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Thumbnail: Charm BE

Charm BE

This addon Adds New Features into the game that designed to Enhance the game experience Without compromising the game style!

Thumbnail: Arduous


After playing Minecraft for so much times... Do you feel the game is Easy & Simple? Then do you want to make it Harder & Complex? That's what this addon does!

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Thumbnail: Kamen Rider Black Sun Addon

Kamen Rider Black Sun Addon

This addon is inspired by the legendary Japanese tokusatsu series, but has now been remade, namely Kamen Rider Black Sun. I have added several interesting features, so it can be played in survival.

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Thumbnail: Prismarite Addon

Prismarite Addon

This addon expands the usefulness of netherite by creating a new template. With it, you can create armor and prismarite tools to help with your aquatic experience.

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Thumbnail: Magma Expansion

Magma Expansion

This addon adds new items to improve your experience in the Nether Dimension, including new Armor, Tools and even a Totem!


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Minecraft was released in 2009. For several years, the game was in Alpha and Beta stages, with its official release happening in 2011. Initially, Minecraft stood out conceptually from many other games because of its openness and freedom for creativity. Players can build and destroy blocks at will, creating unique worlds and adventures. And if that's not enough, mods can further enhance the possibilities.

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