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Mo'Dungeons is an add-on that adds new dungeons into the game, it will be a growing mod overtime and will feature new weapons, armor, entities and of course dungeons.

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Permission for ModBay:

Mo'Dungeons permission for ModBay

Make sure to have all Experiments.

Mo'Dungeons activate

Each item is viewable in the crafting menu in survival and has each recipe prepared for you, so you do not need to manually put in each item.

To acquire any of the items in the add-on, simply type in chat while cheats are enabled "/give @s mc:" and then each item in the mod will appear for you to acquire or look for them in the creative menu

I hope you enjoy this update while I prepare for a stable version of the mod which will be coming in the future, I hope you all have fun and enjoy the new tools/armor/dungeons/mobs!

Mo'Dungeons logo

Mo'Dungeons is a growing mod that currently features multiple new dungeons and one new boss. (tested platforms: Windows 10)

I have released a brand new version of Mo'Dungeons as of the 23rd October 2022. All the old content is included but with new up-to date dungeons and structures to encounter!

This wouldn't be possible without the dedication of the development team!

Thankyou Difis, Hanif, Izumi and Oz for helping with this project!

Structures with the Mo'Dungeons Addon


Mud House

Sky Fort

Ruined Portal

Large Ship

Mage Tower


Ruined Shrine

Vine Tower

Sky Temple

Sakura Island

Skeleton Head Dungeon

PurPur Fort

Crystal Shrine

Desert Fort

City Builder

Slime Dungeon

Underground Hall Dungeon

Natural Foliage


New Entities



Tree Ent


Dwarf Trader

Skeleton Warrior

Snow Zombie





New Items

Guardian Gem Stone

Uncharged Guardian Summoning Scroll

Guardian Summoning Scroll Charged

Lightning Staff and Necromancers Staff of undead Living

Dwarven Items, Armor and blocks

Frost Battlemage Armor

Frost Battlemage Armor set

Frost Battlemage Armor is the strongest form of Armor you can acquire (as of V0.6.5) and is acquired from the mage entity, but in future updates this will change!

It is planned to have special effects when the whole set is worn, this however is not implemented yet.

Bone Armor

Bone Armor set

Bone armor can be acquired by crafting it with; you guessed it; bones. It is a weaker form of armor than Leather but it can be a nice addition to a collector of armor sets to put on display and maybe in the future it can be placed on a magical companion; you'll just have to wait and see! To craft this armor simple go to a crafting table and you should see the recipes for the armor.

Rubedite Armor and Tools

Rubedite Armor and Tools set

Rubedite armor, one of the older variants of armor released in one of the older updates. It is a basic armor type providing decent protection and can be acquired by smelting Rubedite ore found from mining in a furnace and using the ingots to make the armor. The tools are also the same process. (Go to a crafting table and you will see the recipes)

Soul Armor and Tools

Soul Armor and Tools set

Soul armor, another older variant of armor released in an older update. It provides decent protection, better than rubedite and can be acquired by smelting Soul ore found from mining in a furnace and using the ingots to make the armor. The tools are also the same process. (Go to a crafting table and you will see the recipes).

Battle Axes

New Ores

Soul Ore

Rubedite Ore

Unique Blocks

Dwarven Forge

Arcane Enchanter

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modungeons.mcaddon[mcaddon, 8.92 Mb]
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Link to Patreon page on our website. (Supporter Access)
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Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.10 1.18.0 1.17.30 1.16
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