Insane Buffed Mobs

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Insane Buffed Mobs is an addon that adds special abilities to creatures in the game. These abilities are also applied to creatures from other addons. So far, we have 20 different skills and buffs.

** Common **

  • Common loot

Strength Buff

Speed Buff

Invisibility Buff

Health Buff

Resistance Buff

Conduit Buff

Absorption Buff

** Advanced **

  • Normal loot

Flame Buff:

  • Every time the mob hits an enemy, it also throws fire
  • Resistance and Fire Resistance Effects

Iron Knight Buff:

  • Iron Sword & Chestplate
  • Speed Effect

Diamond Knight Buff:

  • Diamond Sword & Chestplate
  • Speed Effect

Poison Buff:

  • Poison effect when hitting enemies

Ice Buff:

  • Slowness effect when hitting enemies

Spider Buff:

  • When the mob is attacked, it has a 50% chance of placing a web in the enemy's position

Wither Buff:

  • Wither effect when hitting enemies

Weakness Buff:

  • Weakness effect when hitting enemies

Warden Buff:

  • Every time the entity is attacked, it causes darkness effect.

Ender Buff:

  • When the mob is hit, it teleports

Knockback Buff:

  • Cause Knockback in the initiates

Lightning Bolt Buff:

  • Throws lightning at enemies

Shulker Buff:

  • Levitation effect on enemies


Golden King Buff:

  • Full Gold Armor
  • Lots of Effects

Iron King Buff:

  • Full Iron Armor
  • Lots of Effects

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Insane Buffed Mobs: Screenshot 7

Buffs are applied to all creatures with health equal to or greater than 15, this filter is made to prevent peaceful and easy-to-kill mobs from receiving Buffs. The chance of a creature spawning with a buff is 15%.

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Supported versions
  1. Shield Bash Use your shield to bash enemies.

    Guardian's Laser Eye

    Shoot multi-colored fireworks at enemies.

    Leaps at targets from a distance.

    Use your feet to stomp on the ground, causing stalagmites to form on the ground, causing area damage. The stalagmite will disappear by itself in 5 seconds.

    Suicide bomber: Hold TNT and run at the target and explode.

    ice walker Stepping on water turns into ice.

    Frostbite: Spews ice vapor that damages and slows.

    double jump

    Climb the wall and crawl through 1 block. Climb and move along the wall.
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  2. Buff ideas and additional abilities
    Goat charges

    Jump Slam Jumps into the air and slams into the ground (AOE).

    Shoot 4 Wither Skulls.

    Shoots a Shulker bullet.

    Shoot 4 fireballs

    Summons evocation fang around like an evoker.

    Evasion: Can dodge melee and ranged attacks.

    Roll towards the target or away from the target.

    Shield: Use your shield to block attacks, but if hit by an ax it will go on a 5 second cooldown.

    Drink healing potion

    The sound wave attack is similar to a sonic boom but is white and does less damage.

    Quick Strike: Use your weapon to strike the enemy in rapid succession