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Agriculture and food in general is an important aspect of Minecraft that can be expanded on. This addon helps improve it by adding in over 40+ brand-new crops, 100+ new foods, new mobs, and so much more! Food's plus 2 is a complete overhaul of the original food's plus addon, Additionally, This addon is also translated into multiple languages, and its compatibility with most other addons.


  • 107+ new foods!
  • 40+ New Crops
  • New trees
  • New blocks
  • More Mobs
  • And more!


Permission for ModBay:

Foods Plus 2 addon permission for ModBay

🌐Supported Languages🌐

Here's a list of supported languages for the addon! If you're interested in translating some stuff for us, feel free to let us know on discord

  • English
  • Español / Spanish
  • Português / Portuguese
  • français / French
  • deutsch / German
  • 日本語 / Japanese (Translated by @ksktube)
  • 한국어 / Korean

🎂New Foods🎂

This addon comes with tons of neat new foods to mess around with! With more being added in the future.

Click a spoiler below for more information.

How to cook and craft

1) Crafting

Some food will need to be crafted, to do this just goes into a crafting bench and hit the toggle on the top left, and it should show you all the recipes

Crafting new food

2) How to cook

The food has to be cooked using a Smoker.

Cooking Apple Pie

3) Roasting

Some foods, such as Kabobs and Smores for example, have to be cooked over a campfire.

Roasting Kabobs and Smores (screenshot 1)

Roasting Kabobs and Smores (screenshot 2)

🍗Overview of the foods🍗

Much like the original, this version contains a ton of different variety's of food from both fiction and real life!

All the foods can be gained either from survival or creative, here is a short overview of some of the foods featured in this mod.


Kabobs! These guys can be crafted in a crafting bench, then you can roast them over a campfire.

Kabobs food


Pies have to crafted then baked! They provide a lot of saturation.

New Pies variants

Fruits and veggies

All the fruit and veggies can be found in the "crops" section in the creative menu. These foods are grown from the various crops featured in this addon.

Fruits and veggies in inventory


This mod comes with some neat crops! They all have a Semi-Vanilla look to the theme and range from simple 2D crops to 3D ones as well! And best of all, these new crops don't require a geometry fixer to work.

The various seeds can be gained by trading with the wandering farmer.

Farmlands with new crops

Each crop has 4 different stages, similarly to vanilla crops, once they are fully grown, they typically change to a darker color and are bigger.

Stages of crop growth

🍙Other crops🍙

Nether Crops

Nether Berries

Nether Berries only grow on nether rack! They will give you nether berries once they are harvested.

Nether Berries

Lava Lilly

Lava Lilies only grow on magma blocks, they will give you magma flowers when they are harvested.

Lava Lilly

🌳 Tree's 🌳

Trees! Everybody's favorite plant, these guys are grown from saplings and can also grow fruit as well.

Here's a simple overview of the new trees featured in this addon.

Maple Trees

Maple Trees! You can harvest their leaves and turn them into maple syrup in the crafting table! addionally, you can also craft some new planks from their logs as well.

The logs can be crafted into red planks.

Maple Trees

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms can grow cherry's!

They can also be cut down and turned into pink planks.

Cherry Blossoms

Palm Trees

These trees, come in many different sizes, they can be planted using saplings and will grow coconuts too.

Their logs can also be turned into a neat tropical brown color, also note that due to the sheer size of the palm trees, when you place their sapling and the tree grows, there's a chance it can destroy some of the nearby blocks, so make sure to place these in a wide open field to avoid any damage.

Palm Trees

Cinnamon Trees

Cinnamon trees, like all other trees, their logs can be crafted into planks! You can also turn their planks into cinnamon.

Cinnamon Trees

Orange Trees

These trees give you oranges!

Orange Trees

Lemon Trees

These Trees give you lemons!

Lemon Trees

Other Trees

List of other Trees:

Soul Trees

These trees only grow on soul sand, soul soil and dirt! Once they are grown, they will grow soul fruit. Their roots can also be used to craft soul lights.

Soul Trees

Mango Trees

Gives you mangos.

Mango Trees

Peach Trees

Gives you Peaches.

Peach Trees

🚜Farming Machinery🚜

Use farm vehicles to harvest crops faster and more efficiently! You can get these machines by trading with the crop trader, or by using the PC.

Click on the Tab below to find more info about the vehicles.

Farming Machinery

Farming Vehicle Overview

The tractor is the most basic form of farming vehicles, they can harvest all types of crops except for fruit trees.

Tractor transport

Grain Harvester

A more effiecnt and faster version of the tractator that can only harvest grains, such as, wheat, spelt, sorghum, oat, etc.

Grain Harvester transport

Modern Combine Harvester

Currently, this is the best type of farming vehicle. It can be used to harvest all crop types and is faster than the tractor, it also comes in 8 colors.

Modern Combine Harvester


🦊New Mobs🦊

This addon also features some new mobs! Currently, they are mostly for aesthetic. However, more uses will be added in the future

🦋Butterflies 🦋

These are aesthetic mobs, meaning that they are mostly just for looks.

Butterflies mobs

They can also be tied to a lead:

Butterfly on a lead

💸Wandering Farmer💸

The wandering farmer can be found wandering around in the Overworld!

Wandering Farmer

You can buy various seeds and saplings from him.

Trading with Wandering Farmer

🎂 Aimless Baker 🎂

The aimless baker can be found roaming the world.

Aimless Baker

You can buy Cakes, Pies and baking supplies from him.

Trading with Aimless Baker

Farm Animals 🐷

Ducks can be found wandering around rivers and ponds! But be aware, they will also try to eat your crops too, so be sure to keep them away from any crops.

They can also be tamed, and they will fight for you. However, they will run away once hit.

Ducks animals

Similarly to chickens, ducks can also lay eggs.

  • Tame:
    • Bean seeds, Cabbage, seeds, corn seeds, lettuce seeds, broccoli seeds, ginger seeds and asparagus seeds
  • Breed:
    • Duck feed

Raw and Cooked Duck


Turkeys can be found wandering around plains biomes, you can hunt them for raw turkey. Similarly to ducks, they can also eat your crops.

Turkeys animal

Unfortunately, turkeys, cannot be tamed. However, you can farm them for food.

Raw and Cooked Turkey


🚧New blocks🚧

Blocks! They can be used to build new structures and other things.

New blocks in Foods Plus 2 addon

🎂Placeable Foods🎂

Some foods can be placed down! They can also be eaten too. They can be found in the "Misc. Foods" section in the creative menu, traded with the aimless baker, or crafted.

Placeable Foods in the Foods Plus 2 addon


Some blocks can also be generated randomly throughout the world.


Salt can be found in just about every biome.

Raw Salt blocks

Raw Salt Block can be both smelted:

Raw Salt in Smoker

Or crafted into Salt:

Raw Salt in Crafting


This addon also comes with working stoves and other production blocks

Click a spoiler below to find info on the various production blocks!

Canola Compressor

Put 4 canola in it and then use a glass bottle! It will give you canola oil.

Canola Compressor

Sunflower Compressor

Due to some weird issue with Minecraft, this compressor, uses dandelions instead of sunflowers. Similarly to canola compressor, once you fill it up use glass bottles, and it will give you Sunflower oil.

Sunflower Compressor

Barley Fermentor

This one is used to make fermented barley, which can be used to make various drinks.

Barley Fermentor


The oven can be used to cook food! Unlike furnaces and smokers, ovens use cooking oil instead of coal.

Oven block

Oven block interface


The mill is used to grind up various grains, fruits and more.

Mill block

Mill block interface


The presser is used to make juice, unlike the other custom crafting tables, pressers do not require any fuel.

Presser block

Presser block interface


The brewer is used to make various drinks, such as soda.

Brewer block

Brewer block interface


Used to make various drinks such as smoothies.

Blender block

Blender block interface

🛑Additional Information 🛑

Before using this addon, be sure to enable both Holiday Creator Features and Custom biomes.

(Note: Foods plus does not create new biomes or modify existing ones, the custom biomes toggle is just needed so custom crops and blocks can generate naturally in the world)

Required experiments for the Foods Plus 2 addon

Other ways to get items


You can get the items by using commands, "example: /give @s foodsplus2:"

Getting items with the command

Where to find things in the creative menu

All the foods can be found in the "nature" section in the creative menu, however some items such as seeds and crops can be found in their own categories as well.

Food items in the creative inventory


🍇Supported Minecraft versions🍇

List of Minecraft versions, this addon supports

1.19.40,1.19.30,1.19.2, 1.19, 1.18.30, 1.18.20, 1.18.10, 1.18

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How to download

if you choose to go with the linkvertise link, it will take you to linkvertise, from here you need to scroll down a little and click "Free access with ads", after that click discover interesting articles and wait 5 seconds to close out of the window, after that, you will see a green check mark click on where it says continue to website, once you are in mediafire click the blue button on the right to get your file.

Updated on January 24


New foods:

  • Added oat cakes
  • Added Pancakes
  • Added Cooked turkey
  • Added cooked duck -added raw turkey -added raw duck
  • Added olives
  • Added Asparagus

New crops:

  • Added Olive trees
  • Added Asparagus

New blocks:

  • Added olive planks
  • Added olive leaves
  • Added olive log
  • Added cherry slabs
  • Added olive slabs
  • Added maple slabs
  • Added palm slabs
  • Added lemon slabs
  • Added cinnamon slabs

New mobs:

  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Added Tractors
  • Added Grain harvester
  • Added Combine Harvester (8 diffrent colors)

New items:

  • Added duckfeed
  • Added olive tree sapling
  • Added asparagus seeds
  • Added Tractor box
  • Added Grain harvester box
  • Added Modern combine harvester box

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with maple tree saplings, spawning mango trees
  • Fixed an issue with cake recipes
  • Fixed an issue with toaster pastry recipes
  • Butterflys now spawn in their correct biomes
  • Fixed text for lemon leaves
  • Fixed an issue relating to missing UI Pocket

Other changes:

  • Trees now generate naturally in the world
  • Improved rice crop texture
  • Rice crop gemotry is now tall instead of small
  • Modifed spawn groupings for butterflys
  • Changed version IDs in pack name to v1.6.0
  • Replaced lemon plank texture
  • Replace cinnamon plank texture
  • Replaced maple plank texture
  • Replaced palm plank texture
  • Replaced cherry plank texture
  • Replaced french naploean texture
  • Replaced cherry log texture
  • Improved orange leaves texture
  • Changed maple leaves texture
  • Changed peach leaves texture
  • Changed cinnamon leaves texture
  • changed cinnamon lopg texture
  • changed orange log texture
  • Vanilia foods can now be cooked in the oven
  • Replaced genric addon mob eggs with pictures of the mob
  • Certain mobs can now damage your crops
  • Some foods, such as raw meat, can now give you effects
  • The wandering farmer now has 10 trades instead of 5 at a time
  • Added sound for ALL Plank types
  • Added sound for All log types
  • Added sound for All Leaves types
  • Added Turkish language support

Foods Plus 2 v1.7.0 update

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