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Did you ever think that Minecraft was too easy? This add-on makes the start of the game more difficult. It also turns most biomes into snowy biomes. Stranded also adds new blocks, items, tree structures, features, and more! More updates in the future!

Turn on all creator experimental modes for the addon to work.


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The stranded addon puts the player in a place where most biomes are covered in snow. There are features that generate and there are recipes to help the player survive. The features include dead trees and rocks on the ground. Mobs are also way stronger and faster. The player always has a slowness effect to make the biomes feel cold. Below is a picture of the world's generation. More pictures and info in the spoilers.

Biomes and Structures

In the snow biomes, only trees, rocks, sticks, and ice generate. the rivers are filled with ice blocks and they have ice patches that spawn. It is always snowing in most snow biomes. Here are some pictures.

Biome and Structures with Addon

Biome and Structures with Addon

Lava and waterfalls still do generate, and caves remain the same in all the biomes. Underground biomes such as lush caves are also untouched.

Below are renders of what the generated trees look like.

Tree structure

Second Tree structure

Third Tree structure

Old Antenna Tower

The old antenna tower is an uncommon structure. It can be found in snow biomes and it's only for decoration (But you can right-click the electrical box with copper to repair it). The tower will do more things in future updates.

Old Antenna Tower structure

Old Greenhouse

The old greenhouse structure is uncommon and has dirt for farming. You can also repair the greenhouse with copper.

Old Greenhouse structure

Old Greenhouse inside


if you stand in water or swim in water you start to freeze. Your heart texture changes and you start to take damage.

Message about Freezing

New Items and Blocks

This add-on adds some new blocks and items to help you survive. Most items are only used in crafting recipes but some are also used for mining. The items and blocks are in the spoiler.


The first block and item is a rock. The rock block spawns on the surface. When a rock block is broken it can drop rocks, seeds, or clay blocks. Below is a picture of a rock block and the rock item.

Rock blocks and item

Stone Saw and Stone Pickaxe

The stone saw has a recipe and is used in one. It can turn oak logs into oak planks. Below is a picture of the saw and the stone axe with a new texture.

Stone Saw and Stone Pickaxe

Ice Patch

The ice patch spawns on frozen rivers and oceans. The ice patch drops 1-3 ice blocks which can be used in building and other recipes. Below is a render of the ice patch block.

Ice Patch

Small Log

The small log generates anywhere in a snow biomes. When it's broken it drops some sticks. The small log is the only way to get sticks at the start of the game. Below is a render of the small log.

Small Log

Weak Stone Pickaxe

The weak stone pickaxe is the first pickaxe you can make. It can only mine stone and it can only mine 5 blocks before it breaks. The weak stone pickaxe is made with stone and sticks.

Weak Stone Pickaxe

Spears and Stone Shovels

The Spear is a weapon that does 4 damage. It can be crafted with rocks and sticks on a crafting table. The spear also has low durability. Below is a picture of the spear and the retextured stone shovel.

Spears and Stone Shovels

Molten steel and iron

To make iron you need molten iron first. to get molten iron you need to put raw iron into a smelter. This addon also adds steel. To make steel add charcoal to the molten iron. Steel does nothing right now but it will be important in future updates. Below is a picture of molten steel, molten iron, and a steel ingot.

Molten steel and iron


Winterberry shrubs can be found in the wild. They spawn on snow or grass. You can pick winterberries from them. If you eat the winterberries you get poison.

Here is what the shrub looks like.

Winterberrie Shrubs

This is what the berry looks like.


Stick Wall

The stick wall works like a fence, but it costs less. To craft it, you just need 4 sticks. Below is a picture of the stick wall.

Stick walls


The smelter allows you to make molten iron. The smelter has no UI, but you can interact with it by right-clicking with the right item.

Smelter block

You need to take the molten iron with a clay bucket.

Using the Smelter block to get Molten Iron

Ingot Mold

You can use the ingot mold to turn the molten iron from the smelter into iron ingots. Place the molten iron in the ingot mold by right-clicking. Wait for the ingot to get cold and then right-click again to get the ingot. Below is a screenshot of the Ingot mold. (videos about how the smelter and ingot mold work are in the guide spoiler)

Ingot Mold stages


Some hostile mobs such as the zombie and spider have been buffed. They have about 15 more health and do 3-4 more damage. Skeletons walk faster and do more damage, but have lower health.

๐Ÿ“– How to survive and recipes

There are a lot of new recipes added in. All the recipes are in the spoiler below.


First, to survive you need to make a Stone Saw since you need planks for a crafting table. Below is a picture of the saw and plank recipe.

Stone Saw recipe

Planks recipe

Stone Shovel and Snow Bricks

You can use the stone shovel to get snow and make snow bricks. Snow bricks are a fast way to make a base and hide from mobs.

Stone Shovel:

Stone Shovel recipe

Snow Bricks:

Snow Bricks recipe

Spear and Weak Stone Pickaxe

You can use the spear to defend and the weak stone pickaxe to mine stone. More info in the items spoiler.


Spear recipe

Weak Stone Pickaxe:

Weak Stone Pickaxe recipe

How to make Bricks

First, you need to get some clay blocks from the stone blocks.


Campfire recipe

Place the clay block and break it to get clay balls.

Clay block and items

Put the clay on a campfire and bake it.

Campfire and Brick

Stick Wall and Furnace

You need the stick wall to make a good defense from mobs and the furnace also has a different recipe.

Stick Wall:

Stick Wall recipe


Furnace recipe

Smelter and Ingot Mold

The smelter is used to make molten iron. The ingot mold turns molten iron into iron ingots. More info in the items and blocks spoiler.


Smelter recipe

Ingot Mold:

Ingot Mold recipe

Clay Bucket

You can use the clay bucket to pick up molten iron from the smelter and put it in the ingot mold. The clay bucket is made with bricks and can also store molten steel.

Clay Bucket recipe

Steel, molten steel, and molten iron

To get iron you need to smelt raw iron in a smelter. Then you would get molten iron. If you add charcoal to the molten iron you would get molten steel. Put the molten iron in an ingot mold block to get an iron ingot. Or you could craft the molten steel with an ice block to get a steel ingot. For more info about the steel ingot, visit the items spoiler.

Molten steel:

Molten steel recipe

Steel ingot:

Steel ingot recipe

How to Play section

The โ€œHow to Playโ€ section had all recipes and instructions.

How to Play section with Addon

Download links
stranded_v0_5.mcaddon[mcaddon, 1.16 Mb]
stranded_v0_5.mcpack[mcpack, 1.16 Mb][zip, 1.16 Mb]
Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.30