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Your Mob Ideas is a YouTube series by Raboy13. If you want to visit the channel, here is the link. It is also where you suggest your very own mob ideas to be added to one of the episodes of this series.

Your Mob Ideas covers the audiences' very own mob ideas that are suggested to Raboy13, if they get lucky, their mobs could get added to the series, and if the mob is unique, it might even get added to "Raboy's Mobs Addon" which is another project by Raboy13.

You can suggest your mobs on the discord server here: https://discord.gg/t9xcjvzPNJ

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Creator: Raboy13

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Sea Serpent

  • Spawns naturally in the ocean
  • Has a rare blue variant
  • Hostile to players
  • Attacks dolphins, guardians, villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders
  • Has a poison effect when attacking
  • The baby serpent only attacks dolphins and squids
  • Drops a pile of bones and 1 to 2 of its fangs
  • New item called "Sea Serpent Fang" from killing Sea Serpents
  • New weapon called "Sea Serpent Spear" made from sea serpent fangs

Sea Serpent.


  • Spawns in deserts
  • 6 attack damage
  • 30 health points
  • Shoots dust balls that give a player blindess for a short period of time (not working)
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Behaves similar to a blaze
  • Drops sand when killed
  • Has a 40% chance to drop twister essence when killed that can be consumed and gives you a levitation effect for 15 seconds and slow falling effect for 20 seconds



  • Found spawning in snowy biomes,
  • 200 health
  • Neutral to players
  • Attacks passive mobs for food
  • Hostile to iron golems
  • Danger to villagers
  • Drops snowballs when killed



Lava Tortoise

  • Spawns anywhere in the nether
  • Has 25 hitpoints
  • Drops several magma creams and a chance to drop a lava tortoise scute
  • Immune to fire damage
  • 4x damage when in contact with water
  • Babies can drop a lava tortoise scute when turning into adults
  • Babies grow up within 1200 game ticks after being spawned
  • Babies can be fed crimson or warped fungus to speed up the growth process
  • Passive

Lava Tortoise.


  • Spawns anywhere in the nether
  • Has a glowing nether texture
  • Same health as an vanilla enderman
  • Immune to fire damage
  • 4x damage when in contact with water
  • Drops several magma creams and a chance to drop an enderpearl when killed
  • Same behaviors as a normal enderman


Eversource Chicken

  • Lays spawn eggs of all the vanilla mobs every 30 to 60 seconds, exact for mobs that don't have spawn eggs
  • Has 25 hp
  • Same behavior as normal chickens

Eversource Chicken.


Lava Creeper

  • Spawns in the nether
  • Immune to fire damage
  • Takes damage when in contact with water
  • Slightly more powerful than a regular creeper
  • Same health as a regular creeper
  • Sets everything around them on fire when exploding
  • Drops gunpowder when killed

Lava Creeper.


  • Large mob that spawns in the roofed forest biome
  • Eats livestock, villagers, and players
  • Neutral to iron golems
  • Has 200 health
  • 10 attack damage
  • Drops a couple of items when killed


Lush Cow

  • Mutated cow that has found its way to the lush caves of minecraft
  • Spawns in lush caves
  • Can be bred using glow berries
  • Babies can be fed glow berries to grow up faster
  • Drops beef, leather, and moss carpets when killed

Lush Cow.


Please turn on holiday creator features for the custom items to work in the episode 4 update!

Mushroom Creeper

  • Mob idea by Lesser Dad
  • Creeper variant that spawns in mushroom islands
  • Same attributes as a normal creeper
  • Charged mushroom creeper drops tnt instead of gunpowder when killed

Mushroom Creeper.

Little Tangerine

  • Mob idea by LilTangy
  • Spawns in jungle biomes
  • 20 health points
  • Tameable using cookies
  • Can be bred using cookies
  • Does nothing except being cute most of the time

Little Tangerine.


  • Mob idea by OrangeBlue13
  • Spawns in mountain biomes, especially in jagged peak biomes
  • 50 health
  • 10 attack damage + poison for 3 seconds
  • Spits poison that lasts for 3 seconds in a 3x3 area
  • Drops its stinger when killed which can be used to craft a Wyvern Spear
  • Wyvern spear deals 7 attack damage and poison for 5 seconds



Get ready for Your Mob Ideas Episode 5, where I bring you three brand-new mobs to add to your Minecraft world. First up is the Sculk Creeper, a sly and stealthy creature that uses its advanced senses to detect movement and sneak up on its prey. Next, we have the Drowned Enderman, a water-dwelling version of the classic Enderman who has adapted to life underwater and can teleport short distances through the water. Finally, we introduce the Soul Sand Golem, a formidable construct made entirely of soul sand and bound by dark magic. Each of these mobs is uniquely designed to bring a new level of excitement and challenge to your game. Can you defeat the Sculk Creeper's stealth attacks, outsmart the Drowned Enderman's teleportation, or withstand the might of the Soul Sand Golem? Find out in Your Mob Ideas Episode 5.

Sculk Creeper

Mob suggested by Bluesteakdev. The Sculk Creeper is a mob found in the deep dark biome, known for its heightened hearing senses and exposed heart. When an intruder is nearby, the sculk creeper unleashes a barrage of hissing sounds to alert the warden. Despite its inability to explode or be charged by lightning, it still has the same attributes as a regular creeper.

  • Health: 40
  • Spawns in Overworld and Deep Dark
  • Drops: Sculk Sensor

Sculk Creeper

Drowned Enderman

Mob suggested by narutihivk5. The drowned enderman is a unique twist on the classic enderman mob, adapted to living underwater and covered in corals. It can only teleport during thunderstorms and when out of the water, and becomes agitated when players look it in the eyes. When killed, it has a chance to drop an ender pearl or a nautilus shell.

  • Health: 40
  • Spawns in Ocean
  • Drops: Ender Pearl, Nautilus Shell

Drowned Enderman

Soul Sand Golem

Mob suggested by JorgeLaPalta. The soul sand golem is a formidable mob found in the nether, made entirely of soul sand and tortured souls. Its ability to walk on lava and neutral behavior make it a unique addition to the game. When killed, it has a chance to drop a netherite and a soul speed enchanted book, making it a valuable source of resources.

  • Health: 100
  • Spawns in Soulsand Valley
  • Drops: Netherite Ingot, Enchanted Book (Soul Speed II)

Soul Sand Golem


Shulker Golem

Mob Idea by sulimansss. The Shulker Golem is a new, powerful mob that spawns in End cities. It has 50 health points and is slightly taller and bulkier than an Iron Golem. It is mobile and shoots Shulker bullets. The Shulker Golem levitates around End cities and guards them, dropping up to three Shulker shells when killed. Its unique features make it a formidable foe in the End dimension.

Screenshot of Shulker Golem.


Mob Idea by KingError. The Boitatรก is a new, massive serpent mob that spawns in jungles. It has 60 health points and is immune to fire damage, but takes damage when in water or rain. The Boitata shoots fireballs and drops up to five firecharges and high XP when killed. Its unique fiery attack and vulnerability to water make it a challenging opponent to face in the jungle biome.

Screenshot of Boitata.


Mob Idea by wannabewyvern. The Greentail is a new jungle mob that spawns during dawn or dusk and has two variants, the Pepper and Firewing. It has 20 health points when wild and 40 health points when tamed using apple, potato, carrot, or beetroot, which can also heal it. The Greentail has a poison attack and defends its owner when tamed, or kills the owner's target. When wild, it avoids monsters and players, and drops an apple, carrot, potato, or beetroot when killed. Its unique features make it a useful ally in the jungle biome.

Screenshot of Greentail.

Updated on July 13

Your Mob Ideas Episode 6 Features

Shulker Golem

  • spawns in end cities
  • 50 health points
  • shoots shulker bullets
  • drops up to 3 shulker shells when killed


  • spawns in jungles
  • 60 health points
  • immune to fire damage
  • takes damage when in water or rain
  • shoots fireballs
  • drops up to 5 firecharges and high xp when killed


  • spawns in jungles only during dawn or dusk
  • has 2 variants, the pepper variant spawns during dusk and firewing variant spawns during dawn
  • can be tamed using apple, potato, carrot, and beetroot, can also be healed witht the same items
  • 20 health points when wild, 40 health points when tamed.
  • has poison attack
  • defends their owners when tamed or kill the owner's target for them
  • avoids monsters and players when wild
  • drops an apple, carrot, potato, or beetroot when killed

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