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NefAZ-5299 is a family of large—class Russian buses manufactured by Neftekamsk Automobile Plant. It is available in high-floor (since 2001), partially low-floor (since 2004), fully low-floor (since 2011) versions of urban, suburban and intercity buses with diesel and gas engines, as well as in the form of a trolleybus (since 2008) and an electric bus (since 2012); it has undergone three significant restyling design (in 2005, 2013 and 2018). It is one of the most popular models of a city bus in modern Russia: over 10,000 copies have been produced in 15 years of production

The authors of the mod are:

  • GUSTE is the creator of the model and texture
  • ModelizatorTV is the creator of the addon and its functions.

Mod Functions:

  1. Animations: wheel steering doors.
  2. Start the engine with a key.
  3. Opening and closing doors with an object.
  4. Turn on/off the headlights using an object.
  5. When the bus hits, a horn is played inside the cabin.
  6. It has the sounds of engine doors turning on and off the headlights.

There is only one color.

A well-developed model in the style of Minecraft.

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BUS NefAZ 5299-40-52: Screenshot 3

BUS NefAZ 5299-40-52: Screenshot 4


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Download links
NefAZ_52994052_Sife[mcaddon, 1.37 Mb]
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0 1.16