Bigfoot Addon

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This small addon adds the cryptic Bigfoot to your Minecraft world!


New Update 1 New Weapon And I Gave Bigfoot animations and new Bullet Type

Is Bigfoot a myth or real? Now you can find him!

  • He only spawns on Taiga Biomes.
  • He has:
    • 200 HP
    • 21 DMG
  • He drops Bigfoot Meat, which you can cook into Cooked Bigfoot Meat.
  • His cousin has:
    • 200 HP
    • 21 DMG

Yeti's animation is based on carnivore's. Yeti spawns in cold biomes.

Yeti: Screenshot

Bigfoot: Screenshot


Hunting Knife

Empty Harpoon Launcher Recipe

Harpoon Recipe

Charged Harpoon Launcher Recipe

Empty Rifle Recipe

Bullet Recipe

Charged Rifle Recipe


There is a dead body now. When a player is killed, it gives a bunch of loot. I also added a new knife. I was planning to add a revolver, but scrap it, too much coding.

Dead Player Bodies: Screenshot

Bigfoot Dead Body: Screenshot


Bigfoot Attack Animation

Bigfoot Walk Animation

Updated on April 26

  • Added 2 things to the game: a knife and a dead player body.
Changelog for April 25 / Old Update
  • Added a new mob.
  • Added a new weapon.
Changelog for April 24 / Old Update
  • Added Bigfoot animations.
Changelog for April 22 / Old Update
  • Added Bigfoot dead body.
  • Added Bigfoot hat.
  • The rifle has a sound now.
Download links
V0.4[zip, 1.08 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60
  1. What a great yeti!! Sorry for not answering quickly. I was just going to tell you about the improvement in Bigfoot's gait, since he moved like a statue that slides, I also wanted to tell you that it would be great if the mobs had eyes just like the villagers or the pillagers, and when I tried it and saw that the rifle only fired one shot and you had to craft it again with the bullets, (even in creative)
    1. Codang profile avatar Codang
      I Can't Create A gun that rapid fire the harpoon does 13dmg + poison and single-shot does 29 DMG Their Op Already so For the Sasquatch To have a fair fight Bc if it's rapid Fire The yeti or Bigfoot They would die immediately and I have to make the crafting harder for the weapons That's to much work to do I forgot to add dead body which you can loot Join The discord Modbay To see more sneak peaks
  2. It's a simple but great accessory, I love that it has a rifle hahaha
    1. Codang profile avatar Codang
      I work alone But The New Update will drop But spawn doesn't Spawn in other forests yet still thinking about it fix bullet texture bc it's to thicc you can upgrade your rifle to single shot with does 29dm with four iron ingots by surrounding rifle
  3. You could also make it appear in normal forests of all types such as the dark wood forest, that is, the roofed forest, the normal fir forest and the giant fir forest, and the normal minecraft forests, clearly here it would appear with less probability than in the forests of taiga. It would also be great to recolor or reeskin this mob and have it called yeti and have it appear in biomes with snow with a very low probability and in snowy tiaga it can appear a little more often
    1. Codang profile avatar Codang
      Yo want a yeti yes or no pick choose
  4. It's great, I love that it has the nose of a villager and that the textures are in the classic Minecraft style, very cool and also the weapon crafting items, it's great that it doesn't ask for too much gunpowder, I love it