Too Many Dolphins

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Welcome to Too Many Dolphins, which was created by Lightning777 and ported for Bedrock by Parzival_! This pack adds 46 dolphin variants that are randomly generated upon spawning, but also available using a name tag.


Lightning777 permission

Lightning777 permission

Dolphin with Orca

List of variants

They appear randomly in the world, but you can also use a tag and an anvil to create the desired version of the mob.

Bottle, Bottle 2, Orca, Pilot Whale, Killer Whale, Melon-Headed, Pygmy Orca, Cameroon, Springer, Common, Common 2, Dusky, Frasers, Hourglass, Rollever, White Stripe, Peals, Clymene, Striped, Tycuxi, White beaked, Bridle Dolphin 1, Bridle Dolphin 2, Black, Comersons, Heavisides, Hectors, Pink Dolphin, Irrawaddy, Northen RW, Southern RW, Rissos, Roughtoothed, Narwhal, Beluga, Beluga 2, Burneisters, Vaquita, Spectacled, Finless, Harbor, Dalls, Boto, Baiji, Indus, La Plata.

Beluga nd Narwhal

Porpoises animals

River dolphins

Oceanic dolphins

Various types of oceanic dolphins

Blackfish model

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