TLOU Bloater V1.1

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A first take on, "The Last of Us" concept by adding a fresh non-vanilla texture on the warden entity. Going from a weird, hooded, soul creature to a much more horrifying and menacing beast. In addition, this detailed resource pack completely changes the sculk to a cordyceps infestation. Don't really know what else to say besides this texture pack is pure nightmare fuel if you plan on using this in a survival world.

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  • Detailed Bloater Mob
  • 6 New Cordyceps Blocks + Animations
  • 6 New Cordyceps Related Particles

Shaders Used: F.O.G Shader v1.5.3 | More FOG Update | Minecraft PE Texture Packs (mcpedl.com)

Terms of use

If you are a content creator planning on using this in a video, then;

  1. DO NOT create your own download links for my addon in hopes of earning money off of my work.
  2. Please do not provide a direct link to MediaFire.
  3. Instead, use my MCPEDL addon page for credits.

DO NOT steal, distribute, &/or modify my RP unless you credit using MCPEDL link, use for personal use, or have full permission.

Updated on August 03:


  • Added New Sculk Sensor Texture
  • Added New Sculk Catalyst Texture
  • Added New Calibrated Sculk Sensor Texture
  • Added New Sculk Shrieker Texture


  • Brand New Thumbnail
  • Brand New Pack Icon
  • Updated New Pictures of Textures
  • Added Animation Gifs


  • Added New Sculk Charge Particle
  • Added New Sculk Charge Pop Particle
  • Added New Sculk Soul Particle
  • Added New Sculk Shrieker Shriek Particle


  • Removed Unnecessary Files
  • Fixed Small Texture Error on Bloater
  • Tweaked the Vibration Signal Particle
  • Fixed an Error on the Sonic Explosion Particle
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