Crimson Warden

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Hello, My name is Rex/Xer this is my first texture pack "Crimson Warden" I hope you like it since it took me a little time to do it :D

This texture pack modifies the entire Sculk by changing the level color to a crimson and reddish color, the idea that occurred to me when I saw an article on SCP - 610 "The flesh that hates" and it came to my mind "What would happen if the Warden was an infection of this SCP?" and I got down to work which ended in this texture :3

It is a light texture pack it is only for versions higher than 1.19 [For obvious reasons]

Here below you have presentation images

First screenshot for Crimson Warden textures.

Second screenshot for Crimson Warden textures.

Download links
Crimson Warden [No ADS]
Supported versions
1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0
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    Espero les guste pronto traere maa proyectos y podrรกn ver adelantos y dar sugerencias en el discord mio :D