Mini Blocks Addon

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This addon is a extension for your world which helps make your builds more aesthetic.


Here is a Brick wall that uses Mini Bricks to look more destroyed.

Destroyed bricks wall.

You can place the mini cobblestone block on the cobblestone walls, to make it look more detailed.

Mini cobblestone blocks.

Here are the Mini TNT blocks. They are only for decoration and will not explode.

Decorative mini tnt blocks.

Other blocks

Mini Melon

Mini melon blocks.

Mini Target Block

Mini target blocks.

Mini Hay Block

Mini hay blocks.

Mini Cactus

Mini cactus blocks.

Mini Block Crafter

A tool for creating mini blocks. Use this crafting recipe:

Craft recipe for mini block crafter.

You can turn the normal blocks into Mini versions of them by placing them in the Mini Block Crafter.

Craft recipe for mini cobblestone.

The special Mini Blocks can be obtained in the stonecutter with one iron ingot.

Using stonecutter for obtaining mini blocks.

1.17 โ€” New Mini Blocks

New mini blocks for Minecraft 1.17.

Full list of Mini Blocks

Now you can get all Mini Blocks in the creative menu:

List of all mini blocks.ย 

Download links
Download - Resource Pack
Download - Behavior Pack
Supported versions
1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0
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