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Meet more than 12 new mobs in your world! ⚠️Warning: the addon is still under development!⚠️


This bird likes to eat and hunt arthropods. He is peaceful but he will fight back when attacked. This bird can be tamed with spider eye and bred with pumpkin seeds. Spawns in plains and taiga.

Turkey: Screenshot

Real Camel

This is the bigger and stronger version, bigger but slower and has two humps but is different from its smaller relative. It will fight back, is very strong and doesn't live in villages. They like potatoes bred. He hates pillagers because his species was hunted by them in the past. Lives in desert biomes.

Real Camel: Screenshot


It is the biggest mob in this version of this addon, the biggest predator hunting large animals living in jungles, taigas, swamps and rivers.

Can be tamed with salmon.

Aligator: Screenshot

THORNY LIZARD (the name has been censored)

(It's so small that it doesn't need animation, lol) This terrestrial pufferfish lives in deserts and can be a target for predators.

It can be bred with rabbit soup and tamed with spider eye.

Thorny Lizard


This cute little reptile lives in jungles but can be found in other places, like swamps and is a passive mob.

Can be bred with pumpkin seeds and tamed with spider eye.

Chameleon: Screenshot


This collared lizard lives in deserts and is a passive mob but doesn't like players too close to it. Can be bred with raw and domestic rabbits with spider eyes.

Collar Lizard: Screenshot


This sea lizard lives on beaches and swimming shores (I didn't find sea grass). Can be reproduced with sweet berries and tamed with carrots.

Marine Iguana: Screenshot


This small venomous lizard lives in deserts, feeding on rabbits and chickens. It can be bred with raw rabbits and domesticated with spider eyes.

Gila Monster: Screenshot


A small lizard that inhabits hot places such as savannas and deserts, having the poison to hunt small MOBS, can be bred with raw chicken and domesticated with roasted chicken.

Monitor Lizard


This large venomous reptile lives in desert areas, hunting small animals such as rabbits and chickens. It is a neutral mob but when provoked, it can leave you with poison. It can be reproduced with raw beef and domesticated with raw rabbit meat.

Giant Varan


A peaceful mob that inhabits the jungle and taiga can be bred with apples and is tamed with watermelon.



This mob inhabits tropical locations and plains, feeding on small animals. It is reproduced with raw rabbit meat, tamed with raw chicken and is a neutral mob.

Tegu: Screenshot

Updated on June 22

  • Alligators can now be bred with beef.
  • Reworked the mobs that didn't have animations.
  • Chameleon desert variation.
  • New two mobs: Turkey and Real Camel.

(Some things will be buggy because they are done in addons maker)

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