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A first take on, "The Last of Us" concept by adding a fresh non-vanilla texture on the warden entity. Going from a weird, hooded, soul creature to a much more horrifying and menacing beast. In addition, this detailed resource pack completely changes the sculk to a cordyceps infestation. Don't really know what else to say besides this texture pack is pure nightmare fuel if you plan on using this in a survival world.

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  • Detailed Bloater Mob
  • 6 New Cordyceps Blocks + Animations
  • 6 New Cordyceps Related Particles

Warden > Bloater

Bloaters are the fourth, rarest, and most dangerous stage of the Infected, taking several years to develop and reach this stage after years of exposure to the Cordyceps Brain Infection. Furthermore, Bloaters are incredibly strong and are covered in thick fungus that effectively acts as armor plates. Therefore, their skin forms large patches of scale-like tissue that glow in the dark, which form their mycotoxin pouches and engulfs their entire body that they use as a long-ranged weapon, replacing the warden's sonic explosion attack.

Screenshots of model:


Bloater: back screenshot


Bloater: front screenshot

Left Side

Bloater: left side screenshot

Right Side

Bloater: right side screenshot

Top Back

Bloater: top back screenshot

Top Front

Bloater: top front screenshot



Sculk > Cordyceps Mycelium

Like Sculk would, this cordyceps fungus will grow in size and spread when a mob dies on it, mimicking a fungal infestation, and creating large networks that are menacing in look.

Cordyceps Mycelium

Sculk Catalyst > Fungal Catalyst

This new and improved catalyst will consume organic matter greatly increasing its size while having a detailed particle animation.

Fungal Catalyst

Sculk Shrieker > Puffball Mushroom Spore

This mushroom is similar to a real-life fungus called "Puffball". It opens a hole where it will release spore particles alerting a bloater.

Puffball Mushroom Spore

Sculk Sensor > Cordyceps

Similarly, to the cordyceps in, "The Last of Us" series for HBO, they create large networks of cordyceps tendrils. When it senses movement, the cordyceps tendrils begin to thrash around, alerting the nearest mushroom spore.


Calibrated Sculk Sensor > Calibrated Cordyceps

Basically, buffed sculk sensor for redstone.

Calibrated Cordyceps

Sculk Vein > Cordyceps Tendrils

This block appears to spread fungal tendrils, using it as a substrate feeding off of its nutrients to further advance its infection of the world.

Cordyceps Tendrils

In-Game Screenshots + Gifs

In-Game Screenshots

Gif + Screenshots of Bloater's Mycotoxin Attack

Bloaters Mycotoxin attack 1

Bloaters Mycotoxin attack 2

Bloaters Mycotoxin attack 3

Screenshots of Blocks

Blocks 1

Blocks 2

Blocks 3

Screenshots of Ancient City

Ancient city 1

Ancient city 2

Ancient city 3

Ancient city 4

Shaders Used: F.O.G Shader v1.5.3 | More FOG Update | Minecraft PE Texture Packs (mcpedl.com)

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Updated on August 03:


  • Added New Sculk Sensor Texture
  • Added New Sculk Catalyst Texture
  • Added New Calibrated Sculk Sensor Texture
  • Added New Sculk Shrieker Texture


  • Brand New Thumbnail
  • Brand New Pack Icon
  • Updated New Pictures of Textures
  • Added Animation Gifs


  • Added New Sculk Charge Particle
  • Added New Sculk Charge Pop Particle
  • Added New Sculk Soul Particle
  • Added New Sculk Shrieker Shriek Particle


  • Removed Unnecessary Files
  • Fixed Small Texture Error on Bloater
  • Tweaked the Vibration Signal Particle
  • Fixed an Error on the Sonic Explosion Particle
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