Mods with Functional for Minecraft PE

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Thumbnail: Raiyon's Java Combat

Raiyon's Java Combat

Have you ever wanted your Bedrock experience to be closer to Java? Well, if so, this addon is for you! This addon adds a combat system quite faithful to Java.

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Thumbnail: Backpack Plus Addon

Backpack Plus Addon

Do you want a backpack addon that works very similar to the backpack mods from Java? Or do you want to carry alot of things but don't have any more space in your inventory? This addon is just for

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Thumbnail: Hammer Time 2D V1.4

Hammer Time 2D V1.4

This addon is based on the Minecraft Java mod of the same name, adding hammers that mine in 3x3, swords that deal area damage, axes that break the whole wood by breaking a block, etc.

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Thumbnail: Raiyon's Item Physics

Raiyon's Item Physics

Enhance your Minecraft experience with the Realistic Item Physics Addon. Items now behave according to the laws of physics, staying on the ground until manually picked up.

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