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Introducing Vanilla PBR 2.0: Redefining Minecraft's visuals, inspired by both the iconic look of vanilla Minecraft and the breathtaking visuals of Minecraft with RTX, this pack is a blurred line between the two. With full PBR support for every block, mob, and particle, immersive fog for all biomes, enhanced colors & point light data for blocks for added depth and vibrancy to your worlds, a revamped sky reminiscent of Minecraft with RTX, and even water waves in deferred lighting graphics mode!

Vanilla PBR is a deferred lighting graphics pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21 Previews & Betas that seamlessly integrates new deferred lighting graphics features into the classic Minecraft world while preserving a balanced lighting suited for both gameplay and beautiful scenery.
Let's learn all about how Vanilla PBR and how it transforms deferred lighting by going over some of its key features!

  • Wavy Waters!
    Smooth animated water waves with virtually no performance impact, water surface was made to look closer to Minecraft with RTX.

Wavy Waters: Screenshot

Wavy Waters: Animations

  • Fog for all biomes:

Fog for all biomes: Screenshot 1

Fog for all biomes: Screenshot 2

Fog for all biomes: Screenshot 3

  • Point Light data for all blocks:
    All emissive blocks now come with point lights with proper colors that'll allow them to interact with the surrounding materials and blocks.

Point Light data for all blocks: Screenshot 1

Point Light data for all blocks: Screenshot 2

  • New sky that resembles a mix of Minecraft RTX and the default vanilla sky!

New sky: Screenshot 1

New sky: Screenshot 2

  • Full PBR Support for all blocks:
    Rich Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials for every block. (Derived from Vanilla RTX, the pack with perfectly built materials for all blocks, which has been in the making for years!)

Full PBR Support for all blocks: Screenshot 1

Full PBR Support for all blocks: Screenshot 2

  • Improved colors through tone mapping and color grading configurations.

Improved colors: Screenshot 1

Improved colors: Screenshot 2

  • Full PBR texture sets for all entities, particles and player armor.

Full PBR texture sets: Screenshot 1

Full PBR texture sets: Screenshot 2

Full PBR texture sets: Screenshot 3

Full PBR texture sets: Screenshot 4

Full PBR texture sets: Screenshot 5

Source: GitHub/Vanilla-PBR

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As of now the following devices are supported by the deferred lighting rendering pipeline:

  • Windows PC
  • Xbox
  • Android (GLES 3 devices running Android OS 9 and above)


  1. Download the latest Vanilla PBR release from this page.
  2. Make sure you are using the latest Minecraft Preview/Beta.
  3. Before creating a world, head to Experimental Options in the world creation menu.
  4. Enable "Render Dragon Features for Creators" experimental option.
  5. Activate Vanilla PBR in your world or global resource packs
  6. Join any world, check your video settings, scroll down and look for "Graphics Mode"
  7. Set Graphics Mode to "Deferred Technical Preview" from the menu and go back to your world, have fun!

Enabled Render Dragon Features

Comment your issues & suggestions below, you can also find help over at the Vanilla RTX Discord server.

If you are using a low-end mobile device or experiencing performance issues, you can use Vanilla PBR Lite instead:
The Lite variant is a cut-down version of Vanilla PBR that lacks several features such as wavy water, heightmaps, point lights for blocks that can spawn in bulk, etc... which should help deferred lighting run better on more devices.

Updated on May 16

This version is built for preview v1.21.0.24 and above, make sure you've updated to the latest Minecraft Preview/Beta!

With the 2.0 update, Vanilla PBR has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, setting a completely new direction for the pack. With this renewed focus, this update aims to align Deferred Lighting with the color palette and atmospheric feel of both vanilla Minecraft and Minecraft with RTX. Everything from the sky and water to fog and colors has been carefully reworked to achieve this cohesive vision to a great extent.

Vanilla PBR v2.0 Changelogs:

• Added water waves!
Note: This one isn't another nonsensical water normal you've seen beforehand, it is a proper water normal map, inspired by Minecraft RTX.
• Revamped sky, the sky now closely resembles a mix of vanilla Minecraft and Minecraft RTX.
• Added 20 more fog configurations for various biomes, including the nether, end and dynamic fog depending on overworld biome.
• Added point lights for more blocks.
• Added color grading and tone mapping configurations that more closely resemble a mix of Minecraft RTX and vanilla Minecraft.
• This update brings over most of material-related improvements from Vanilla RTX 1.21, 1.21.10 and 1.21.20 alongside the support for the vast majority of upcoming tricky trials update up to Vanilla RTX 1.21.20.
• Updated directional light offset to a constant for a smoother sun path
• Added support for Armor (For instance, Iron and Gold armor are now metallic)
• Added materials and full texture sets for all particles.
• Decreased heightmap intensity of all entities (Note: PBR textures for majority of entities are still work in progress and most are due to slowly receive reworks with future updates, however this improves their appearance for the time being)
• New Icon!
• Revamped the page to reflect the latest changes to the pack and the new direction of Vanilla PBR.
• Updated Vanilla PBR Lite - A Cut-Down version of Vanilla PBR 2.0 for weaker devices.

v1.3 / December 28 / Old Update

This version is meant for preview v1.20.60.21 and above, so make sure to update your Minecraft Preview installation first to use all of the new features!
This version of Vanilla PBR might also have broken emissive textures on versions older than

Vanilla PBR v1.3.0 Changelogs:

• Added pointlights for applicable blocks and items, now emitting proper light and interacting with the PBR materials around them.
More than 70 blocks were added in this update, each with a fitting color of light that best matches the block and accurately represents the overall color of light it would emit.
If more vanilla blocks are found that should emit light they will be added in a future update. (If you found one, feel free to let me know!)

• Updated textures based on Vanilla RTX 1.20.5, as a result this update comes with some of the applicable improvements that were included in Vanilla RTX 1.20.5 Autumn Quality Update (Summary: revamped mushroom and prismarine materials, improved observer and various other materials were tweaked and improved)
• Fixed various materials and textures appearing glossy
- Increased all Hardened Clay roughness.
• Inverted back all heightmaps (previously inverted to counter a bug, however now it is no longer necessary)
• Fixed Spiders, Enderman and Ender Dragon bodies glowing
• Adjusted and balanced emissivity of various blocks, added emissivity to enchanting table (alongside its pointlight), weeping vines no longer appear too bright, emissivity on many items that previously had emissivity was also greatly reduced as a result of recent changes in deferred technical preview.
• Fixed some sculk items incorrectly emitting light
• Minecarts now appear metallic, consistent with Iron
• Redesigned Icon as a part of the upcoming Vanilla RTX Reform.
• Added a default volumetric fog configuration for all biomes. (This will be expanded upon to cover more biomes with a future update)

• Added support for the following entities:
- All colors of bed
- Bees
- All types of boats
- All 60 NPC characters (Education Edition)
- All types of Parrots
- Pig and Zombie Pig
- All 3 Piglin types
- Piston Arms
- All rabbit types (white, gold, brown, etc...)
- All shields
- All shulkers
- Mob skulls all
- Tadpole
- Villagers (All types and professions, and levels)
- The Warden (currently bugged)
- Wither boss
- Wolf (all types)
- Zoglin
- Zombies (all types, except drowned which was added earlier)
- Zombie villagers

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Vanilla PBR for Deferred Lighting v2.0 (Release)
Vanilla PBR for Deferred Lighting v2.0 (Release) (No Ads)
Vanilla PBR Lite v2.0 (Release)
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