Rez's Mobs Expansion Addon v1

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Hello, everyone, I'm Rez. Today I'm going to share a very cool addon named "Rez's Mobs Expansion Addon".

There are several mobs that are unique, scary, and many more!

Ancient Mutant Villager:

He is a mutated villager, but of an ancient time. Will attack hostile mobs and protect you.

Ancient Mutant Villager

Buffed Tuff Golem:

It is an upgraded tuff golem. He attacks hostile mobs.

You can also make this golem, but not the way you would make an iron golem.

Use a crafting table. Place a tuff block at the bottom, red wool in the middle and a pumpkin on top.

Buffed Tuff Golem

Other Mobs:

Blood Demon Warden

Golden Guardian

Ancient Mutant Husk

Furnace Golem

Ancient Mutant Zombie Pigman

Dungeon Sculk Golem

Oak Tree Golem

Stone Dirt Warden

Red Bull

Lush Geode Golem

Illager Abomination

Ice Golem

Dangerous Mutation Zombie

Mutant Warden

Land Golem

Ordinary Netherite Golem

Gigachad Villager

Iron Knight

Ender Guardian

Golem Knight

Forest Guardian

Mossy Stone Golem

Emerald Collosus

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Download[mcaddon, 1.75 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0
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  1. No avatar image z3taaaa
    Hi! Very cool addon, I hope u still work on it
  2. Suggestion work on some models but overall great mod