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Tired of the little flora in Minecraft? Immersive Flora is an addon that brings new vegetation to Minecraft. There will be constant updates with new content from different biomes, enjoy it.

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Nether Update

Immersive Flora: Nether update brings with it 10 new vegetation blocks, 5 in the crimson forest biome and 5 in the warped forest biome:

Small Hairy Fungus

It has two variants, purple and magenta.

Magenta Small Hairy Fungus

Purple Small Hairy Fungus

Hairy Fungus

It has two variants, the crimson one and the warped one.

Crimson Hairy Fungus

Warped Hairy Fungus

Hanging Fungus

It has two variants, the crimson and the warped one, they appear on the wart blocks

Crimson Hanging Fungus

Warped Hanging Fungus

Hell Grapes

They appear in the warped forest and give you grapes as food.

Hell Grapes

Hell Chili

Appears in the crimson forest and gives you the chilies as food.

Hell Chili

Horizontal Warped Fungus

They appear in the warped forest on the warped stem block.

Horizontal Warped Fungus

Horizontal Crimson Fungus

Appears in the crimson forest on the crimson stem block.

Horizontal Crimson Fungus


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Updated on May 27

Immersive Flora 1.0.5

  • Fixed generation errors in the nether
Download links
Immersive Flora BP 1_0_5
Immersive Flora RP 1_0_5
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50
1 comment
  1. This is by far one of, if not, the best Nether addons I've ever used. Everything generates extremely well and they help add some more personality to the Nether's warped and crimson forests.

    However, I have encountered a slight issue with the item names in the English version of the addon. Hell grapes are named "Uvas infernales". Hell chili is named "hell grapes". Hell grapes bush is named "Arbusto de Uvas infernales". Hell chili bush is named "Hell grapes bush". This issue only affects the names of the items, but it is still somewhat annoying.

    I really enjoy this addon and I can't wait to see what is added next.