

The 3rd skill item is to control mobs, you need to use a pair of scissors to mark the target. Hit to mark.

Justice Stand - 3rd Skill Item Recipe

Justice Stand - 3rd Skill Item Usage

After marking the mob, use the skill. The marked mob will be damaged and float up.

Killer Queen

Killer Queen Stand

The 1st skill item is first bomb. Right click/ long press the mob to mark the target. Sneak and right click/ long press to mark the block. The entity you marked will show in the actionbar.

Use the 2nd skill item to explode the target or the block you marked.

Killer Queen Stand - Explode Skill

Use the 3rd item to release Sheer Heart Attack. It will attack everything except you.

Killer Queen Stand - Sheer Heart Attack Skill

The 4th skill is Bite The Dust. To use the skill, you need to use Sheer Heart Attack to mark your position right now.

Killer Queen Stand - Bite The Dust Attack Skill

And if your HP is lower than 2, too, you can use this skill.

Using Bite The Dust Attack Skill on Low Health

Effects from Bite The Dust Attack Skill

Everything around you will explode. Your HP will be back to full and you will be transported to the position you marked before.

Made In Heaven

Made In Heaven Stand

It can use high speed impact to attack everything on its way.

Made in Heaven - High Speed Impact Skill

It can also use time acceleration.

Made in Heaven - Time Acceleration (Screenshot 1)

Made in Heaven - Time Acceleration (Screenshot 2)

When you use the time acceleration, you can impact the mob by just running to it.

Impacting the Mob with Time Acceleration

And at last you will float up and the cosmic resets.

Cosmic Resets

It is probably the most powerful stand in this addon. The way to get it hide in the item DIO's Diary...

Magician's Red (Updated!)

Magician's Red Stand

It can use red bind to control the target. The bind will explode after a few seconds.

Magician's Red - Red Bind Skill

And Crossfire Hurricane for sure. If you use the skill while sneaking, the fire will automatically lock the target and explode after a few seconds.

Magician's Red - Crossfire Hurricane Skill

The infinity fire will deal AOE damage to the targets nearby.

Magician's Red - Infinity Fire Skill


Metallica Stand

The 1st skill is to create scalpel. Right click/long press the skill item to shoot scalpel.

Metallica Stand - First Skill

The 2nd skill is to create iron stuffs, but from your target. Right click/long press the skill to absorb iron from your target and make it bleed.

Metallica Stand - Second Skill

With the 3rd skill you can heal yourself. Right click/long press to use.

Metallica Stand - Third Skill

Use the 4th skill, a lot of scalpels will drop and deal great damage to the target.

Metallica Stand - Fourth Skill

Sneak with the stand to become invisible.

Metallica Stand - Invisible Skill

Sliver Chariot (Updated!)

Sliver Chariot Stand

It can keep attacking the target, and also can shoot its sword out.

Sliver Chariot - I Will Send You to Hell!

Use the 3rd skill item to take off the armor. You will be faster, but you will lose the resistance effect.

Sliver Chariot - Take off the Armor Skill

The 3rd skill will be replaced to stab as well, you dash to the target and deal a lot of damage.

Star Platinum

Star Platinum Stand

This stand is powerful. It can stop the time for 5 seconds.

Star Platinum - First Skill

During the 5 seconds you can punch your target.

Star Platinum - Second Skill

You can also use star finger to attack the target away from you.

Star Platinum - Third Skill

You can also use star suck to absorb the mob around you.

Star Platinum - Fourth Skill

Now time stop in stand disc addon is more accurate as well, projectiles will keep flying even if the time stop ends!


Sun Stand

You can summon a sun. Use the skill item to attack the mob around you.

Sun Stand - Attack Skill

The Hand

The Hand Stand

Its 1st skill is teleport, which can let the user teleport for a few blocks.

And its 2nd skill is to remove the space between you and your target, the target will rush to you if you use this skill.

The 3rd skill is continuous remove. Deals a lot of damage.

The Hand - Continuous Remove

And the 4th skill is to remove the mob, it will teleport the target to a random position.

The World

The World Stand

Just like Star Platinum, it can stop the time, punch the target, but it can also do something different.

Its 2nd skill is Penetrate Attack, just like how DIO killed Kakyoin.

The World - Penetrate Attack Skill

And it can also teleport to the nearest target's back with the 3rd skill.

Teleporting to the Nearest Target

Now time stop in stand disc addon is more accurate as well, projectiles will keep flying even if the time stop ends!

Weather Report

Weather Report Stand

Its 1st skill is Air Armour. After using it, air armour will show up around you. It will block most of the projectiles. And mob around you (Be careful of your dogs and cats) will also be damaged. The armour lasts for about 5 seconds.

Weather Report - Air Armour Skill

(I didn’t attack the villager, it’s the armour, lol)

Its 2nd skill is Oxygen Space. Weather Report will summon oxygen, the oxygen will affect the mob around you, you will also be affected.

Weather Report - Oxygen Space Skill

And the 3rd skill is wind pressure punch. First weather report will summon a stormeye that sucks in opponents. And then it will give the opponents a heavy punch.

Weather Report - Wind Pressure Punch Skill

The opponents will bleed, and 3 pools of blood will splash on the ground. Use the 4th skill item to let the blood turn into blood spikes and blood chain.

Right click/long press the item 'weather report’s memory disc', you will unlock the power: Heavy Weather.

Weather Report's Memory Disc (Screenshot 1)

Weather Report's Memory Disc (Screenshot 2)

After u activate the power 'Heavy Weather', a rainbow will show up. That's the sign of Heavy Weather.

Weather Report's Memory Disc (Screenshot 3)

Everything around you will turn into snail slowly, they will become slower and slower. And after a few minutes they will start dropping HP continuously.

If you take back the stand, the power will disappear.


Cream Stand

Use its 2nd skill, cream will teleport to the nearest target and deal damage to it.

Cream - Raid Skill

Its 3rd skill allows you to get into the stand. When you are in the stand, use the 2nd skill will let you teleport to the nearest target.

Cream - Getting Into the Stand Skill (Screenshot 1)

Cream - Getting Into the Stand Skill (Screenshot 2)

You can get into the darkness space by using the 4th skill, when you are in the space, you can destroy anything in your way.

Cream - Space Skill

Green Day

Green Day Stand

The 1st skill is punching barrage. And the 2nd skill is heavy punch.

Green Day - First Skill

Green Day - Second Skill

By using the 3rd skill, you can implant green day's mold within your own body. If you use the 1st skill when you cut your body, the 1st skill will be replaced to slash.

Green Day - Third Skill (Screenshot 1)

Green Day - Third Skill (Screenshot 1)

The amputated body will follow you and attack the mob in your way.

Green Day - Third Skill (Screenshot 2)

Green Day - Third Skill (Screenshot 3)

The 4th skill is Mold Infestation. Green day will produce a ranged potent mold that destroy everything, the mold's growth is triggered when the potential victims lower their current altitude.

Green Day - Fourth Skill

Gold Experience

Gold Experience Stand

Gold Experience can create lives. For now it can only summon 2 frogs.

Gold Experience - Summon Frog Skill

When you sneak, the frogs will come back to you and help you absorb some damage.

Hanged Man

Hanged Man Stand

Hanged Man Attack Skill

It won't show up commonly. You can use the 3rd and 4th skill to let it come into a mob's eyes or into a glass block. And when it has somewhere to stay in, the next time you use the 1st skill it will come out in the place you let it in. If you break the glass, or you kill the mob, which the stand is in its eyes, the hanged man will come back to you automatically.

And the 2nd skill is to control the target. After using it, the mob you see will freeze for a few seconds. But you can only control one target at the same time.

If you don't understand how it works, I made a video on how to play this stand. Here it is:

King Crimson

King Crimson Stand

It is able to erase the time, you will be the only one who can move during the time.

King Crimson - Time Erase Skill (Screenshot 1)

King Crimson - Time Erase Skill (Screenshot 2)

The Epitaph can predict the target's future position, and there will be black particles in the position. If you erase the time after using the skill, the mob will be teleported to the position.

Planet Wave

Planet Wave - Pice of the Meteorolite Skill

It can control the meteorolite.

Its 1st skill can summon pieces of meteorolite to attack the mob in front of you.

Its 2nd skill can summon a big meteorolite if there are mobs around you.

And its 3rd skill can summon 3 meteorlites, they will follow the nearest targets.

Planet Wave Attack

Soft Machine

Soft Machine - Deflate Yourself Skill

This stand can stab the target with its 1st skill, after stabbing, the target will be marked.

Then you can deflate the marked target. After deflating it, it will freeze for a long time.

Soft Machine - Deflate the Target Skill

Tusk Act 4

Tusk Act 4 Stand

It is a powerful stand which is able to shoot nails.The 1st skill is barrage.

Tusk Act 4 - Barrage Skill

And the 2nd skill is heavy attack, tusk act 4 will punch the ground and blow up the target.

Tusk Act 4 - Heavy Attack Skill (Screenshot 1)

Tusk Act 4 - Heavy Attack Skill (Screenshot 2)

Use the 3rd skill, you will come into Spatial Wormhole, and you will be invincible during that time. Any mobs on your way will receive a great deal of damage.

Tusk Act 4 - Spatial Wormhole Skill

The 4th skill is nail shooting, after the nail hits the target, tusk act 4 will show up and punch the target.

Tusk Act 4 - Nail Shooting Skill (Screenshot 1)

Tusk Act 4 - Nail Shooting Skill (Screenshot 2)

In particular, if you are on a horse, jump or move to activate the golden spin.

Activating the Golden Spin (Screenshot 1)

Activating the Golden Spin (Screenshot 2)

After shooting the nail, tusk will imbue the target with an infinite spinning motion.

Activating the Golden Spin (Screenshot 3)

Activating the Golden Spin (Screenshot 4)

What if you miss? It doesn't matter, tusk act 4 will automatically track the nearest target.

Activating the Golden Spin (Screenshot 5)

(To evolve into different acts, you need the item called spinning guide. If your XP level is higher than 30, your tusk will evolve after using the spinning guide.)
To evolve into tusk act 4, get lesson 5 and use it, after using it, ride on a horse and run to evolve into tusk act 4. YOU MUST ACTIVATE TUSK ACT3 FIRST

Spinning Guide Trade

The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead Stand

It can age things around. Use its 2nd skill, the grateful dead will grab the nearest target and age it, which will give the target a lot of debuffs.

The Grateful Dead - First Skill

Use the 3rd skill to age yourself. The stand will disappear and you will get some debuffs. But when something get close to you, the stand will jump out and age it. (Be careful of your dog, I am not responsible for your dog's death)

The Grateful Dead - Self Aging Skill

Debuffs from the Self Aging Skill

Use the 4th skill to age things around. Nobody can remove the effect unless you stop the aging or they step on an ice block.

The Grateful Dead - Stop the Aging Skill

Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride Stand

It is a stand in part7, which can bring the target bad luck.

Hit the target with ticket to ride, it will be marked.

Ticket to Ride - Ticket to Ride Skill

After marking the target, use the skill item, some random unlucky events will happen on the target. Once you use the skill the mark will disappear, which means you will have to mark the target again.

Unlucky Events Happening with the Ticket To Ride Target

White Snake

White Snake - Punching Barrage Skill

It is able to brainwash. Use its 2nd skill, the mob around it will be frozen, and the user will be invisible too.

White Snake - Freezing Skill

And its 3rd skill is to make a command Disc. There are 3 kinds of command Discs: Withering, Freeze and Explode.

White Snake - Command CD Skill

For example, I get the Explode one. Right click/long press to throw it to your target.

White Snake - Command CD Skill - Command: Explode

And the 4th skill is to get a mob or a player's CD. Without the CD, the mob or the player will freeze and keep receiving damage until white snake put the CD back.

Sneak the right click/long press the take back item, you will turn into White Snake and be able to move freely.

White Snake - White Snake Skill (Screenshot 1)

White Snake - White Snake Skill (Screenshot 2)

The distance between you and the user will show up in the actionbar, once you are 20 meters far from the user you won't be able to move anymore.

White Snake - White Snake Skill (Screenshot 3)

Purple Haze

Purple Haze Stand

It is a destructive stand which has 6 Capsules containing deadly viruses.

Purple Haze - Capsules Containing Deadly Viruses

Its 1st skill is barrage, after using it there will be smoke on the ground, which poisons the mob inside. If you get close the the smoke, you will You will be poisoned too!

A virus-infected mob can transmit the virus to other mobs through touch or hit.

Its 2nd skill is Heavy Attack. Purple Haze will shoots one capsule, once the capsule hit the target the virues will come out itself.

Purple Haze - Heavy Attack Skill

Its 4th skill will let purple haze come into Berserker Mode. It will leave the user. Use the skill item to let it attack the near opponents. In the Mode Purple Haze's DMG will be higher. The distance between you and the stand is up to 5 blocks.

When the capsules of purple haze become 0, you can't use any skills. Only to wait the capsule reload.

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers Stand

It is a stand which is able to use zippers to fight. Its 2nd and 3rd skill is set up and close the zipper, and the 4th is zipper punch.I record a video on how to use this stand, if u have any problems you can check the video.Here it is.

Stone Free

Stone Free Stand

The 1st skill is punching barrage, deals a lot of DMG.

Stone Free - First Skill

Use the 2nd skill while sneaking. stone free will lay out a net. The mob inside the net will be slower.

Stone Free - Second Skill (Screenshot 1)

Stone Free - Second Skill (Screenshot 2)

Use the 2nd skill will trigger another skill: String Decomposition.

It enables you to unravel your body into string, which will make you move faster.

Stone Free - String Decomposition Skill

Use the 3rd skill, you will wear string armor for seconds, this will give you resistance effect. And you can heal yourself by using the 3rd skill while sneaking.

Stone Free - Third Skill

The last skill is string capture, the target will be controlled for seconds, during the time you can attack it.

Stone Free - String Capture Skill

Notorious B.I.G

Notorious B.I.G Stand

Notorious B.I.G is a really strong stand which is almost unkillable.

Sneaking to Block All the Projectiles

Sneak to block all the projectiles!

Notorious B.I.G - Skill 1 (Screenshot)

Use the 1st skill to leave putrefaction. Once a mob step on it, it will be damaged and slowed. You will receive the effect of regeneration.

Notorious B.I.G - Skill 2 (Screenshot 1)

Notorious B.I.G - Skill 2 (Screenshot 2)

Use the 2nd skill, you can pull the mob nearing your putrefaction back to you. You will also get some buffs through this way.

Notorious B.I.G - Skill 3 (Screenshot)

The 3rd skill is powerful. After using it, big will control the nearest target and absorb its energy. You will get a lot of buffs, on the contrary, your target will get a lot of debuffs.

(You will be invincible during the skill!!!)

Dragon's Dream (Updated!)

Dragon's Dream Stand

The stand is able to predict the coordinates where give you good or bad luck. Use the 1st and 2nd skill to predict, the coordinates will appear with special particles.

Dragon's Dream - Predict Coordinates Skill

Step on the coordinates will give you or your enemy buffs or debuffs, you can use the 3rd skill to turn unluck to luck.
You can also punch dragon's dream to rebound the damage to the nearest target.

The Bosses (Update!)
Notorious B.I.G

The boss has 2 stages. The 1st stage is kinda harmful. Say hello to Carne!

Carne (Screenshot)

But after u kill it, everything will go wrong... Some lines of Diavolo will show up on your screen and after that... Notorious B.I.G will appear!

Notorious B.I.G (Screenshot 1)

Notorious B.I.G (Screenshot 2)

It will grow up itself, attacking its targets will make it grow faster. Every time it grows up, it will be stronger and gain more hp.

Notorious B.I.G (Screenshot 3)

To fight it, you need to remember these tips:

  1. It will attack the mob moving around it, kinda like warden.
  2. It's immune to projectiles, has a high resistence to physical attack.
  3. Damage of explosion and fire will be doubled!

Notorious B.I.G (Screenshot 4)

Even if you beat it, you still need to be careful. It will leave some putrefaction after you beat it. You need to kill them in time! Or big will rebirth.

Notorious B.I.G (Screenshot 5)

How to get the items in Survival Mode?

You can find Rohan to trade the items.

Rohan Trades

Stand Arrow Recipe

Around the water there will be foo fighters. Kill them to get Empty Stand Disc to collect your stand.

Foo Fighter

Foo Fighter Drop Loot

Now you can also get the arrow head by brushing the suspicious sand in desert temple. Great thx to @demerror for code support.

Desert Temple

There's a low chance to get it, I flew to, like 10 desert temples, only found one arrow...

Arrow Head Dropping from Suspicious Sand in the Desert Temple

You can also get the arrow by trading with Wandering Trader.

How to update the addon?

Go to settings - storage, you can see the old resource pack and behavior pack. You need to delete the old version first, and then you can import the new version. Click to delete it.

Deleting the Old Version of JOJO's Bizarre Adventure Addon

Please like this post, if you love this addon! Made By Clown_IMP Team! Recommend version: 1.20 or higher.


Updated on March 30

  • Remade Magician's Red and Silver Chariot.
  • Added Dragon's Dream.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs, now the addon should work on 1.20.70 properly.
  • Hope you like it!
Changelog for v1.1.83 / November 28 / Old Update
  • Added Notorious B.I.G.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Adjusted some stands for balance.
Changelog for v1.1.81 / September 12 / Old Update
  • Now you can get the arrow head by brushing the suspicious sand in desert temple.
  • You can also get the arrow by trading with Wandering Trader.
  • Fixed White Snake evolution bug
Changelog for v1.1.80 / September 09 / Old Update
  • Added Stone Free
  • Remade Green Day
  • Remade Hermit Purple
  • Optimized projectiles in Time Stop
  • Updated the animation of Punching Barrage
  • Optimized the blood
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