Swagcasters Panel Van Vehicle Pack

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Looking for more car mods? What could you do with a generic delivery van in Minecraft? Anything your imagination can come up with, that's why I created 11 of them with 8 different colors, one special livery and a police package for use as a canine unit. More liveries may be added in the future as well.

This addon adds 11 delivery vans, all based off the Ford E series delivery vans seen all over the world. This addon include a canine unit which seats 4 players as well as the civilian model which can seat 6 players and comes in Black, Grey, Blue, Red, yellow, Pink, Green, Red and White as well as an additional livery.

Ford Vans variants

Swagcasters Panel Van Vehicle Pack screenshot

Police and colored Ford Vans variants

All vans variants

Kitten cruiser

Updated on April 25

  • Includes the all new kitten cruiser
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