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Magical Adventure addon adds magic stuff with magic spirits, magic books etc: about 9 items and 3 blocks (decorative and useful for crafts). The purpose of this addon is to bring magical adventure to the player is currently in the development stage.

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Don't forget to activate the following experimental options:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Upcoming Creator Features


There are 3 types of Spirits. You can summon with the help of a ritual, which is described below in article.

3 types of Spirits.

Spirit Box

You can use the power of Spirits. First you need to summon a spirit (more on this later in the article) and tame it with the help of Amethyst Shard. Then use the Spirit Box and catch the Spirit.

Spirit Box.

Craft recipe for Spirit Box

Craft recipe for Spirit Box.

The spirits boxes using crouching they release the spirits they remain tamed being able to catch them or let them follow you.

Video of how it can be used:

Spirit Boxes:

Warning: be careful using it on people you don't want to be hit.

Warning (again): be careful when leaving it in a chest or in someone's hand if someone releases the spirit it will no longer be tamed by you and will be kind of tamed by the person who release it from the box.

Slow Spirit Box

You need to catch the Gray Spirit.

Effect: Slowness and darkness to everyone around you within 10 blocks.

Slow Spirit Box.

Cure Spirit Box

You need to catch the Red Spirit.

Effect: instant recovery of health.

Cure Spirit Box.

Electric Spirit Box

You need to catch the Yellow Spirit.

Effect: blasts everyone around you in a radius of 10 blocks on all sides up, down, right and left.

Electric Spirit Box.

Video demonstration

Spirit Lanterns

They are similar to Minecraft lanterns but the difference is that to manufacture and obtain the 3 colors you need an untamed spirit and a spirit lantern.

Can be positioned just like normal lanterns, great for decoration.

Warning: they will be needed to create magic books and do not have the same effects as spirits boxes.

Craft recipe for Spirit Lantern

Craft recipe for Spirit Lantern.

Spirit Lanterns.

Magic Books

They have similar functionality to spirits boxes but their effect is more controllable. You can mark who will receive or who cannot receive an effect. Simple to use.

Magic Books.

Hit the mob or player with the book to highlight. Read more below in the sections related to a specific book. The color depends on the book.

Highlighted mob.

Cure Book

You need to hit someone to receive the invigorating effect which are regeneration and hunger recovery.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Craft recipe for Cure Book.

Slow Book

This gives slowness and darkness to everyone within a 10-block radius. It only works on those you don't mark.

To prevent a friend or animal from being disturbed by the slowness hit him with a book in hand and he will be marked so he will not be overshadowed.

Cooldown: 7 seconds

Craft recipe for Slow Book.

Electric Book

It casts lightning on all mobs that you mark with the book and it is necessary that you keep pressing on the screen or pressing the mouse for about 3 seconds to cast the power.

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Craft recipe for Electric Book.

Warning: each book has different cooldown keep in mind, all books have a certain radius from each wielder and who will use it if those that were marked and leave its radius will not receive effects or can be obfuscated without wanting to know if you have in within the radius of the book master based on that particle.

How to summon the spirit?

It is necessary to perform the rite. First you will need Chalk.


Craft recipe for Chalk:

Craft recipe for Chalk.

Chalk is used to create a magic circle. It can be used up to 4 times. Use it on the floor to create a circle.

Magic Circle.

Next, you will need 8 black candles. Put and light them according to the screenshot:

Magic Circle and 8 black candles.

Now to invoke it is necessary to place a Soul Sand by clicking on the block.

Invoke structure.

Interacting at the top of the circle will open an interface where you will place the right materials to summon a spirit:

Interface of Magic Circle.

Recipe for summoning a spirit:

Recipe for Summon spirits.

This will summon a random spirit and break the circle.

Warning: as said before, 8 lit black candles positioned with the image or a little higher and a soul sand.


Currently, that's all about the addon and it's a beta version, how can I say it, but I hope you like the addon.


Hotfix Version!

  • Lantern Updated to 1.19.40
  • Added Pack Icon
  • Renamed from Magic Books to Magical Adventure

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  1. Redvernal profile avatar Redvernal
    I regret to inform you,

    That the "Magical Adventure" addon does not appear to be working. E.G. The "Spirit Boxes" "Summoning System" "Book Selection System" and general spell casting all appear to non functioning. (Keep in mind I did have all experimental features on.)

    May I also suggest You, add a button to click to summon the "Spirit" ?