Cybernetic Invigoration

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This addon is aimed at improving the Minecraft world by adding new materials, Androids and various cyber weapons.

I'm not much of an explainer, so I'll give the basics.

Things to do

  • Blast Iron to get Steel
  • Kill Androids to get Android parts
  • Upgrade Android parts with Diamond, Mandalaronite and Steel
  • Get Mandalaronite by combining Glowstone and Redstone in a crafting table or hand craft
  • Get Prime Solution which will increase your health (recipe in crafting table)
  • Craft Battle Armour (better than netherite)
  • Other upgrades such as Combat arm are also in the crafting table
  • Overdrive is an ability that increase the players speed and switches their combat/bionic arm with a better one (if they have it installed)
  • The overdrive flash key can be traded with the punk, he spawns in the world
  • Sell android parts to get cyberdollars and use those cyberdollars to buy the combat/bionic arm and overdrive key (get grinding)
  • Get a battery installed, so you can use overdrive and never be hungry(if your battery dies u will be useless)
  • End crystals charge your battery just stand near them you can also craft batteries
  • Installing Cybernetics and upgrades hurts so be careful and make sure you always have full hearts
  • You can only use the mandalaronite arm if you have a battery

All recipes are in the crafting table

I'll give a better explanation in the next update

Also, there's custom music (I'll probs remove later unless you all like it)


Cyber Katana sword

Cyber Android mob

Trading with Cyber Economist

Prime Solution item

This addon is still in beta there will be bugs

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Supported versions
1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50