Many Decorative Things [MDT] Addon

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If you are a building or decorating lover, be sure to try the Many Decorative Things addon, which will add more than 100 new blocks to Minecraft, to be more precise - 17 types of blocks and their variations that preserve the vanilla style of the game!


Creator: byronjvh. Follow author on Twitter!

Permission for ModBay:

MDT addon permission for ModBay

Don't forget to activate the experimental functions:

Experimental options.


Due to the fact that this addon retains the vanilla style of Minecraft, you can use it with any other addons and textures, including furniture addons.

MDT Crafting Table

To craft all the blocks from this addon, you will need MDT Crafting Table.

MDT Crafting Table preview.

Recipe example for MDT Crafting Table:

MDT Crafting Table recipe craft.

You can turn off the switch to see all available recipes in this table.

MDT Crafting Table UI

Example of recipe in MDT Crafting Table

MDT Brush

With MDT Brush you can change the color of some blocks.

MDT Brush preview.ย 

Recipe example for MDT Brush:

MDT Brush recipe craft.Use the right click on Windows 10 or a long press on iOS/Android to change color of the chosen element:

MDT Brush using on sofa.



Armchair, modern chair, and wooden chair preview.

  • Simple table in 8 variants.
  • Modern table in 8 variants.
  • Wooden table in 8 variants.
  • Stool in 8 variants.

Simple table and modern table preview. Wooden table and stool preview.

Sofa preview. Bench preview.

Building blocks

Leaves and flowers wall in 8 variants and dyeable with MDT Brush:

Leaves and flowers walls preview.

Pillars in 22 variants:

Pillars preview.

Window in 8 variants:

Windows preview.

Door in 8 variants:

Doors preview.

Decorative elements

  • Fountain
  • Street Light
  • Stone Tableย 
  • Stone Bench

Fountain, street light, stone table, and stone bench preview.

  • Ceiling Lamp
  • Wall Lamp
  • Trash Can
  • Wooden Trash Can

Ceiling lamp, wall lamp, trash can, and wooden trash can preview.

Showcase map

You can see more block examples and try them on your own using showcase map! Don't forget to install the addon before entering the world.

Showcase room with fountain. Showcase park with a lot of benches. Showcase house.


Geo Fixer and the resource pack that requires it increase the size of some furniture to make it more realistic, you can try the old version too without having to install Geo Fixer.

This addon is the work of several months, if you want to support me directly, you can do it through PayPal.


If you are going to upload or review my add-on on Youtube or another website you do not have permission to share a direct link, please leave the official link to this page.

Updated on October 3

  • Added compatibility with version 1.19.30+.
  • Now you don't need "Geo fixer".
  • Not sure if it works on realms and servers now.
Download links
MDT v3 [B]
MDT v3 [R]
Showcase map for Addon
Supported versions
1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0