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Jade Addon by Hydra Studio. Addon will add some variety and extra to your world, we hope you like it! :)

Our new project is called "Jade Addon" and includes 3 types of rock and 1 ore with 2 variants and more.

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New Stones

These are 3 types of rocks belonging to the silicate group, and those inside have the probability of generating jade ores.


Height: -15 to 60

Andesine Blocks

Andesine Rock


Height: 5 to 50

Banalsite Blocks

Banalsite Rock


Height: -20 to 120

Sanidine Blocks

Sanidine Rock

Each type of stone has its own "Cobblestone" and "Polished" variant.
Each type of stone will drop between 7 and 12 rock items when mined,These rocks are used to craft the variants of its type.

Andesine Cobblestone Recipe

Banalsite Cobblestone Recipe

Sanidine Cobblestone Recipe

Andesine Stone Recipe

Banalsite Stone Recipe

Sanidine Stone Recipe

Polished Andesine Recipe

Polished Banalsite Recipe

Polished Sanidine Recipe

Jade Ore

Jade Blocks

There are 2 types of Jade: Jadeite and Nefrite. Both serve different purposes, and both can be found in all 3 types of stones.

Andesine Jade Ores

Banalsite Jade Ores

Sanidine Jade Ores

There are 2 ways to find Jade. One is by mining the 3 types of stone until they release a rock with Jade.


Jadeite Andesine Rock

Jadeite Banalsite Rock

Jadeite Sanidine Rock


Nefrite Andesine Rock

Nefrite Banalsite Rock

Nefrite Sanidine Rock

And the other is to find the mineral in the stone blocks.
The crafting process is simple, but you will need the "Jade Cutter" that is used to work the Jade.

Jade Cutter

Jade Cutter Recipe

Jade Cutter UI

Once you have a rock with Jade, you can remove the stone fragments with the table, and you will be left with "Impure Jade".

Impure Jadeite

Impure Nefrite

With this, you can make blocks, and you can also make a Jade Nugget.

Jadeite Nugget

Nefrite Nugget

With 9 Jade Nuggets, you can make a "Pure Jade". Depending on the type, you can make different things.

Pure Jadeite

Pure Nefrite


Pure Jadeite Block

Jadeite Block

It will appear on all 3 types of stone, but you will be more likely to find it on the surface above height 20.

Jadeite Andesine Rock

Jadeite Banalsite Rock

Jadeite Sanidine Rock

Impure Jadeite

Jadeite Nugget

Pure Jadeite

Impure Jadeite Recipe from Jadeite Andesine Rock

Impure Jadeite Recipe from Jadeite Banalsite Rock

Impure Jadeite Recipe from Jadeite Sanidine Rock

Jadeite Nuggets Recipe

Jadeite Block Recipe

Pure Jadeite Block Recipe

One of its peculiarities is that you can make a Jadeite Vase with it.

Jadeite Vase

Jadeite Vase Recipe


Pure Nefrite Block

Nefrite Block

It will appear in the 3 types of stone, but it rarely appears in Sanidina and Banalsite. The best way to find it is by searching in Andesine below height 5.

Nefrite Andesine Rock

Nefrite Banalsite Rock

Nefrite Sanidine Rock

Impure Nefrite

Nefrite Nugget

Pure Nefrite

Impure Nefrite Recipe from Nefrite Andesine Rock

Impure Nefrite Recipe from Nefrite Banalsite Rock

Impure Nefrite Recipe from Nefrite Sanidine Rock

Nefrite Nuggets Recipe

Pure Nefrite Recipe

Nefrite Block Recipe

Pure Nefrite Block Recipe

With this variant, you can craft the Nefrite Armor and Sword!

Nefrite Armor and Sword

Nefrite Armor:


Nefrite Helmet

  • Protection: 7
  • Durability: 450

Nefrite Helmet Recipe


Nefrite Chestplate

  • Protection: 15
  • Durability: 550

Nefrite Chestplate Recipe


Nefrite Leggings

  • Protection: 10
  • Durability: 500

Nefrite Leggings Recipe


Nefrite Boots

  • Protection: 5
  • Durability: 400

Nefrite Boots Recipe

Nefrite Sword

Nefrite Sword

  • Damage: 7
  • Durability: 525

Nefrite Sword Recipe

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Jade Addon BP [By: Hydra Studio]
Jade Addon RP [By: Hydra Studio]
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.0