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TF2 Stuff Addon is the Bedrock Edition port of the famous MC Java mod: TF2 Stuff Mod created by rafradek. I am slowly adapting the look and feel of the original mod into Bedrock Edition for the fans to enjoy. TF2 Stuff Addon offers a wide variety of iconic weapons from Team Fortress 2 and not just that, they also come in 3D which captures the look and feel of the original mod.

3D Guns



Rocket Launcher

Grenade Launcher





Stickybomb Launcher


The Original

The Loch-N-Load

The Family Business

The Direct Hit

The Black Box

The Shortstop

The Big Kill

The Lugermorph

The Force-A-Nature

The Liberty Launcher

The Panic Attack

The Reserve Shooter

The Flare Gun

The Dragon's Fury

Melee Weapons



Fire Axe





The Frying Pan

The Bat Outta Hell

Sharpened Volcano Fragment

The Tribalman's Shiv

The Ullapool Caber

The Axtinguisher

The Scottish Handshake

The Sandman

The Pain Train

Strange Professional Killstreak Golden Frying Pan

The Disciplinary Action

The Ham Shank

The Hot Hand

The Lollichop

The Powerjack

The Postal Pummeler


Dead Ringer

The Dead Ringer Description

The Dead Ringer Usage

Activating the Dead Ringer will remove certain effects from the player:
+Fatal poison


Health Kits

Health Kits Models

▣Small (refills a small portion of your HP)

▣Medium (refills half of your HP)

▣Large (refills your entire HP)

Small Health Kit Recipe

Medium Health Kit Recipe

Large Health Kit Recipe

Ammo Kits

Ammo Kits Models

▣Small (refills a handful amount of your ammo)

▣Medium (refills almost half of your ammo)

▣Large (refills your ammo to its maximum count)

Small Ammo Kit Recipe

Medium Ammo Kit Recipe

Large Ammo Kit Recipe

Mann Co. Supply Crate

New Feature: Mann Co. Supply Crates

Mann Co. Supply Crate Usage

You can open it just by having a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key anywhere in your inventory

You can obtain all 3 crates by trading with a weapon smith villager

New Feature: Weapon Crafting


Weapons Crafting Table Model

You are now able to craft weapons using the new Crafting Table!

How to craft?

Weapons Crafting Table Recipe

You can also look for a Weapon Smith Villager!

Weapon Smith Villager: Screenshot



List of Metals

How to craft these metals?

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Recipe (Variant 1)

Scrap Metal Recipe (Variant 2)

Reclaimed Metal

Reclaimed Metal Recipe (Variant 1)

Reclaimed Metal Recipe (Variant 2)

Refined Metal

Refined Metal Recipe

You can smelt Scrap Metals into Iron Ingots!

Smelting Scrap Metal into Iron Ingot

How to reload?

Reloading Guide

Reloading a Weapon

Custom Skin

You can change the texture of the fake player entity by going to games/com.mojang/resource_packs/DeadRinger[R]/textures/entity

Fake Player Texture

Simply replace the image named "fake_player" with your desired skin and rename it the same as the original file.



Required Experiments for the TF2 Stuff Addon

Disabled Recipe Unlocking

Disabled View Bobbing


▣ Stepping on Magma Blocks and being hit by a Lightning bolt can trigger the Feign effect despite being in Creative mode.

▣ The SMG's fire rate is lower compared to its real counterpart making it more like a semi-automatic gun (this will be changed in the next major update)

▣ The Pain Train's attribute is temporarily removed due to a bug caused by update 1.20.60. (this will be fixed in the next update)

▣ The Ullapool Caber not breaking after hitting an entity due to a bug caused by update 1.20.60. (this will be fixed in the next update)

▣ There's a rare instance that ammo packs won't refill your ammo but it will appear to be used and will play its use sound. (this will be fixed in the next update)

> If you found more bugs, comment down below<


You can make a showcase video of my addon but only use the ModBay link and give proper credits to me.

Do not upload this on any website or other applications.

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BIG THANKS to Bedrock Add-ons Discord server and the people behind it for helping with the development of this addon.

Bedrock Add-ons Discord Server Logo

Join if you're an aspiring addon developer!

BIG THANKS and credits to:

▣@GST378 - for creating the reload system

▣@gravyarts - for allowing me to use his amazing TF2-Minecraft Models, you can check the models here.

▣@rafradek - for allowing me to use the gun models from his legendary mod: TF2 Stuff Mod

▣@welormit - for allowing me to use the models for health kits, and ammo boxes from his model pack: MCTF2

▣@Jonas_DT- for allowing me to use the bullet tracer system from his epic addon: Minecraft: Apex Legends

There are more features to come, so stay tuned :>

Updated on April 01

>>Welcome to the Pyro Update🔥<<



  • Dragon's Fury
  • Flare Gun
  • Panic Attack
  • Reserve Shooter


  • Powerjack
  • Lollichop
  • Ham Shank
  • Hot Hand
  • Postal Pummeler

▣ NEW: Utility Wrench - use this brand new tool to pick-up and move Ammo and Health Pick-ups.
▣ NEW: Bullet/ Projectile Damage fall-off- bullet/projectile damage now varies depending on the distance and travel time before hitting its target.
▣ NEW: In-game item description- item stats/description can now be seen in-game!
▣ NEW: Team Fortress 2 font.

Fixes and General Changes:

▣ Updated the localization files.

▣ UPDATED: Player base health is back to 20 points (formerly 80 points).
▣ UPDATED: Alt-fire feature for the Shortstop.
▣ UPDATED: XP orb and Level-up sound were replaced with TF2's XP and casual level-up sound.
▣ UPDATED: Big Kill and Lugermorph are now obtainable through Mann Co. Crates.
▣ UPDATED: The ammo counter was retextured and moved to the bottom-right of the screen.
▣ UPDATED: Adjusted First-person view model for every 3d melee weapon.
▣UPDATED: Adjusted First-person view model for some guns.
▣ UPDATED: Added ball counter for the Sandman, so players can see how many balls they have in their inventory.
▣ UPDATED: Liberty Launcher and Disciplinary Action was added to the Mann Co. Supply Crate item pool and Trading.
▣ UPDATED: Sandman Ball was added to Trading.
▣ UPDATED: Sandman's -15% max health attribute was added.
▣ UPDATED: Ammo stack size was increased.
▣ UPDATED: Amount of ammo that you will receive upon trading was increased.
▣ UPDATED: Disciplinary Action's speed buff was increased.
▣ UPDATED: Every entity will now turn into a gold statue when killed by a Golden Frying Pan.

▣ UPDATED: Sandman revamp:

  • ▣ Sandman ball can now stun enemies when it travels far enough upon hitting its target.
  • ▣ Using Alt-fire now plays an animation.
  • ▣ Sandman ball now leaves a particle trail so players can keep track of the ball's trajectory.

▣ UPDATED: Axtinguisher revamp:

  • ▣ Now deals more damage when hitting a burning player/mob.
  • ▣ Now extinguishes a burning player/mob upon hit, giving it more accurate stats.
  • ▣ Now grants a speed boost after killing a burning player/mob.

▣ FIXED: Sharpened Volcano unable to burn entities.
▣ FIXED: The Original's Crit Rocket being fired on top of the player's head.
▣ FIXED: The Pain Train's attribute is restored.
▣ FIXED: Texturing error for some weapons was fixed.
▣ ADJUSTED: All weapon stats are adjusted because of the changes in the player's base health points.

▣ TEMPORARILY AFFECTED: The ability to Rocket Jump to greater heights.
▣ REMOVED: Draw sounds (to reduce addon size and prevent slow performance on low-end devices)

Changelog for February 14 / Old Update

>>New features<<

  • Weapon Crafting and Trading
  • Mann Co. Supply Crates (requires Mann. Co Supply Crate Keys)
  • Metals are no longer useless, use them to craft weapons!
  • Bullet Tracers!


  • Force-a-Nature
  • Shortstop
  • Lugermorph
  • Black Box
  • Direct Hit
  • Family Business
  • Loch-n-Load
  • Stickybomb Launcher
  • Big Kill


  • Axtinguisher
  • Kukri
  • Scottish Handshake
  • Tribalman's Shiv
  • Ullapool Caber
  • Golden Frying Pan
  • Pain Train
  • Sandman
  • ??????????


▣ Mann Co. Supply Crate #1 (requires 1 key)

Possible drops:

  • Pain Train
  • Bat Outta Hell
  • Tribalman's Shiv
  • Family Business
  • The Original
  • Dead Ringer

▣ Mann Co. Supply Crate #2 (requires 1 key)

Possible drops:

  • Axtinguisher
  • Sandman
  • Frying Pan
  • Scottish Handshake
  • Shortstop
  • Loch-n-Load

▣ Mann Co. Supply Crate #3 (requires 1 key)

Possible drops:

  • Ullapool Caber
  • Strange Professional Killstreak Golden Frying Pan
  • ???????????
  • Force-A-Nature
  • Black Box
  • Direct Hit

>>Major updates/fixes<<

▣ The player's base HP is increased to 80 points (40 hearts) to compensate for self-inflicted damage when rocket jumping.
▣ The Dead Ringer can now be closed and opened by right-clicking (PC) or holding (Mobile)

▣ Adjusted the damage of rockets.
▣ Adjusted the projectile speed of rockets.
▣ Adjusted damage for all guns and melees.

▣ UPDATED: Higher resolution for gun icons.
▣ UPDATED: The rocket projectile was redesigned.
▣ UPDATED: Better smoke particles for the rocket projectile.
▣ UPDATED: The Grenade Launcher projectile was redesigned to fit Minecraft's art style.
▣ UPDATED: Replaced the explosion sounds with the TF2 ones.

▣ FIXED: Grenade Launcher pipes no longer explode instantly when it hits the ground.
▣ FIXED: Anyone around you can now hear melee hit sounds including your target.
▣ FIXED: Anyone around you can now hear reload sounds.
▣ FIXED: Pickups no longer trigger projectile explosions.
▣ FIXED: Bullets and slow-moving projectiles can now travel in water.

>>Minor updates/fixes<<

▣ Updated the localization files.
▣ Updated page description.
▣ Every melee weapon now has draw sounds.

▣ FIXED: The third-person view model for Bat Outta Hell now matches its first-person view model.
▣ FIXED: Fire Axe now uses the correct texture.
▣ FIXED: The Original's first person viewmodel is now centered properly.
▣ UPDATED: The Original's reload sound now uses its actual TF2 sound instead of the default rocket launcher reload sound.

▣ Dead Ringer is no longer a 3D item. (it's just a test for how I'm going to pull off a 3D item)
▣ Metals moved to the Equipment section.
▣ Updated Dead Ringer Recipe.
▣ Ammo names are changed to match their real-mod counterpart.
▣ Changed the Grenade Launcher's icon for style consistency.
▣ Changed the crosshair look to match TF2's default crosshair.

Download links
TF2 Stuff [B]: Pyro Update
TF2 Stuff [R]: Pyro Update
Team Fortress 2 Skin Pack
Map: cp_orange
TF2 Font for Bedrock Edition
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50
3 020
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