The Wild Environment (v1.9.10) [HOTFIX]

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This add-on will increase the wilderness of nature, to make your world look more natural and interesting place to play. It added more soil & rock patches to both surface & ocean floors. And increased the generation rate of grasses, flowers & other types of plants. This best use of survival game.

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The Wild Environment (v1.7) - Trailer | Minecraft Add-On

The Wild Environment add-on will expand the environment generation of all the overworld biomes. By increasing the plant vegetation, and adding more tree features like; wild trees, wild flowers, & bushes. This add-on does not add any new types of biome & block, to retain the vanilla feel of the game.


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  • This add-on will work on the Realm Server, just make sure you install and enable all the experimental gameplay options correctly.
  • This add-on may only compatible with Minecraft version 1.20 or higher.
  • This add-on is COMPATIBLE with other add-ons.
  • This add-on is not tested on Beta & Preview version of Minecraft, so expect some bugs if you are using those versions.
  • Remove the old packs before installing the new version of the packs.
  • If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this add-on, please don't forget to give a credit or put the original link (this Modbay page).
  • Do not provide the direct link (Icedrive) or any other download link that I didn't provided.


Download Guide!

1. Click the download option below "The Wild Environment (v1.9)". It will lead you to the Boostellar site.

2. In Boostellar site, find and click the "Click on Ad".

3. An ads articles will pop up. After a 10 seconds just go back or close the ad page.

4. On Boostellar site again, find and click the "Unlock content". This will proceed you to the Icedrive site.

5. On Icedrive click the download button to download the file.


Installation Guide!

  • Don't forget to turn on all of this experimental gameplay options:

Required experiments for the The Wild Environment addon

  • Aternos server installation:

The Wild Environment addon installing on the Aternos

The Wild Environment addon installing on the Aternos (screenshot 2)

  • You must enable all of these experimental options before entering your world:

Required experiments for the The Wild Environment addon on Aternos


Download links
The Wild Environment (v1.9).mcpack
The Wild Environment (v1.9).mcaddon
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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