The Glare v1.1 - The Shivering Shrubs Update (Origin Realms)

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Ever wanted to add the Glare to your game without getting rid of any mobs? Well, this resource pack can do just that. This texture pack adds the glare from Origin Realms. To get it in your game, name a bee "Glare" with a name tag and poof, it will turn into a glare. Each glare has two different styles, the normal style and the pollinated style that has blooming flowers on it. It will turn into the pollinated style when it pollinates flowers. "The Glare" is a pack that was originally made by creepermax123 for the Java edition and was ported by me to Bedrock.

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All Available Nametag Variants


Glare Variants


Bloom Variants


Monsoon Variants


Scowl Variants


Scare Variants


Flare Variants


("Voidling" in Java Edition, Sorry for the typographical error, max!)

Voiding Variants

The Shivering Shrubs Update

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Nametag Variants

"Festive Glare"

Festive Glare Variants


Chill Variants


Frostle Variants

How it works

Put a name tag on an anvil. Rename it like this: "Glare" Make sure the first letter of the name is uppercase, be aware of the spaces, and don't include the quotes (""). Use the nametag on a bee and finish!

Owner's Permission

creepermax123's Permisson for Parzival

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