Complement Doors Addon (Animated Doors) By EndXenoc 1.20.30+

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Hello everyone! Today, I bring you a new addon for Minecraft Bedrock that adds more than 180 doors with different styles and all types of wood to the game. There are also the doors of Minecraft Vanilla, but with other types of wood.

To use this addon you must activate the experimental gameplay in the map settings.

Please, if you share this addon in any social network, you must leave credits and the link to this page, do not use direct links.

This is an addon that adds many wooden doors. It also adds the doors of Minecraft Vanilla, but with the different types of wood.

All New Doors Variants

To get the blocks, you must first craft the new carpenter's table.

Carpenter's Table

Carpenter's Table

This block is used to craft all doors that this addon adds.


Carpenter's Table Recipe


All New Doors Items

All doors are crafted as follows:


Door Recipe Example

Doors with windows are made as follows.

Doors with Windows Variants


Door with Window Recipe Example

You can create double-sided doors by placing one door next to another.

Double-Sided Doors Variants

Remember to disable recipe unlocking to get the recipes in survival:

Disabled Recipes Unlock


Use experimental gameplay

Requried Experiments for Complement Doors Addon

Updated on February 27

  • Now all blocks work on 1.20.30+
  • Cherry doors added.
  • The download link has been changed.
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Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30