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Vanilla Resources Made Available for Minecraft with RTX

Vanilla RTX is the most popular ray tracing resource pack for Minecraft RTX. Crafted to provide an ideal default Minecraft RTX experience for all Bedrock Edition players; Vanilla RTX gives you the ability to use Minecraft's ray tracing features in your worlds and servers by adding quality PBR texture maps and configurations on top of the base game without altering the vanilla experience, bringing complete ray tracing support for the original look of Minecraft while remaining as faithful as possible to all the different aspects and details of the vanilla game.

Vanilla RTX uses 16x heightmaps with uniquely detailed materials. Vanilla RTX Normals features 16x normal maps instead.

  • Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals cover every possible vanilla, creative, education edition, or unobtainable block.
  • All blocks have highly detailed, unique material designs that remain consistent across different blocks.
  • Everything has been fine-tuned for Minecraft with RTX.

With Vanilla RTX, each block receives its own custom RTX flavor, allowing you to experience Minecraft's ray tracing feature at its best. All textures are meticulously taken care of for the highest level of detail and consistency.
Every block was uniquely designed to complement and preserve its vanilla style and function.
Vanilla RTX is regularly updated, both to add support for new blocks and to improve the appearance of existing ones.
Most fog colors have been tuned to match vanilla game colors, but if you wish to play Minecraft RTX without air fog, you can toggle the 'Fogless' option through the resource pack's settings.
There are also several optional add-ons that you can use to customize certain aspects of Vanilla RTX (such as making ores glow). You can download and apply them separately from this page.

Vanilla RTX Discord: https://discord.com/invite/A4wv4wwYud

Vanilla RTX: Screenshot 1

Vanilla RTX: Screenshot 2

Support for Minecraft v1.21 (Tricky Trials) has been added.

Vanilla RTX: v1.21 Screenshot 1

Vanilla RTX: v1.21 Screenshot 2

Vanilla RTX: v1.21 Screenshot 3

Vanilla RTX: v1.21 Screenshot 4

Vanilla RTX: v1.21 Screenshot 5

Update Images

Vanilla RTX v1.21.0 - v1.21.20 Images

Vanilla RTX: v1.21.20 Screenshot 1

Vanilla RTX: v1.21.20 Screenshot 2

Vanilla RTX: v1.21.20 Screenshot 3

Vanilla RTX: v1.21.20 Screenshot 4

Vanilla RTX: v1.21.20 Screenshot 5

Short trailer for Vanilla RTX v1.20.5: Autumn's End Quality Update

Full Support for Trails and Tales (v1.20) has been added.

Vanilla RTX: v1.20 Screenshot 1

Vanilla RTX: v1.20 Screenshot 2

Vanilla RTX v1.9 - v1.10 Update Images

Vanilla RTX: v1.19 Screenshot 1

Vanilla RTX: v1.19 Screenshot 2

Experimental Features

Since Vanilla RTX's 1.20.5 update, you will come across a third option in the resource pack's settings. When enabled, this option activates various experimental work-in-progress features and updates. These features improve overall visuals and fix some of Minecraft's issues, but they may come with drawbacks that might not be for everyone.
This section contains all of the latest information about the features included in the Experimental option to help you decide whether it is worth turning on or not.

Resolution: Experimental

New Experimental Sun Path: Dynamic sun azimuth, this feature allows diagonal shadows and a more dynamic day-night cycle, significantly enhancing outdoors lighting.

New Experimental Sun Path: Screenshot

Red and Yellow Spawn Egg Fix: Spawn egg items introduced after 1.16 no longer have incorrect in-world colors with ray tracing.

Red and Yellow Spawn Egg Fix: Before

Red and Yellow Spawn Egg Fix: After

Decorated Pot Issue Workaround: By default decorated pots texture display incorrectly with ray tracing. (MCPE-167161)

Decorated Pot Issue Workaround: Before

Decorated Pot Issue Workaround: After

Spyglass Texture Fix: Cleared dark spots on spyglass texture, so that the issue of the texture being overly zoomed-in no longer interferes with functionality of spyglass (MCPE-125925)

Black Entities & Animation Fixes: Some entities such as Warden may no longer display black textures, the wither, breeze wind and projectile have also been improved for ray tracing. (MCPE-157438) (MCPE-141530)

Black Entities & Animation Fixes: Before

Black Entities & Animation Fixes: After

Black Entities & Animation Fixes: Before & After

Missing Mooshroom Mushrooms Workaround: Mushrooms on Mooshroom that were missing by default are now remodeled to display with ray tracing. (Notes: there may be disparities with the vanilla game, as such this fix may be improved with future updates) (Issue#28)

Missing Mooshroom Mushrooms Workaround: Screenshot

Improved Particles: All particles have been adjusted where needed to look better with ray tracing.

Improved Particles: Screenshot

Color-Corrected Doors: Doors usually appear a lot darker with ray tracing (MCPE-121412) this fix attempts to correct colors of doors to a certain degree where possible. (Not all colors are fully correctable)

Color-Corrected Doors: Before

Color-Corrected Doors: After

Chiseled Bookshelf Temporary Workaround: Chiseled bookshelves by default do not display their front PBR textures, this workaround temporarily improves this issue by adding either empty to full static textures. (Known issue: books remain static, this may be improved with a future update) (MCPE-166159)

Chiseled Bookshelf Temporary Workaround: Default

Chiseled Bookshelf Temporary Workaround: Default + Fix

Keep an eye out in the changelogs and this section for more experimental updates!

Vanilla RTX: Screenshot 3

Vanilla RTX: Screenshot 4

Vanilla RTX Normals

An alternative standard Vanilla RTX experience, featuring handmade 16x Normal Maps for all blocks.

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 1

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 2

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 3

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 4

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 5

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 6

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 7

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 8

Vanilla RTX Normals: Screenshot 9

Credits: Cubeir & patrons! Azure Midsummer, Sparta 030, Lonelyhousecat, maekoe, Severin, Rob Duvall, Long Lost Weaboo, Thomas Lash, nattyhob, David, James Bennett, william, zibi chenier, Spencer Toth, Tobias Kraus, StoutXIIIYT, Nash Knowlden, Mr. Animo, Kendrisite Gaming, Joshua alonso, Beefboi, Tung, THE LORD, Yanick Laub, CoffeeBentYukio, kenneth pitre, Jacob Krueger, Marie Antoinette, Zek0004, Brogan Sharp, Dekota, clyde akpik, Gustavo Hernandez, Linuxydable, KumiAzai, Martin, Inimical_Divinity, Elmer Salinas, Flan Cakes, Attractive Pants, Kaleb Gruver, Robert Waugh, Fengpo Wen, KloClo, Josh Hunt, Adrian Kunce, Hara Kaza, Dave, Coil, Nox Libertas, Jeremy Perry, Kolbie Rains, WLB, Marc Balzer, Peter Cridland, Venn Smith, Travis Armstrong, Kyle Pace, chrissy something, jj99atw, McMelon, Kavvy boi, Will Ashborn, Tray G, Eric Scholz, Grzegorz Caban, LilTaco, Javier, Zachery Gilio, Dan Martin, The sun and The ground, Alexis Sanchez, Aritsumi, youngman.99, BottleCapJack, Kyle Crays, Cody Hisle, Logan Moore, MexulDS, william hendricks, sun sonny, 80085, David Mannon, Carissa Hurt, Anthony Capraro, Daren Paul O'Shea Jr., Parker12, Sporleing gaming, Elijah Ewing, nuk3y ., brandon, Luke Hinderer, cesar deras, 王一夫, Lacus X230, Sascha, Nick s1027, John Colondona, DawnOfArk, does john, PlayingVoyage, Jonathan Gaul, Julian Merritt, Mylee Johnson, Steve Scott, Brandon, ace518, Matthew Clark, MC_BOMB_27, Myguel Thibault, XboxMasterDude500, Galactic Gaming, Suriah Elizalde, Jonathan Garrett, Raylee Zimmerman, Jordan Harkness, Jason Low, SMaster, cody de ron, WiiWon, 沙鷗 嚴, klzsiz, B E N, jaden allen, DANIEL RAMIREZ, KalueTV, George Musch, Smiletrap, David Timmer, Angel Reyes, Hodas boy, Tony Son, Madawi Diaz, Kevin Martinez, Renerte, ChrisTBv, Churos79, Denys Vitorino, interbert.nl, Mr. Nerd, 想作为 大必补, TheRoyalSpirit, Hasani Matthews Jr., Jesus Went Green, Chance Roasting, Alex Walker, Mikexnx, Jay D, Nightly Whisper, rashura, taf Miss, Caleb Hawks, TJ M, Carson Caplan, シエスタ@こころ荘梨農家, Cynical Act, Colin Reichard, Cosmos, DJ, LAMBERT GEOFFREY, Stephan, Gabe Bray, Brandon Ramey, Craftaholic 404, Daiki Uchiha, Ira Deloach, Alex Chromium, jesse hall, Ms. Wisp, Nathaniel Palmer, Karen, Twisted IQ, Liu Wenhao, Umi Hed, Rcar_50, kheops, 서아 김, Patrick Lehmann, Delisandwich, Failed Gaming, David Marlyne, Russell Tischler, Manuel Lopez Negrete, May, Dark, Torchy, Riley, christo0725, Bankai DoKi, James Kelly, Aaron Kirack, Ant, Chrizleybear, Nalva Alves, David Raw, Haemi, Tyler, Antoine Denis, Gregory Wasdyke, Tyler Harrell, Dying4Loot, Patrick Davis, Rialio, Fay Lin, Floof, Gwynivere Rêveuse, Logan Weston, Daniel P, Aetherius, Yukochi, My Name Is Frank, Pork Sandwichson, Obama, Cific, indigo, Joe Manolios, Julien Vermette, TheInfidelis, Chinesechickens, Werner Enz, Vadim Didur, PatreonPureDarkDLSS, Rymourdious Synn, Nezuko, ADWY, ZMH, Takashi Kubono, 선민 강, Red Beard, Angel Perez, Chris Coleman, JacobBrian Beats, Jay king, Mason Adkison, Andrew Campbell, TenPandaBNM _Gaming, Dylan Coker, Liquid, Xovtar, Justin Morales, The Young Cub, James Wang, Andrew Robinson, Juan Jimenez, Ryan Splatoon, nathan bauer, Giuseppe DiMarca, Dr. Novelle, Alberto Angeles Muñoz, Isael Palone, gianni baca, Fallen Mercy, Fox, sped_BOI, Michael 164396, 배고퐈, Cooper Vaterlaus, Jace Lafontaine, WickRotation, Peter Dyreng, DominusSFM, ObsydianX, Mackenzie, Powered Fox, Justin Klaassen, racoon killah, Justin Byer, Charlie the Unicum, Danny Alonzo, Matthew Brady, Cameron Paniagua, F 21 3 K, Nils, QuietTrashPanda, love sims, Zeus, Matthew Witte, MortyXXI, lenny 6101, Valentin, Silly, thejaxster, Mochi, R3ap3r77, Orchid and many others... (updated periodically)

If you appreciate the time and effort that goes into making Vanilla RTX perfect and would like to see it continued into the future, you can support it on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/cubeir
Your support will make sure of its continued development and consistently delivered high quality, as a thank you, you will receive updates earlier and directly from my Patreon posts, along with more benefits...

Vanilla RTX Patreon

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the primary difference between Vanilla RTX and Vanilla RTX Normals?
A: Vanilla RTX uses 16x heightmaps, which are later converted to a higher resolution normal map to simulate depth on a flat surface, Vanilla RTX Normals uses 16x normal maps instead, which simulate curvature on surfaces and how light should bounce off each individual pixel. Only one can be used at a time, each will provide different appearances for all blocks.

(First image showcases example blocks from Vanilla RTX, second image Vanilla RTX Normals)

Vanilla RTX Comparison: Screenshot

Vanilla RTX Normals Comparison: Screenshot

Q: Where can I find zips?
A: You can always obtain all of the files from the original Vanilla RTX GitHub repository.

Problem: I am experiencing low frame rate, game keeps crashing etc...
Solution: If you're experiencing low FPS, disable Minecraft's VSync through settings menu or options.txt file, as for crashes and similar issues, they are Minecraft-sided, waiting for future game patches might be your only option.
However, It is worth noting there are several issues tied to resizing the game's window, tabbing in or out of game's window or turning ray tracing on/off frequently, all of which can easily be avoided.

Q: How can I edit the pack?
A: Here are some helpful resources to to edit Vanilla RTX according to your personal preferences or to create your own ray tracing capable resource pack:
Official Minecraft RTX info and documentations: Minecraft.net / Nvidia / Microsoft Docs
Texture Set Maker: CubeIR/Texture-Set-Maker

Problem: I've encountered a visual glitch/bug, candles aren't emitting light, decorated pots are glitched, spyglass has issues, chains are glowing etc...
Solution: Visual glitches or similar issues you might encounter during gameplay are game-related issues. You can visit bugs.mojang.com and report/search for bugs related to Minecraft with RTX and vote for them if they are already reported.
You can also enable the Experimental option in Vanilla RTX's settings, which tries to address a number of ray tracing-related issues.

If you have other questions, try joining Vanilla RTX Discord server and ask for help from other players, or leave a comment here explaining the issue.

Source: CubeIR/Vanilla-RTX
License: Vanilla-RTX/License

Updated on May 14

This revision fixes a huge number of ray tracing bugs, brings numerous quality improvements and adds support for the Heavy Core in Minecraft Preview.

Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals v1.21.20 / In-Depth Changelogs:

• Added support for the "Heavy Core" in Minecraft Preview.

• Adjusted Trial Spawner and Vault block's emissivity.
- Lower parts on vault block and upper parts on trial spawner now emit more light for a better and natural look.
- Off states now glow more strongly (While emissive pixels appear brighter, only vault block emits an aura of light to match the base game)
- On states emissive parts are now much stronger.

• Updated French translations for better accuracy. (Thanks MazeWave)

• Adjusted all brick-type blocks normal maps (e.g stonebricks, deepslate tiles and bricks, mud bricks, etc...) to look better under light from steep angles.
- Fixed netherbricks' incorrect normal maps.
• Updated sandstone and carved sandstones normal maps to have a consistent logic with similar blocks.
• Fixed jarringly dark pixels on Cobblestone and Mossy Cobblestone normal maps that would appear during sunset and sunrise.
• Improved all wooden logs and stripped variants' top normal maps with better details.
• Updated chiseled stonebrick normal map to match style of other stonebrick types.
• Updated prismarine bricks, top and left sides are no longer considered part of the mortar.

• Revamped dirt (dirt textures on grass, mycelium, podzol sides, farmland, all dirt variants, even the dirt parts on hanging roots or missing tile, etc...) all materials have been updated with a cleaned-up dirty appearance!
- Pebbles now appear consistent and overall a bit more rough.
- New heightmaps that allow for consistency across all dirt blocks, fixed noise.
- Updated all normal maps with seamless tiling, this is especially important as light can come from very steep angles with new sun direction.

• Updated grass path to have a similar style to grass block, now much more detailed with improved normal maps and heightmaps.
• Updated hanging roots and root parts on rooted dirt with new detailed materials

• Revamped mycelium, new materials, new smoother, seamless normal maps and better heightmaps.

• Updated stone diorite, granite and andesite
- Improved diorite details, increased overall roughness of all 3.
- New smoother normal maps with better tiling, revamped heightmaps.

• Reworked warped door heightmap, fixed incorrect height of some pixels on crimson door heightmap

• Updated cracked stonebrick heightmap with better defined cracks.
- Updated mossy stonebrick heightmap, fixed noise and stablished a consistent style between every stonebrick variant.

• Other Changes & Fixes:
- Nerfed redstone block emissivity so it may no longer be viable as a light source in large chunks (Still passively emits a small of light to accommodate for consistency between all redstone components that need to passively glow)
- Updated redstone dust heightmaps, reduced edge distortion.
- Improved tuff bricks and chiseled tuff bricks heightmaps.
- Fixed an incorrect pixels' angle on grass side normal map.
- Revamped spore blossom with new heightmaps and normal maps, base texture is now consistent with azalea leaves, significantly decreased emissivity.

New Experimental Updates & Changes in v1.21.20:
(Features below require switching to experimental option within Vanilla RTX or Vanilla RTX Normals through resource pack's settings)

• Fixed invisible Mooshroom mushrooms with ray tracing.
Notes: Missing mushrooms have been remodeled on top of mooshroom for ray tracing as a workaround, as such they may not perfectly line up with original mushrooms without ray tracing, this results in duplicate mushrooms appearing without ray tracing.
It is also worth noting in vanilla Minecraft, mushrooms are floating over cow's body! and this workaround fixes that too.

• Changed Breeze's material that caused glass-like appearance of its wind body, animations of Breeze wind are now functional. (Known issue: only first layer of wind is displayed)
• Updated the fix for Warden's black ears/chest from 1.21.10, now fully fixed without the glass-like ears (MCPE-157438) (Known issue: warden's bioluminescent layer is not functional)
• Fixed glass-like wind charge projectiles with ray tracing.

• Fixed Wither Boss armor texture and texture animation with ray tracing. (MCPE-141530)

• Fixed in-world item textures appearing red & yellow for mob spawn eggs introduced after 1.16.
Currently applies to: Sniffer, Breeze, Armadillo, Bogged, Allay, Axolotl, Camel, Ender Dragon, Frog, Glow Squid, Goat, Hoglin, Iron Golem, Piglin and Pigling Brute, Polar Bear, Sniffer, Snow Golem, Strider, Tadpole, Trader Llama, Warden, Wither Boss and Zoglin spawn eggs.

• Added particle modifiers for all particles, all in-game particles have been adjusted where needed, most particles now have varying degrees of decreased opacity.
For instance, particles like lava will remain fully opaque and bright, while other particles like rain or block destruction have been modified to better blend-in with the world. Particles are not ray ray traced, and this can lead to drastically improved visuals while using ray tracing.

• Fixed chiseled bookshelf front appearing glossy. (MCPE-166159)
Notes: book textures are not yet dynamic, right now on or off state is displayed only depending on the direction the block is facing, this might be improved in a future update. (MCPE-166159)
• Fixed kelp bottom not using a PBR texture, now uses kelp top texture (Carried over from Minecraft RTX Fix Pack v2)

• Corrected colors of doors (MCPE-121412)
Notes: Some doors' colors are not fully correctable.

• Added decorated pot fixes for all 3 new pottery sherds in Minecraft Preview (MCPE-167161)

• Fixed Experimentals option causing redstone ores' reactivity to break, reactivity functionality of redstone ores is now exclusive to the Experimental option.
Notes: This was previously part of default Vanilla RTX, however it has shown to cause missing textures in some servers and with some addons and their resource packs.
Redstone ores' textures will now permanently remain in a non-lit state, which passively emits a small amount of light like all other redstone components. It is now required to switch to experimental option if you wish redstone ores to light up when interacted with or walked on.

• Updated spyglass overlay bug workaround, removed the fix for the texture being too zoomed-in from 1.21.10, instead now modifies only the problematic parts of the texture that caused two darker squares to appear on screen.
Spyglass zoom now functions more similarly to java mods like Optifine zoom without any overlay texture with ray tracing, this workaround (unlike the previous) no longer breaks spyglass without ray tracing. (MCPE-125925)

Updated on March 08

This update brings support for the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update content, new copper and tuff family of blocks, the crafter, among other things; it also improves upon a number of older blocks for a better, unified appearance.

Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals v1.21 / Release Notes:

• Added support the new family of Copper blocks: Copper Bulb, Copper Grates, Chiseled Copper, Copper Trapdoors and Copper doors.
- Fully consistent materials with older copper blocks

• Updated all of copper and cut copper blocks' heightmaps and normal maps, this was done to allow for a consistent logic across the expanded family of copper blocks.
• Added complete support for the Crafter block with meticulously-crafted normal maps. Materials remain consistent with iron, redstone and wood blocks.
• Added full support for new family of Tuff blocks

• Added support for the Trial Spawner.
Once active, there will be an aura of orange glow surrounding the Trial Spawner, closely matching vanilla game's light levels!
• Revamped Monster Spawner:
- Now in-line with other dark metals
- Completely reworked heightmap and normal map

• Updated Glowing Obsidian
- Now fully consistent with other Obsidian blocks
- Now emits more light to better match vanilla Minecraft light level of glowing obsidian
- Revamped normal map and heightmap

• Enchanting Table now gives of a small amount of light, just like it does vanilla game!

• Adjusted Lantern Emissivity

• Improved doors and trapdoors
- Updated all of doors' heightmaps to be in-line with one another.
- Updated the iron parts on all door handles and hinges and all trapdoors: all metal parts on doors now match other dark metal materials (such as Hoppers and Cauldrons) with more details and full consistency, the golden handle on dark oak door now matches gold block and other gold materials.

• Other Changes Include:
- Improved Glow Lichen emissivity
- Updated Blast Furnace, improved iron parts to better match the crafter and other iron materials, improved heightmaps
- Improved mossy cobblestone normal map (Fixed some pixels appearing too dark from certain angles)
- Improved rough prismarine normal map
- Improved appearance of Frogspawn, should no longer appear to have a pitch black background, however due to its model and placement it still appears to have another visual glitch, nevertheless this is an improvement.

• Performed Full Texture Parity Check:
- As of Jan 2024, four blocks were found to have different file sizes (likely because of minor differences with some of pixel color values being off by no more a single RGB value.), however, snowy grass block side was found to be based on an older texture, PBR textures have been updated accordingly to reflect the changes in its new texture & corrected many pixels.

Changelog for Vanilla RTX v1.20.5 / December 26 / Old Update

Vanilla RTX v1.20.5 Autumn's End Quality Update Release Notes:
Before we get to the changelogs, a message from the creator, cubeir:
Today marks the third birthday of Vanilla RTX! Autumn's End takes Vanilla RTX another step closer to truly realizing the long-standing vision of an ideal baseline Minecraft RTX resource pack. It is a huge update. Vanilla RTX, now starting its fourth year, has crossed 4 million downloads (at least ones verifiable by me) world-wide. All of this became possible and I was enabled to make this project make it what it is today, because of you, and generous support of my Patrons, for what started as Truly Vanilla RTX, truly thank you!

Launch of the Experimentals Option:
This is a new subpack which will be used for anything experimental from here on out.
Future features in experimentals subpack option might not be intended for every-day gameplay, so they may or may not be added to Vanilla RTX, think of it as a playground for testing and exploration. Keep an eye out on the changelogs for information on what's new in experimentals.
You can enable this option through the updated resource pack settings menu.

The first bulk of new experimental features and updates arrives:
• Implemented dynamic sun azimuth, allowing diagonal shadows and a more dynamic day-night cycle, significantly enhancing your gameplay experience by bringing more realistic outdoors lighting.
The previous sun angle was at 0°, which led to shadows lining up with blocks, resulting in far less than ideal visuals. The new sun azimuth leads to possibility of diagonal godrays/shadows, the sunlight will now pass in various directions instead of being parallel with the entire Minecraft world, making the environment much more dynamic.

Known issue: At certain times of day, the sun's directional light may momentarily appear to come from the opposite direction, this will be addressed in a future update.

This feature does not require preview or enabling world experimental options!
You can enable it right now on both preview and regular version of Minecraft, no additional experimental toggle is required in the world options!
All you need to do is to change Vanilla RTX's settings to experimental & you will be able to use this feature on servers, worlds and realms.
• Default materials for unsupported textures will appear fully rough.
• Implemented a workaround fix for decorated pot texture bug.

• Prismarine has undergone a major overhaul with significant improvements.
- Materials for all prismarine blocks (Sea lantern, rough prismarine, prismarine bricks and dark prismarine) have been revamped, as a result:
- Rough prismarine now boasts more details.
- Consistency issues between prismarine blocks have been resolved; all prismarine blocks now share a unified appearance.
- Incorrect height values on rough prismarine heightmap have been corrected.
- Prismarine bricks and Dark Prismarine normal maps have been revamped; angles on dark prismarine have been fixed & perfected; prismarine bricks now sport a completely new look.

• End Portal material no longer appears glossy, it is now pitch black instead.
Notes: It is not possible to faithfully recreate the green moving dots of default graphics, however a void black replacement can still be thought of as a suitable alternative to the (likely unintentional) default oily material.

• Updated Manifest and Metadata & Restructured Vanilla RTX
- Added URL and License to the official repository & new PBR capabilities required for new experimental features.
• Added new short, comprehensive description of each subpack in resource pack's setting menu, can be viewed underneath the slider while changing subpacks.
• Modified all jsons within the package to be in an standard and human-readable format.

• Updated mushroom blocks (stem, red, brown, inside and red/brown fungi)
- Normal maps have been overhauled for better natural aesthetics & improved tiling.
- Decreased all heightmap contrast with more subtle details.
- Updated MERs, added missing details, all mushroom blocks now appear consistent.

• Revamped Observer
- Different types of stone parts & redstone parts now match their respective materials.
- Remade all heightmaps along with new hand made normal maps to be up to the standard.

• Mortar texture parts on cobblestone related blocks (such as Pistons, Dropper, Dispenser, Furnaces, etc...) now have been updated for enhanced detail and consistency.
• Issus with tall seagrass top and bottom normal maps appearing disconnected have been fixed; similar issues with Kelp top have also been addressed; missing information for some normal maps has been filled in.
• Adjustments to regular bricks and pots roughness to more closely match other types of bricks
• Updated Cobblestone and Mossy Cobblestone MERs, added in missing details
• Corrected a wrong emissive pixel on sculk catalyst side.
• New icons!

Other Notes:
- Temporarily removed optional patches as they undergo some changes.
Don't worry, they will return on a separate page soon! each with a dedicated description for clarity on features and functionality of patches. This is being done to make this page cleaner, less cluttered and more focused solely on Vanilla RTX.
Glowing Ores and Clear Glass remain here for the time being, however they too will eventually be moved to a new page.
- Added a new short trailer for Autumn's End Quality Update.
- Added and replaced many images to more accurately represent and showcase latest versions of Vanilla RTX -- Updated cover image to Autumn's End.
- Fixed typos, updated text, updated and shrunk patron's list.

Changelog for Vanilla RTX v1.20.0 / October 02 / Old Update

Vanilla RTX v1.20.0 (Trails & Tales) - Public Release
Last Update: v1.10 / 3 Months Ago

Vanilla RTX 1.20 brings support for more Trails & Tails update content along with various quality changes and updates!


  • Added full support for Calibrated Sculk Sensor.
  • Added full support for Pitcher Crop base & Pitcher Crop.
  • Added full support for all stages of Sniffer Egg.
  • Adjustments to Amethyst blocks' emissivity.
  • Decreased weeping vines emissivity, now much more subtle.
  • Decreased crimson and warped logs emissivity.
  • Decreased crimson and warped fungi emissivity.
  • Fixed double plant rose top using Paeonia heightmap instead of its correct file.
  • Updated missing tile normal map to match dirt.
  • Updated redstone comparator and redstone repeater.
    • Updated quartz parts on redstone comparator to match other quartz blocks.
    • Updated stone parts on both to match stone.
  • Fixed torchflower last stage textures not being applied properly.
  • Reworked Seagrass and Kelp normal maps.
  • Updated pack icons to Vanilla RTX 1.20
  • Removed unused files.

Other Changes:

  • In order to catch up with Minecraft's version numbers, and to make things clearer going forward, a version number jump was made with this update. Vanilla RTX v1.11 is instead called 1.20, and going forward, Vanilla RTX 1.21 will not arrive until actual 1.21 Minecraft content support is included in Vanilla RTX. This change was made to make things simpler for players who don't read changelogs.
  • Removed unused files.
  • Updated images to Vanilla RTX 1.20, added images showcasing this update.
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Vanilla RTX v1.21.20 (Release)
Vanilla RTX Normals v1.21.20 (Release)
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