Advanced Enchantment Table Addon

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I tried multiple times but haven't been able to achieve the perfect enchantment. In this addon you can choose what enchantment do you want, including mending.

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How to Setup:

  • Basic: turn on all experimental option and cheats.
  • Crafting: you need end crystal and crying obsidian, this recipe on crafting table.
  • Update: You don't need any bookshelf for this, it updates itself.
  • Enchantment System:
  1. Hold the item you want to enchant and click on the table.
  2. Then press the basic button.
  3. Now you have all option for armor, weapon & tools enchantment.
  • Custom Enchantment: No, there is no custom enchantment for some in-game glitches? I will try to fix it soon.

There is a spelling mistake of menu, ignore it, it will be fixed on the next update.

Advanced Enchantment Table Usage


  • Fully multiplayer friendly
  • It works with all addons & versions
  • Comment your feedback

If you can't understand just check my YouTube video:


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Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0