Dragons of the Third Age - The Cute Wyvern and Deadly Mushrooms

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Do you like Dragons? This is a great Addon that will send you on an incredible journey to find and catch Dragons.

Enter the Third Age of Dragons and the Quest for the Ten Keys, Part Seven. Fight your way back up the Dragon Island chain and prepare to fight for the sixth Dragon Island, containing your very own (we hope) Cute Wyvern.

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The Add-on doesn't require activation of experiments, but you can enable the Holiday Creator Features to get new armor (see at the end of the post).

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Welcome to the Quest for the Ten Keys. Each key unlocks a magical island, a magical enemy, and a magical dragon egg. Which contains a magical dragon. Except for the Wizard Island which contains a Wizard Castle and a very annoyed (and dangerous) Wizard.

Important: Each Key must be placed at a certain height of the world. If you place the key at the wrong height, it will be destroyed and the island with the dragon egg will not summon.


Dragonium is a new material needed to create keys and create islands.

The easiest way to obtain dragonium ingots and nuggets is by defeating an Apprentice Wizard. These evil magicians can be found in Dark Forests (where you find Woodland Mansions). A sword with Looting III will yield best results. They have various attacks and will not be easy to defeat.

New Dragonium items

Apprentice Wizard

Spawns in Woodland Mansions. A sword with Looting III will yield best results. They have various attacks and will not be easy to defeat.

  • Health: 60
  • Damage: 5
  • Drops:
    • Dragonium Nugget x1-3
    • Dragonium Ingot
    • Gunpowder x0-3
    • Stick x0-3

Apprentice Wizard

How to tame your dragon

With Dragon Bind! Craft like this:

Dragon Bind crafting recipe

A particular blend of ancient Dragonium. You need one for each dragon (and only one).

Taming the Dragon

Sword in Stone

You will need a Block of Netherite. Once you have your stone ready, place it down between 60 and 70 'y' height and interact with it while holding a diamond sword.

Sword in Stone crafting recipe

The sword will stick inside the block and in a few seconds you will have summoned the Evil Wizard castle. Prepare for battle!

The Evil Wizard castle float island

The Evil Wizard castle

Nether Portal

Evil Wizard

Lurking in his Evil Castle, with his Evil Minions is the Evil Wizard. Once he has spawned he will find you, eventually. You can find him first if you like, but either way you better be ready.

  • Health: 180
  • Damage: 16
  • Drops:
    • Dragonium Block
    • Dragonium Nugget
    • Dragonium Ingot
    • Gunpowder

Evil Wizard

He will drink potions to give him invisibility, regeneration, or health. He also has at his disposal a number of attacks, including the ability to teleport straight to the nearest player. He will cycle between three 'modes'.

  • A ranged attack mode. He will throw the Evil Wizard Jnr fireballs, just more of them. He's also likely to execute short-range teleports.
  • A melee mode. During this mode he cannot take melee damage.
  • A slightly weaker version of the first ranged mode (he's slower, less knockback resistance, weaker attacks) however he can summon the dreaded Flappy, Evil Wizard Jnrs, and two types of small dragon.

If you manage to defeat this guy he will drop at least a Dragonium Block. Now we're talkin'.

Dragonium Blocks

Evil Dragons

Small, but not to be messed with. The first type will throw fireballs at the player, the second type will perform swoop attacks.

  • Health: 45

Evil Dragon


Very irritated and very irritating small flying purple monsters.

  • Health: 18
  • Damage: 8

Flappy mob

Golden Key 1

Once you've crafted key one, place it in the ground between level 60 and 70.

Key 1 Crafting Recipe

Wait a few seconds, and when the angels sing, look up to find your first Magical Island. Climb up there.

First Magical Island

Once you reach the top, you will encounter a Poison Bulb. This nasty plant has several attacks, including knockback, so be careful! Defeat this plant, ascend the waterfall, and another awaits. Along with a Glyde dragon egg.

Poison Bulb and Dragon Egg

Glyde Dragon

As soon as you build your first Magical Island the Glyde Dragon egg will begin to hatch so hurry! Once hatched, the dragon is only a temporary visitor to your Minecraft world and you only have a limited time to tame the dragon before it teleports back to the mythical and mysterious Dragon Land. So make sure you are watching that egg and you are ready to act once it has hatched! They come in various sizes, various colors, and take a very long time to grow up! You can speed up their growth with golden apples.

Baby Glyde Dragon

They sleep after the sun goes down!

The Glyde Dragon sleeps

You saddle and armor them like a regular Minecraft horse. They only accept iron armor (and dragon armor if you have other MNO dragon packs).

Glyde Dragon with armor

Golden Key 2

Place this key into your first Magical Island (created from Key 1, see below).

Key 2 Crafting Recipe

This is your pathway to the Rock Crusher Dragon.

Second Magical Island

Rock Crusher Dragon

This noxious (to Players) plant has a variety of effects such as blindness and nausea so be ready!

Rock Crusher Dragon

Once fully grown you may saddle and armor it like a regular Minecraft horse.

This dragon can bust through stone! And other weaker blocks such as leaves.

Golden Key 3

Place this key into your second Magical Island (created from Key 2, see below).

Key 3 Crafting Recipe

This third Island is your pathway to the Sea Serpent.

Third Magical Island

Sea Serpent

Once your third Magical Island has been created the Sea Serpent egg will start to hatch. Once it hatches, if you haven't tamed your dragon within a minute or so, it will despawn (back to Dragon Land from whence it came, never to be seen again). So, go go go!

Sea Serpent

These dragons can't fly, aren't great on land, but they sure can swim! Once in the water look down to descend and look up to rise to the surface.

Heal with fish, dragon food, or chicken. To make things extra challenging you'll need to get past the Corrupt Tree, waiting for you on the island.

Corrupt Tree

This beastie has a ranged attack and once you're close enough, will switch to a melee attack.

  • Health: 120
  • Damage: 22
  • Drops:
    • Dragonium Nugget x1-2
    • Emerald
    • Golden Apple
    • Sapling
    • Dandelion
    • Leather Chestplate

Corrupt Tree

Golden Key 4

Place this key into your third Magical Island (created from Key 3, see below).

Key 4 Crafting Recipe

This Island is your pathway to the Desert Drake.

Fourth Magical Island

Desert Drake

This dragon can't fly, they can however, jump very high and glide like you wouldn't believe. The higher up you look when you jump, the higher the dragon will jump. Generally lots of health but they take a long time to reach adulthood. Heal with the usual dragon food, fish and the not-so-usual cacti.

Desert Drake

Fastest in hot and dry biomes (desert, savanna, mesa) and slowest in cold biomes.

To get to the egg you'll have to fight your way past the dreaded Venus Trap. It is immune to projectile weapons so you have to get nice and close. I'm sure it won't mind.

Venus Trap

Golden Key 5

Place this key down between 130 and 160 world height (or straight into your fourth Island).

Key 5 Crafting Recipe

This Island is your pathway to the Forest Wyvern.

Fifth Magical Island

Forest Wyvern

At home in the forests and jungles of Minecraft, this is where they'll move their fastest. Tame with Dragon Bind, heal with dragon food, baked potatoes or fish. As usual speed up their growth with golden apples. These dragons can grow quite large and also take a long time to reach adulthood.

Forest Wyvern

To get one you'll have to fight your way past several Whip Grass, immune to pretty much everything except melee attacks:

Whip Grass

Whip Grass can also spawn in Plains and Dark Forests, very rarely though.

And we've also got some lovely hornets to put some sting into your day. Much sting, actually. They spawn out of hornet nests, like this one:

Hornet's Nest

Priority one should be to take out that hornet nest. Otherwise you might get into the same trouble as Steve has gotten into here:

Hornets attack

Both the Hornet Nest and Whip Grass may drop Dragonium.

Golden Key 6

Place this key down between 155 and 180 world height (or straight into your fifth Island).

Key 6 Crafting Recipe

Once you summon the Sixth Magical Island, you have only five or six minutes to summon the rest. This Island is your pathway to the Cute Wyvern.

Sixth Magical Island

Cute Wyvern

Very cute! Bet weaker and smaller than usual. So small, in fact, that only the largest of the three sizes can be ridden!

Baby Cute Wyvern Cute Wyvern

Deadly Mushrooms

You will find a bunch of these mushrooms hanging out on Dragon Island 6.

Deadly Mushrooms


Experimental Features

Enable the Holiday Creator Features toggle in Settings to enable the Dragonium Chestplate. Craftable with eight dragonium ingots. The Chestplate provides Resistance I for that extra level of protection.

Dragonium armor recipe crafts

And you too, can look like this:

Dragonium armor

To the awesome Youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on ModBay. Cheers!

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