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Vanilla RTX is the most popular PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX; allowing you to use Minecraft's ray tracing features by providing quality PBR maps and fog configurations on top of vanilla game without altering vanilla experience, bringing ray tracing support to Minecraft's default resources while remaining completely faithful to all the different aspects and details of vanilla Minecraft.

Vanilla RTX uses 16x heightmaps with uniquely detailed MERs (Metallic/Emissivity/Roughness). Vanilla RTX Normals features complex 16x Normals instead.

  • Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals cover every possible Vanilla, Creative, Education Edition or secret block.
  • All materials are consistent across different blocks.
  • Everything has been fine-tuned for Minecraft RTX.

Experience Minecraft's ray tracing with vanilla textures at their best, all textures are meticulously detailed and consistent with each and every block having unique design put into it.
Vanilla RTX is regularly updated both to add support for new blocks and to improve existing ones, there are also several other smaller packs that will allow you to customize certain aspects of Vanilla RTX.
Most of fog colors have been tuned to match vanilla game colors, but if you wish to play Minecraft RTX without air fog, you can toggle fogless option through resource pack settings.

Vanilla RTX Public Community: https://discord.gg/A4wv4wwYud

Trails and Tales (1.20) Blocks

Trails and Tales (1.20) Blocks Screenshot 1

Trails and Tales (1.20) Blocks Screenshot 2

Trails and Tales (1.20) Blocks Screenshot 3

Trails and Tales (1.20) Blocks Screenshot 4

Caves and Cliffs

Caves and Cliffs Screenshot

Vanilla RTX Normals

Vanilla RTX Normals Screenshot 1

Vanilla RTX Normals Screenshot 2

Vanilla RTX Normals Screenshot 3

Vanilla RTX Normals Screenshot 4

Vanilla RTX Normals Screenshot 5

Vanilla RTX Normals Screenshot 6

Vanilla RTX Normals Screenshot 7

Vanilla RTX Normals Screenshot 8

Glowing Ores Patch

Glowing Ores Patch Screenshot

Clear Water Patch

Clear Water Patch Screenshot

Credits: Cubeir & Patrons! Azure Midsummer, Joshua alonso, sparta 030, Oscar Jarl, Tung, Yanick Laub, CoffeeBentYukio, kenneth pitre, Marie Antoinette, PlayingVoyage, Zek0004, Nicholas Melomo, Brogan Sharp, Rosa W, Aetherius, Dakota, clyde akpik, Gustavo Hernandez, Nicholas Armstrong, Adrian A Applegate, Maekoe, Severin, Rob Duvall, Linuxydable, ChrisTheInfamous, Lonelyhousecat, Kendrisite Gaming, Tim, FERNANDO VIERA JR. [​CUSTOMER SERVICE], THE LORD, GMWC Bravo wolf, Gogy Potter, Martin, Inimical_Divinity, SHAYDIMIR, Elmer Salinas, Vance Baylis, Alvaro Gonzalez, Kelly Cookson, Flan Cakes, Attractive Pants, PTG, Juan Jimenez, Robert Waugh, Fengpo Wen, Just Believe, Josh Hunt, Adrian Kunce, Hara Kaza, alex romero, UDJM_Phoenix, von, Nox Libertas, Chef, Vanilla Punch141, YANG CHUN YU, Arukatai, Mark Blazer, Noah Robertson, Romeo, michael wrght, Peter Cridland, Sinister Pug, Larry Zinter, Hackedge, Bones Roach, Matthew Brady, Ezma Ocejo, MichaXel Pedersen, Adyssan Jahed, Venn Smith, Chandlor Parfait, Karolis Spetas, Travis Armstrong, hunan, Kyle Pace, DatMidgetCJ, SintheSergal, Lucas Cordeiro, Tasuke, Joeseph Heredia, Oliver Pena, Kolbie Rains, WiserLake, Gabriel, Rowan Russell, Maverick1102, Eric Skittles, ALSloth, Jake Drowning, Kaleb Gruver, chrissy something, Dark Herba, Cole, Logan O'Sullivan, Dr Dro, Cameron Maize, Swine, 星星 梁, Luuk, Xleb Xlebniy, Salt, jj99atw, Hard Red, McMelon, Kavvy boi, Randy Bondy, Rusty Weber, Shayne Vickers, HellorHighWater, Nattapon W, Tray G, Zach, Cosmii02, Sven Reinsch, Justin Sedlacek, Dantheman2240, Aaron Smith, Meta Ulysses, TenPandaBNM _Gaming, Eric Scholz, Mana, DankLord708, Grzegorz Caban, LilTaco, Javier, Zachery Gilio, Dan Martin, The sun and The ground, zhifeng38, Jake Broyles, Josiah.G, Connor Marsich, Nin Azu, Reeoffdagrid, Roman Cooke, Aritsumi, Coil, youngman.99, BottleCapJack, Kyle Crays, Tyler M., Cody Hisle, Logan Moore, Jordan Hagel, Kara Cavallaro, Timmy West, MexulDS, 人 好, Sithis Dawnsend, Jakob Leahey, Spenten, sun sonny, Justin Hommes, Alberto Angeles Muñoz, Muuuhiii, aksuilsk, FarSeer00, 00 0, Foster, David Mannon, Jessica Rose, Lawrence Nisperos, Ko Be Kik, Carissa Hurt, Daren Paul O'Shea Jr., Parker12, Frankie Reyes, Elijah Ewing, José Henrique, Jelly, Edward, nuk3y ., Danny, brandon, Jeremy Perry, Olivia Brown, Luke Hinderer, cesar deras, 王一夫, Lacus X230, Sascha, Kõzan, Cody Robertson, GoodSir, Michael Shaw, Cayce, Kaiden, 한 파크, Nick s1027, Will Ashborn, John Colondona, Just UD, Brandon Sorensen, Angel Leonard, DawnOfArk, does john, Sean Smith, Julius, Kavoniv Kyxev, Ethan W, Jonathan Gaul, Jean, Omar Garib, Dylan, Tristan Trafny, mardukalex, ry ryu, 彥良, Krišjānis E, Andrew Savoie, Owen Pearson, Mylee Johnson, Tao jun Xu, Jeromy Perez, Sporleing gaming, Steve Scott, Gamer, Brandon, John Smith, Mocap Development, ace518, Matthew Clark, MC_BOMB_27, Joshua Pinkard, DanceWithJake420, Aaron Tull, Deci Santillan, Myguel Thibault, RandomT, Tsuki, SoraTheFoxx, XboxMasterDude500, Elias Papagiannis, cow cow, Galactic Gaming, trent, Devin Alexander, Mac Howard, Fallen Mercy, Ergo, Lilly Schröck, Jonathan Garrett, Krzysztof Krasucki, Christian Herman, Jordan Harkness, Jason Low, Jose David Valdez Flores, Daniel Romo, SMaster, WiiWon, 沙鷗 嚴, Epic Bush Productions, Andrew Kutac, Christian Bogan, Anthony Capraro, klzsiz, Joshua, B E N, jaden allen, DANIEL RAMIREZ, Dave, Kerchoo24, Raylee Zimmerma, KalueTV, Jacob Kruege, william hendricks, George Musch, Redstone Warrior, ZacharyBachary, David Timmer, Angel Reyes, Angel Bautista, Brendan Faulkner, Pro gamer, Caleb Brian King, Ultimate_Moon, Cedric Engel, Zack, Hodas boy, Raylee Zimmerman, Madawi Diaz, Max, Blake Burnham, Kevin Martinez, Julian Merritt, Alex, Jakob Manbro, anonymous96, Renerte, Francisco Rodriguez, Youdach, Juan Manuel Ocegueda Morales, malo bastianelli, Davonnte Manning, ChrisTBv, Tim K, Luan, Maciej Kała, Churos79, BacnOverlord, Denys Vitorino, Kristoffer, interbert.nl, Mr. Nerd, frankie, 想作为 大必补, TheRoyalSpirit, Luis Gerardo Reynoso González, cody de ron, Hasani Matthews Jr., Jesus Went Green, xlMumblelx and many others... (updated periodically).

If you appreciate the hard work that goes into making Vanilla RTX perfect, you can support it on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cubeir
Your support will make sure of its continued development and consistently delivered high quality, as a thank you, you will receive updates earlier and directly from Patreon, along with more benefits.

Vanilla RTX Patreon

GitHub: CubeIR/Vanilla-RTX
License: Vanilla-RTX/License

Updated on October 02

Vanilla RTX v1.20.0 (Trails & Tales) - Public Release (6/21/2023)
Last Update: v1.10 / 3 Months Ago

Vanilla RTX 1.20 brings support for more Trails & Tails update content along with various quality changes and updates!


  • Added full support for Calibrated Sculk Sensor.
  • Added full support for Pitcher Crop base & Pitcher Crop.
  • Added full support for all stages of Sniffer Egg.
  • Adjustments to Amethyst blocks' emissivity.
  • Decreased weeping vines emissivity, now much more subtle.
  • Decreased crimson and warped logs emissivity.
  • Decreased crimson and warped fungi emissivity.
  • Fixed double plant rose top using Paeonia heightmap instead of its correct file.
  • Updated missing tile normal map to match dirt.
  • Updated redstone comparator and redstone repeater.
    • Updated quartz parts on redstone comparator to match other quartz blocks.
    • Updated stone parts on both to match stone.
  • Fixed torchflower last stage textures not being applied properly.
  • Reworked Seagrass and Kelp normal maps.
  • Updated pack icons to Vanilla RTX 1.20
  • Removed unused files.

Other Changes:

  • In order to catch up with Minecraft's version numbers, and to make things clearer going forward, a version number jump was made with this update. Vanilla RTX v1.11 is instead called 1.20, and going forward, Vanilla RTX 1.21 will not arrive until actual 1.21 Minecraft content support is included in Vanilla RTX. This change was made to make things simpler for players who don't read changelogs.
  • Removed unused files.
  • Updated images to Vanilla RTX 1.20, added images showcasing this update.
Download links
Vanilla RTX v1.20.0 (Release)
Vanilla RTX Normals v1.20.0 (Release)
Glowing Ores (Patch)
Glowing Terracotta (Patch)
Clear Glass (Patch)
Clear Water (Patch)
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0 1.18.31 1.18.30 1.18.12 1.18.10 1.18.2 1.18.1 1.18.0 1.17.41 1.17.40 1.17.34 1.17.32 1.17.30 1.17.11 1.17.10 1.17.2 1.17.0 1.16
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