Mutant Warden v2

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Are you here to make a video about battling mobs or making the mobs fight? Well, this mod adds "The Strongest Boss", who has become a mutant. This addon is for you!

Mutant Warden

  • HP: 850
  • DAMAGE: 60

It can kill the iron golem with two hits, and it can kill the wither. This mob is really dangerous so don't try to fight it!

Mutant Warden Mob

Ancient Mutant Warden

  • HP: 1800
  • DAMAGE: 200

This is one of the strongest mutant wardens compared to the normal one and it can kill the iron golem instantly!

Ancient Mutant Warden Mob

Updated on June 17

v2.1 Changelog:

  • Added: Ancient Mutant Warden
  • Increased health and damage of the Mutant Warden
  • If you're wondering, why is it v2.1? Well, it's because the warden's behavior broke so yeah
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  1. where does it spawn?
    1. Pancake profile avatar Pancake
      It doesn't spawn this addon is for fun and for people that wants to make a mob battle