Strawberry Deferred V1 Beta 3.1 (Windows) Release

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Strawberry Deferred is a realistic custom deferred rendering that aims to improve the gameplay to make it better than the default Minecraft deferred.

Is Strawberry Deferred the same as any other deferred?

There is a difference, it remains basically the same using global, atmospheric, and fog, but Strawberry Deferred also uses files in the renderer folder.

Need To Remember:

Strawberry Deferred needs additional textures to activate it, without additional textures Strawberry Deferred will never be active! Texture recommendations for Strawberry Deferred:

  1. Prizma Deferred: Prizma Deferred 1.2.4 (PBR deferred Pack) | Minecraft PE Texture Packs (
  2. Realsource Pack Deferred: Realistic MCPE - REALSOURCE RTX PACK (

What's new in Strawberry Deferred V1 Beta 3.1?

  1. Better Subsurface scattering
  2. Better Eye Adaptation and more!


Strawberry Deferred: Screenshot 1

Strawberry Deferred: Screenshot 2

Strawberry Deferred: Screenshot 3

Strawberry Deferred: Screenshot 4


Additional Notes:

Use it only on version, for now on the official version 1.20.60 there is no eye adaptation feature.

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  1. only use version, because 1.20.60 does not have the eye adaptation feature
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