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Hello, welcome to Honey and Bears. This Add-On adds various things related to honey and other things, such as foods and blocks, more flowers, the addition of the grizzly bears, the lions, the hyenas, the zebras, the exiled merchant, the toucans, the muddy pig, the ducks, the platypuses, the honey slime, the scarlet honeycreeper, the skeleton wolf, the capybaras and the crows. This Add-On is translated in English, Spanish and in Portuguese.

Note: You can use this in videos and modpacks, as long as you credit me!

Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears:

Grizzly Bears

The missing bear in Minecraft vanilla. This bear is more aggressive with its surroundings than the other bears, it attacks the monsters around it. Can be breeding with Salmon, Honey Bottle, Honeycomb, Sweet Berries, Honey Berries and Big Honey Bottle. On death has a chance to drop Honeycomb or Salmon. Spawns in flower forests and taiga. It has 2 variants, whose difference is snout.




The toucan, extracted from minecraft dungeons, is one the pets of this add-on, it has 10 life, it can be tamed with any type of seeds, can be cured with apples, it flies and appears in the jungles. It has 2 variants, whose difference is the beak and the tail.




The Capybaras, the friendliest creature in the world and a very cute pet. Can be tamed with apples and golden apples, heals with the same items, has 10 health in the wild and 20 when tamed. Appears on plains and swamps.




The crow, It is a wild, non-tamable creature that flies around the world, has 10 health, and appears in swamps, savannahs, and deserts. In the future it will have more uses!

Skeleton wolf

Skeleton wolf:

Skeleton wolf

Extracted from Minecraft Earth, the skeleton wolf is an enemy that only appears at night, it can be a baby or an adult and it dies by sunlight. But even in its state of rage, it can be tamed with rotten flesh or bone.

Muddy Pig

Muddy Pig:

Muddy Pig

A pig exclusive to the mangrove swamp, it works just like the pig, its biggest change is its drop, where it can drop a mangrove propagule.




The lion is the leading creature of the savanna, it has 30 health, 6 damage, and is very curious, which makes it steal items on the ground, so be careful not to die with your armor near it, because it can equip it and become very powerful, they appear in packs.




Zebras are wild animals that are scattered across the savanna, they are always alert not to be hunted by hyenas or lions, they cannot be tamed or controlled, but you can ride them. You can breed them like horses.




The hyena is a distrustful but lethal creature, it attacks larger creatures than itself, but if a lion appears, it prefers to flee, also it does not like to be close to the player or villagers. But despite that, you can attract them with food, and they are big fans of honey, and you can breed them.

Exiled Merchant

Exiled Merchant:

Exiled Merchant

An expelled villager wanders the world with stolen items and garbage he finds, trying to sell them to survive. He was kicked out of his village for two reasons: because he used to be a nitwit and for being a thief, as he used to take things from some villagers. He can be found in the plains biome.




The platypus is a semi-aquatic animal that spends a great deal of time in the water. It has a lifespan of 15 years and can reproduce with kelp, seagrass, and tropical fish. Additionally, there is a variant with low probability of appearing named Perry the Platypus. It can be found in swamps and rivers.




The ducks are adorable creatures that appear in swamps and forests. They are very similar to chickens, but they are very fast in the water. When they die, they drop their meat. There are two variants.

Honey Slime

Honey Slime:

Honey Slime

Honey slime is a type of slime that appears alongside bees. It is an enemy and drops crystallized honey when defeated.

Scarlet Honeycreeper

Scarlet Honeycreeper:

Scarlet Honeycreeper

The Scarlet Honeycreeper is a bird that feeds on honey. It can be tamed using honeycombs and healed with them as well. It can be found in meadows and birch forests.




The toad is a mob that lives in forests and swamps, it likes to eat flies and honey slimes, it has 15 life, It is very similar to the frog.




It is a bird that appears on beaches, it likes to eat fish and is dedicated to hunting them. He has 20 life and when he dies he can drop the fish he hunts.




The fly is a creature that flies over the forests and the world in general, until it runs into a toad. It has 6 life and can have a baby version.



Owl bird

The owl is a bird that appears in many biomes, both forests and frozen places, it spends its time flying in the trees. It has 15 life and when it dies it drops its feathers.



Badger animal

The badger, taken from minecraft legends, is a creature that eats some wild birds, but not domesticated birds, also loves honey and rabbits. It has 15 health and can be mated.



Crabs types

Crabs are mobs that do not like to be approached, if you get too close they feel threatened and defend themselves, they are on beaches and both swamps.

Big Bottle and Big Honey bottle:

Big Bottle and Big Honey bottle

The large bottle is the larger version of the glass bottle. The honey bottle is crafted with honey and several large empty bottles, it also works as a food, it has 10 nutrition and works like milk.

Crystallized honey:

Crystallized honey

Crystallized honey is crafted by cooking the honeycomb in a furnace or smoker. The crystallized honey block is crafted with 9 crystallized honey items. Crystallized honey item has 4 nutrition.


New flowers

Added 6 flowers that spawn in the flower forest, forest and meadow. These are the buttercup, dianthus, crocus, violet, pink clover and white clover.



These mushrooms are 3 united mushrooms, which when put on the crafting table, these give you the vanilla mushrooms, there are both red and brown ones.

Dried Tallgrass:

Dried Tallgrass

Dried tallgrass is a plant that appears in the savanna biome, and can only be obtained using shears.

Honey foods:

Honey foods

The 5 added foods are honey apple, honey beef, honey bread, honey mutton and honey berries. Honey beef has 12 nutrition, honey apple has 8 nutrition, honey bread has 9 nutrition, honey mutton has 10 nutrition and honey berries has 6 of nutrition, honey soup has 8 nutrition and works like milk.

Raw Duck and Cooked Duck:

Raw Duck and Cooked Duck

Raw duck meat can be obtained from ducks. It has a nutrition value of 3 and can be cooked either in an oven or a campfire. Cooked duck meat has a nutrition value of 7.

Fried egg:

Fried egg

The fried egg is a food that can be obtained in the furnace or campfire, and provides 5 nutrition.

Honey Wand and Sticky Honey Wand:

Honey Wand and Sticky Honey Wand

The honey wand can be crafted using sticks and planks. It is used to create the sticky honey wand, which is used to attract honey-feeding animals.

Crab Claws:

Crab Claws

When a crab dies, it can drop its claws.

Honey bricks and Chiseled honey bricks:

Honey bricks and Chiseled honey bricks

The Honey Brick and Chiseled Honey Brick are the decorations for the add-on.

Basalt blocks:

Basalt blocks

There are 3 new uses for basalt, turn it into one of these 3 decorative blocks: basalt brick, cracked basalt brick, and chiseled basalt brick.


Limestone blocks

In caves there is a new type of stone, limestone. This can be polished and turned into a brick.

Silt and Dried Silt:

Silt and Dried Silt

In the savanna there are many new blocks, among them are silt and dried silt, useful for decoration.

Dried Mud:

Dried Mud

A block that generates in the savanna biome, the dried mud, and its function is decorative.

Updated on April 24

  • The translations in Spanish Spain, Spanish Mexico and Portuguese were incomplete.
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