The Pizza Tower Addon

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Do you know the pizza tower? Even wanted to experience how it would like if it was in Minecraft? If so, this addon is for you!

About The Addon: Pizza Tower (Alpha 2)

Everything about the pizza tower! Unique abilities, mobs and more! This addon is still being worked on, so make sure to check future updates!


Add-on created by Spike Craft, Duhclasp, VenzJero And Valerabro12

The Creators

Some extra help by The Cat Of Destruction And Leodz3e

Inspired by the Pizza Tower game by Tour De Pizza

Required Experiments:

Before using addon or anything, please make sure you turn these experiments on in the world settings before using the addon and your Minecraft version is 1.20.51 and above

Required Experiments for the Pizza Tower Addon

This Addon Includes:

Playable Characters:


As peppino, you will have special movements and abilities that can help you in a lot of solutions


How to play as peppino?

For now you can only access to it in the creative menu by using item or type "/function peppino_mode"

Peppino Mode Item


Mach Run:

  • How to use: Sprinting
  • There are four stages to the Mach Run, when you reach Mach 3, you will start to damage mobs in front of you, and you can also use the Super Jump Attack

Peppino Mach Run Ability

Super Jump:

  • How to use: Sprinting At Mach 3 or 4 + Sneak + Release
  • You can use Super Jump to land in places you can't normally go to, it also does damage, and while in the air, you can use The Shoulder Dash

Peppino Super Jump Ability

Shoulder Dash:

  • How to use: Super Jump + Grab Item
  • Using the attack will cancel the super jump and start to dash in the air, it can also damage nearby mobs

Peppino Shoulder Dash Ability


  • Peppino default jump is 4 blocks high, and he also doesn't have fall damage

Peppino High Jumping


  • How to use: Jumping + Hold Sneak
  • Using the attack will do heavy damage to nearby mobs when reaching the ground

Peppino Bodyslam Ability


  • Peppino has unlimited health in general, he has 6 points during boss battles, almost all types of damage will take one point, getting damage will push you far away and cancel your abilities, there's cooldown between each damage you take

Peppino Hurt


  • Try not to touch anything that is burning, or you may burn yourself!

Peppino Button Fire


  • How to use: (Sprinting Or Grab Item) + Jumping Into wall
  • You can climb walls, can be used on places you can't normally go to

Peppino Climbing Ability

Wall Jump:

  • How to use: Jumping While Climbing
  • While climbing, you can also jump to start climbing in other walls!

Peppino Wall Jump Ability


  • How to use: Hold Sneak
  • Crawling will reduces your jump height, and can enter small places (note you can't go into one block areas, but you can go if it was slab)

Peppino Crawling Ability


  • How to use: Grab Item
  • You can use the grab attack to hold mobs, or as a way to dash

Peppino Grabbing Ability


  • How to use: Grab Item + (same item to throw or sneak in air for piledrive)
  • When holding mobs, you either want to throw them as a projectile or to use the piledrive

Peppino Holding Ability


  • How to use: Grab Item + Sneak
  • You can use slide as a faster way to go into mach 3 after standing, it's a bit tricky

Peppino Sliding Ability


  • How to use: Sneak and unsneak fast
  • You can use taunt as a way to parry attacks and damage opponent

Peppino Taunt Ability


  • How to use: Double jump
  • You can use uppercut as a way to damage mobs above you, and could also work as a double jump

Peppino Uppercut Ability


  • How to use: Pistol item (After finding Pistol crate)
  • Long range weapon, damage is little

Peppino Pistol Ability


  • How to use: Shotgun item (After finding Shotgun crate)
  • Short range weapon, damage is high

Peppino Shotgun Ability

Shotgun Groundpound:

  • How to use: Jumping + Hold Sneak While Holding Shotgun
  • You will shoot down and then does a heavy damage near mobs when reaching the ground

Peppino Shotgun Groundpound Ability


Pizza Face

Pizza Face appears after pizza time timer ends, he will continuously chase the player, flying directly towards the player (phasing through everything), until he comes into contact and kills the player, as he can see you everywhere. To make him go away, you need to enter the Exit Door before he gets you!

Pizza Face

Pillar John

Pillar John stays in place, doing nothing. Killing him starts the Pizza Time.

  • Health: 20
  • Height: 7 Blocks

Pillar John


Fake Peppino

...onippeP... .??rehtorB.

Fake Peppino

Clam Mode - Hunt Mode:

Fake Peppino will melt into his chef hat and hide there like a shell if he doesn't spot any mobs or players to play with. When he detects a mob or player close, he will emerge from it

Fake Peppino Clam Mode - Hunt Mode


Health: 720 (1 Hat = 60 Health) There's a cooldown between each damage he takes

Fake Peppino Health

Chase Mode:

If you try to escape from fighting fake peppino, he will start to copy your movements until he gets you

Fake Peppino Chase Mode

Phase 1:

Phase 1: Fake Peppino has 6 attacks he can perform, spread out across each hit point. Fake Peppino requires 40 damage attacks for a hit to be counted. After each hit, Fake Peppino will disappear, and clones of Fake Peppino will appear to repeat the same attack the "real" one had previously executed.

Fake Peppino Phase 1


Fake Peppino will run about and periodically lunge forward to grab you with one arm. If he grabs the player, they are stabbed by his tongue and launched away, taking damage. This is one of the only attacks in the game that can't be parried.

Fake Peppino Grab Ability

Face Slam:

Fake Peppino performs a powerful frog-like leap into the air, then slowly falls down towards the player, slamming into the ground headfirst. Fake Peppino can be attacked during the windup before the jump or after he slams into the ground.

Fake Peppino Face Slam Ability

Mach Run:

Fake Peppino runs at extreme velocity, running up the walls and across the ceiling, around and around the arena. He can be attacked while he starts running and after he stops running.

Fake Peppino Mach Run Ability

Super Jump:

Fake Peppino crouches down and super jumps to the ceiling, then jumps back down to the floor, repeating this 4 times before finishing. He will change to Face Slam attack if there was no ceiling.

Fake Peppino Super Jump Ability

Head Throw & Headless Run:

Fake Peppino pulls his head off, revealing his brain and eyes, and throws it toward the player. The thrown head can be ducked under or jumped over. After this, Fake Peppino will run to retrieve his lost head, hurting the player if he collides with them. This can either be parried or jumped over.

Fake Peppino Head Throw & Headless Run Ability


Fake Peppino jumps and performs taunt, sending out 8 spiky bouncing projectiles in cardinal and diagonal directions. Once he finishes showing off, he falls back down and runs to the other side of the room to do it again.

Fake Peppino Taunt Ability

Phase 2:

Phase 2: Once Fake Peppino reappears after taking 6 hits, he enters phase 2. Fake Peppino will repeat all of Phase 1 but as random, and will no longer disappear. Now clones will appear alongside him to attack the player.

Dark Tunnel Chase:

Once Phase 2 is beaten, fake peppino will slowly transform to his giant form, and fake peppino and player will send to giant dark hallway and the player must escape, clones will spawn during the chase. If Fake Peppino touches the player, the player will simply dies, and he gets faster by time. Once the player escapes the tunnel, the fight is over.

Dark Tunnel Chase



There's three types of crates, each one was its own weapon

Weapons: Pistol - Shotgun - Machine Gun (can't be used yet)


Exit Door

Exit door can be used to stop pizza time, and makes pizza face gone, There's no ranks system yet

Exit Door


Info Menu

Do you want to check all this info inside the addon? Well, you can!

Info Menu 1

Info Menu 2


Want to listen to some music while in the addon? Well, luckily, you can! Check out all the pizza tower OSTs by scrolling down, you can use them for maps or just chilling.

  • Note 1: If you want to use them, type the command (/music play sc.pizzatower."Command Music Name Here" 1 0.1 "loop or play_once") you can always stop it by typing (/music stop)
  • Note 2: You need to install "The Pizza Tower Ost Pack!" to add them

Music List are inside the addon:

Music List

Pizza Time

It is activated once the player rams into or attacks Pillar John. Once Pillar John has been slain, the level immediately turns into a mad chase back to the beginning. A timer, varying for the level, will start ticking down, indicating that the player must go to the exit door as fast as possible. When time runs out, Pizzaface appears.

Exit door can be used to stop pizza time, and makes pizza face gone. There's no ranks system yet!

Pizza Time Timer


Ranks! They show how you did in escaping or during boss battles
These ranks begin ranked from worst to best: D, C, B, A, S, and P

"A" Rank

Level Ranks:

Coming Soon!

Boss Ranks:

The rank depends on how many hats have been collected, getting damaged will decrease it. Collecting all hats with no damage will give results of P rank.

Showcase Videos:

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