Jujutsu Craftin' Addon by Eyebags (DOMAIN EXPANSION CUTSCENES UPDATE)

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Currently featuring two usable characters. Satoru Gojo and Ryomen Sukuna. My Jujutsu Craftin' not only adds their abilities but also introduces lore accurate mechanics for PvP.

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Important Note:

Activate Experimental Switches BEFORE playing. This add-on uses "player.json" making compatibility with other add-ons unguaranteed. This add-on was made with Minecraft version 1.20.50.

[Select Your Character Before Starting]

Gojo Satoru Book

Ryomen Sukuna Book

These books allow you to switch characters and reset after each match. Only ONE player can be ONE character. So only one player can be Gojo per world.

[Cursed Energy]

Cursed Energy Bar

This add-on runs on Cursed Energy similar to that of a mana system. The entire project is also designed with PvP in mind. More combat mechanics in the later part of this page.

[Ryomen Sukuna Skillset]



Sukuna's default slash attack. An invisible slash attack that cuts through physical targets and the surrounding environment. A mid-ranged AOE projectile attack that deals burst damage. Low Cursed Energy cost and Low Cooldown.



Sukuna's second slash attack type. It's an attack that adjusts itself depending on the targets toughness in order to cut them down in one fell swoop. Close-range AOE attack that can one-shot targets in range. Cursed Energy cost depends on how strong the target is and how many are present. (ex. Zombies cost less to one-shot than Wardens.) It also has a lengthy cooldown.

Unnamed Fire Attack

[Unnamed Fire Attack]

Sukuna's arrow shaped fire attack that has yet to be named (Some people say it is called "Fuga" but that just means "Open"). A long-ranged projectile attack that explodes upon impact. Medium Cursed Energy cost and a Long cooldown.

Domain Amplification

[Domain Amplification]

You can temporarily disabled your Cursed Technique in order to use Domain Amplification. It allows you to coat yourself in your own Domain and be able to punch through Gojo's Infinity barrier (eventually). Activate this, throw hands and once Infinity breaks, turn it off.

[Sukuna's Domain Expansion]

Malevolent Shrine

[Malevolent Shrine]

A demonic shrine that uses both [Cleave] and [Dismantle] to shred through the environment and everything alive inside of the range. It's a barrierless domain which means targets caught can escape....assuming they survive the constant slash attacks.

Sukuna's Domain Expansion: Screenshot 1

Sukuna's Domain Expansion: Screenshot 2

[Satoru Gojo Skillset]

Six Eyes

[Six Eyes]

An ability passed down the Gojo Clan. Essentially allows you to optimize your Cursed Energy usage giving you a massive discount. It gives you Night Vision and Blindness Immunity. Without activating it, using the rest of the abilities will be next to impossible.



Infinity is the neutral form of Gojo's [Limitless] Cursed Technique. It has the power to divide the distance between external threats and Gojo making him literally untouchable. Provides Damage Immunity, Low Cursed Energy Cost and Low Cooldown.

Lapse Blue

[Lapse Blue]

A blue orb that creates negative space forcing reality to correct itself by filling up that negative space pulling everything nearby towards itself. AOE Stun Attack that deals Medium DPS. Medium Cursed Energy cost and Medium Cooldown. This ability has a Second Phase, sneaking while holding the skill item teleports Gojo towards the location of the orb.

Reversal Red

[Reversal Red]

The opposite of Lapse Blue's attraction effect, Reversal Red has a strong repulsion effect that launches all nearby targets away. Mid-ranged projectile attack that deals Medium to High amounts of DPS. Medium Cursed Energy cost with a Long cooldown.

Hollow Purple

[Hollow Purple]

A combination of Lapse Blue which attracts and Reversal Red which repels. Purple is a highly destructive attack that can be launched towards its target from a long distance. It destroys all structures it comes into contact with and deals High amounts of Burst Damage. High Cursed Energy cost and a Long cooldown.

[Gojo's Domain Expansion]

Unlimited Void

[Unlimited Void]

A domain that traps targets inside a barrier while flooding their minds with infinite amounts of information endlessly rendering them immobile and unable to do anything. The effect is so potent, even being exposed to it for a split second is enough to stun most targets. It also boosts Gojo's strength when inside the Domain.

Gojo's Domain Expansion: Screenshot 1

Gojo's Domain Expansion: Screenshot 2

[Other Cursed Techniques]

Reverse Cursed Technique

[Reverse Cursed Technique]

Cursed Energy is naturally a negative energy, multiplying it with itself creates a positive energy which heals the user. Leaving this ability active will eat away at your Cursed Energy so... be mindful of it.

Simple Domain

[Simple Domain]

A defensive technique that allows the caster to be immune to an enemy domains' effects. Only activate it once inside an enemy domain. Be sure to activate it before an enemy domain opens juuust to be safe (Looking at you Unlimited Void).

[Combat Mechanics]

[Domain Clashes]

When two or more sorcerers open domains of equal refinement (Both are as strong as each other), a Domain Clash happens preventing any domain from opening. A clash ends when either sorcerer takes too much damage. This add-on only registers melee (Hands) attacks as valid damaging attacks. So get ready to throw hands!

[Domain Fatigue]

Casting your Domain Expansion adds fatigue to yourself. Too much fatigue will disable your ability to open your domain. Getting stuck inside an enemy domain also adds fatigue to yourself. The fatigue disappears overtime.

[High Jump]

Holding sneak increases your jump power. The longer you hold sneak, the higher you jump.

[Combat Animations]

Each character has their own unique combat animation. Just for fun.


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Updated on March 19

Jujutsu Craftin' v1.1 Updates:

  • Added Domain Expansion Cutscenes (Malevolent Shrine and Unlimited Void)
  • Revamped Malevolent Shrine Slash Particles
  • Reduced File Size from 17MB down to 3MB
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Jujutsu Craftin' by Eyebags (Behavior Pack) (mcpack)
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Jujutsu Craftin' by Eyebags (Behavior Pack) (zip)
Jujutsu Craftin' by Eyebags (Resource Pack) (zip)
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