Moobloom and Moolip [ Add-on ]

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As the name of this package, this add-on contains... well, Moobloom and Moolip!

They are another variant of the cow, identical to the Mooshroom, but adorned with flowers.



Moobloom cows

Moobloom, is the yellow variant of the cow. Covered in Buttercups flower on their body and chilling in the Flower Forest Biome.

When killed, the Moobloom will drop leathers and beef, just like the cow, an can be sheared โ€“ this can transform the Moobloom into a cow.


Moolips cows

Moolip, is another variant of the cow with Pink Blossom flowers on their body. Moolip will only spawn inCherry Grove Biome.

When killed, Moolips will drop leathers and beef, but it's not a regular Beef. Moolip can be sheared too! This will transform the Moolip into a cow.

[ they can be bred using Wheat ]


Beef and Steak

Beef and Steak, whaaat? Well, it's not a regular meat. This beef can be obtained by killing the Moolip [ sorry :( ]. This "Beef" can be cooked into a "Steak" from cooking it in a furnace or smoker. And yes! This isn't a regular Steak! This steak will restore 8 hunger bars!

Beef and Steak items


  • Make sure to turn on the "Holiday Creator Experimental" toggle!
  • If u want to meet Moolip, turn on theNext Major Update toggle!
  • [ please credit me if u want to review this add-on, or whatever. ]

Thanks :D

Download links
Moobloom and Moolip [ .zip ][zip, 25.91 Kb]
Moobloom and Moolip [ .mcaddon ][mcaddon, 25.91 Kb]
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  1. No avatar image Eddie
    Can u make the food textures more vanilla-y
  2. No avatar image Moobloom Lover
    Please make a Java Forge version!
  3. Hmm make it so if you milk the moobloom you get the sedative dandilone soup
  4. Great idea, i I think you should replace the Beef by eat-able flower of Flowery Meat