Max's Better Vanilla Mobs v1.6 - 1,000+ Mob Variations!

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This pack is a compilation of my bedrock ports of creepermax123's Java Edition packs that aims to give Minecraft more life by adding mob variations. All of the packs that are included in this pack have their standalone versions. Check them out below the description!

Max's Better Vanilla Mobs logo


Better Mobs!

Better Zombies
Normal Zombies

Normal Zombies (Screenshot 1)

Normal Zombies Variant (Screenshot 2)

Jungle Zombies

Jungle Zombies (Screenshot 1)

Jungle Zombies (Screenshot 2)

Swamp Zombies

Swamp Zombies (Screenshot 1)

Swamp Zombies (Screenshot 2)

Snowy Zombies

Snowy Zombies (Screenshot 1)

Snowy Zombies (Screenshot 2)

Outlaw Zombies

Outlaw Zombies (Screenshot 1)

Outlaw Zombies (Screenshot 2)

Drip Zombies

Drip Zombies

Rare Zombies

Rare Zombies

Ghoultide Update

Better Zombies Ghoultide Update Banner

Zombies from Ghoultide Update

Better Skeletons

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 1)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 2)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 3)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 4)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 5)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 6)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 7)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 8)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 9)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 10)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 11)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 12)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 13)

Better Skeletons (Screenshot 14)

Better Illagers

Better Pillager (Screenshot 1)

Better Pillager (Screenshot 2)

Better Pillager (Screenshot 3)

Better Pillager (Screenshot 4)


Vindicator (Screenshot 1)

Vindicator (Screenshot 2)

Vindicator (Screenshot 3)

Vindicator (Screenshot 4)


Witch (Screenshot 1)

Witch (Screenshot 2)

Witch (Screenshot 3)

Witch (Screenshot 4)

Witch (Screenshot 5)

Witch (Screenshot 6)

Vex, Ravager, Evoker

Better Vex, Evoker (Screenshot 1)

Better Vex, Evoker (Screenshot 2)

Better Vex, Evoker (Screenshot 3)

Better Ravager (Screenshot 1)

Better Ravager (Screenshot 2)

Better Ravager (Screenshot 3)

Better Spiders & Cave Spiders

Scorpion Spider Variant

Better Spider

Better Spiders (Screenshot 1)

Better Spiders (Screenshot 2)

Better Spiders (Screenshot 3)

Better Spiders (Screenshot 4)

Better Spiders (Screenshot 5)

Better Spiders (Screenshot 6)

Better Spiders (Screenshot 7)

Better Squids & Glow Squids

Better Squids & Glow Squids (Screenshot 1)

Better Squids & Glow Squids (Screenshot 2)

Better Squids & Glow Squids (Screenshot 3)

Better Squids & Glow Squids (Screenshot 4)

Better Silverfish & Endermite

More Silverfish

Better Silverfish

Better Endermite

Better Wandering Trader

Better Wandering Trader (Screenshot 1)

Better Wandering Trader (Screenshot 2)

Better Wandering Trader (Screenshot 3)

Better Wandering Trader (Screenshot 4)

Better Husks

Better Husks (Screenshot 1)

Better Husks (Screenshot 2)

Better Husks (Screenshot 3)

Better Drowneds

Better Drowneds

Better Wither Skeletons

Wither Capes

Wither Capes Golden

Wither Normal

Wither Gilded

Wither Golden

Better Strays

Stray Quivers


Frozen Strays

Porkier Piglins

Porkier Piglins (Screenshot 1)

Porkier Piglins (Screenshot 2)

Porkier Piglins (Screenshot 3)

Warped Piglins (Screenshot 1)

Warped Piglins (Screenshot 2)

Warped Piglins (Screenshot 3)

Soulsand Valley Piglins (Screenshot 1)

Soulsand Valley Piglins (Screenshot 2)

Soulsand Valley Piglins (Screenshot 3)

Basalt Piglins (Screenshot 1)

Basalt Piglins (Screenshot 2)

Basalt Piglins (Screenshot 3)

Zombified Piglins

Golems Galore

Golems Galore (Screenshot 1)

Golems Galore (Screenshot 2)

Pumpkin Golem

Geode Golems

Copper Golems

Ore Golems: Diamond Golem, Gold Golem, Bling Golem, Emerald Golem

Furnace Golem

Gold Pig

Boarbarian Golems

Crimson Boarbarian

Warped Boarbarian

Boarbarian Brute Golems

Boarbarian Brute Golems (Screenshot 2)

Collective Creepers

Collective Creepers (Screenshot 1)

Collective Creepers (Screenshot 2)

Collective Creepers (Screenshot 3)

Collective Creepers (Screenshot 4)

Collective Creepers (Screenshot 5)

Collective Creepers (Screenshot 6)

Collective Creepers - Foodies Update

New Creepers (Screenshot 1)

New Creepers (Screenshot 2)

New Creepers (Screenshot 3)

Puffier Pandas

New Pandas (Screenshot 1)

New Pandas (Screenshot 2)

New Pandas (Screenshot 3)

New Pandas (Screenshot 4)

New Pandas (Screenshot 5)

New Pandas (Screenshot 6)

New Pandas (Screenshot 7)

New Pandas (Screenshot 8)

New Pandas (Screenshot 9)

New Pandas (Screenshot 10)

New Pandas (Screenshot 11)

New Pandas (Screenshot 12)

Pesky Parrots

New Parrots (Screenshot 1)

New Parrots (Screenshot 2)

New Parrots (Screenshot 3)

New Parrots (Screenshot 4)

New Parrots (Screenshot 5)

New Parrots (Screenshot 6)

Better Endermen

Better Endermen (Screenshot 1)

Better Endermen (Screenshot 2)

Better Endermen (Screenshot 3)

Better Endermen (Screenshot 4)

Better Endermen (Screenshot 5)

Better Endermen (Screenshot 6)

Better Endermen (Screenshot 7)

Cluckier Chickens

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 1)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 2)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 3)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 4)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 5)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 6)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 7)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 8)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 9)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 10)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 11)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 12)

Cluckier Chickens (Screenshot 13)

Porkier Pigs!

Player Built Pigs

Player Built Pigs (Screenshot 1)

Player Built Pigs (Screenshot 2)

Player Built Pigs (Screenshot 3)

Player Built Pigs (Screenshot 4)

Player Built Pigs (Screenshot 5)

Default Pigs

Default Pigs (Screenshot 1)

Default Pigs (Screenshot 2)

Default Pigs (Screenshot 3)

Rare Pigs

Rare Pigs

Technoblade Variant

Named Pigs

Named Pigs

Fast Food Update

Porkier Pigs Fast Food Update Banner

Pigs from Fast Food Update (Screenshot 1)

Pigs from Fast Food Update (Screenshot 2)

Jams & Jellies Update

Porkier Pigs Jams & Jellies Update Banner

Pigs from Jams & Jellies Update (Screenshot 1)

Pigs from Jams & Jellies Update (Screenshot 2)

Pool Piggies Update

Porkier Pigs Pool Piggies Update Banner

Pigs from Pool Piggies Update (Screenshot 1)

Pigs from Pool Piggies Update (Screenshot 2)

Spooky Swine Update

Porkier Pigs Spooky Swine Update Banner

Pigs from Spooky Swine Update (Screenshot 1)

Pigs from Spooky Swine Update (Screenshot 2)

Among Us and Zombified Pigs

Pigs from Spooky Swine Update (Screenshot 3)

Mob Vote Update

Porkier Pigs Mob Vote Update

Pigs from Mob Vote Update (Screenshot 1)

Pigs from Mob Vote Update (Screenshot 2)

Pigs from Mob Vote Update (Screenshot 3)

Big Feast Update

Porkier Pigs Big Feast Update Banner

Pigs from Big Feast Update (Screenshot 1)

Pigs from Big Feast Update (Screenshot 2)

Pigs from Big Feast Update (Screenshot 3)

Mob Votes!

The Copper Golem (Temporarily Removed)

Sporent Golem

Honey and Wax Covered Copper Golems

Oxidized Copper Golem

Weathered Copper Golem

Exposed Copper Golem

Copper Golem

The Great Hunger (Temporarily Removed)

The Great Hunger

The Dripstone Hunger

The Rooted Hunger

The Sandy Hunger

The Amethyst Hunger

The Sniffer (Temporarily Removed)

The Sniffer

The Glare

The Glare (Screenshot 1)

The Glare (Screenshot 2)

The Glare (Screenshot 3)

The Glare (Screenshot 4)

The Glare (Screenshot 5)

The Glare (Screenshot 6)

The Glare (Screenshot 7)

The Glare v1.1 - The Shivering Shrubs Update

The Glare Shivering Shrubs Update Banner

Glares from The Shivering Shrubs Update (Screenshot 1)

Glares from The Shivering Shrubs Update (Screenshot 2)

Glares from The Shivering Shrubs Update (Screenshot 3)

Max's Better Mobs (Banner 1)

Max's Better Mobs (Banner 2)

Max's Better Mobs (Banner 3)

V1.6 New Features

For more information, click on the link for each individual pack.





Added Packs

Meow Society

Meow Society (Screenshot 1)

Meow Society (Screenshot 2)

Meow Society (Screenshot 3)

Meow Society (Screenshot 4)

Meow Society (Screenshot 5)

Meow Society (Screenshot 6)

Meow Society (Screenshot 7)

Beefier Bovine

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 1)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 2)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 3)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 4)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 5)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 6)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 7)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 8)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 9)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 10)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 11)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 12)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 13)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 14)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 15)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 16)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 17)

Beefier Bovine (Screenshot 18)

Individual Packs' Links:

The Copper Golem, Better Squids, The Sniffer, Better Zombies, Better Skeletons, Collective Creepers, Porkier Pigs, Porkier Piglins, The Great Hunger, Better Illagers, The Glare, Better Silverfish & Endermite, Better Spiders, Golems Galore, Puffier Pandas, Pesky Parrots, Cluckier Chickens, Better Endermen, Meow Society, Beefier Bovine.

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Owner's Permission

creepermax123's Permisson for Parzival

NOTE: Copyright does not apply to bedrock porting. We, the Bedrock Porters, put in the effort to make a Java Edition resource pack or mod available for Bedrock Edition players to enjoy while keeping the credits for the owner at the same time. All bedrock ports of mine have permission to be ported and are allowed to use a link shortener.

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Updated on September 26

  • Added Beefier Bovine
  • Added Meow Society
  • Removed The Sniffer
  • Removed The Great Hunger
v1.5 / July 24 / Old Update
  • Added Cluckier Chickens
  • Added Better Endermen
  • Removed The Copper Golem
v1.4 / April 5 / Old Update
  • Added Collective Creepers
  • Added Puffier Pandas
  • Added Pesky Parrots
v1.3 / February 19 / Old Update
  • Added The Glare v1.1 - The Shivering Shrubs Update
  • Added Golems Galore v1.0
  • New Description
  • Fix Missing Piglins' Showcase
  • Java Edition is Now Available!
v1.2 / December 26 / Old Update
  • Added Glare (Origin Realms) v1.0
  • Added The Sniffer v1.0
  • Added The Great Hunger v1.0
  • Added Porkier Pigs Pack v1.6
  • Added Better Illagers v1.1 Update
  • Added Better Zombies v1.2.1 Update
v1.1 / November 11 / Old Update
  • Added Better Squids Pack
  • Added Porkier Pigs Pack v1.5
  • Added Copper Golem Pack
  • Updated Porkier Piglins
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