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More Tree Variants (v1.8)

Thumbnail: More Tree Variants (v1.8)

Trees are what we most often see in the world of Minecraft. In the game, they don't look as natural as they are. That's why this addon was created!


More tree variants: preview.



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This add-on will add a bunch of tree variants in Minecraft trees, by modifying the tree features. The tree generation may not change at all, from spawn rates or spawning place. Expect the Taigas Forest that adds more tiny trees and bushes.

Most of the trees may appear in different forms like; large, small, mega, tall, branched, and even bush form. This add-on does not add any new types of tree or block. Also, this add-on are compatible with most of the other add-ons.


Tree Variants


Oak Trees

Oak Trees (screenshot 1)

Oak Trees (screenshot 2)


Oak Trees with Beehive

Oak Trees with Beehive


Swamp Oak Trees

Swamp Oak Trees (screenshot 1)

Swamp Oak Trees (screenshot 2)


Birch Trees

Birch Trees (screenshot 1)

Birch Trees (screenshot 2)


Dark Oak Trees

Dark Oak Trees (screenshot 1)

Dark Oak Trees (screenshot 2)


Jungle Trees

Jungle Trees (screenshot 1)

Jungle Trees (screenshot 2)


Acacia Trees

Acacia Trees (screenshot 1)

Acacia Trees (screenshot 2)


Spruce Trees

Spruce Trees (screenshot 1)

Spruce Trees (screenshot 2)

Azalea Trees

Azalea Tree


Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees




There are 2 options you can find to toggle when you activated this mod. The options will modify the type of varieties you want, if it just a default variant or a taller variant.

"Default Tree Variants"

  • In this option, the trees will have more varieties and with their average height.

Default tree variants: config.

Default tree variants: screenshot.

"Taller Tree Variants"

  • In this option, the trees will have same varieties like the default. But, it has more height.

Taller tree variants: config.

Taller tree variants: screenshot.



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  • This add-on will work on the Realm Server, just make sure you install and enable all the experimental gameplay options correctly.
  • This add-on may only compatible with Minecraft version 1.12.0 or higher.
  • This add-on is COMPATIBLE with other add-ons.
  • Remove the old packs before installing the new version of the packs.
  • If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this add-on, please don't forget to give a credit or put the original link (this Modbay page).
  • Do not provide the direct link (mediafire) or any other download link that I didn't provided.


Download Guide!

1. Click the download option below "More Tree Variants (v1.8)". It will lead you to the Boostellar site.

2. In Boostellar site, find and click the "Click on Ad".

3. An ads articles will pop up. After a 10 seconds just go back or close the ad page.

4. On Boostellar site again, find and click the "Unlock content". This will proceed you to the Mediafire site.

5. On Mediafire click the download button to download the file.

Installation Guide!

  • Don't forget to turn on all of this experimental gameplay options:

Required experimental options.

  • Aternos server installation:

Screenshot for Aternos server installation.

  • You must enable all of these experimental options before entering your world:

Required experimental options for Aternos server.


Updated on June 18

  • Minecraft v1.20 support
  • Added 5 new Cherry Tree Variants
  • Improved tree generationg