Disciples of the Void, Volume I

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Do you like boss fights?? I do! Who DOESN’T love boss fights??? Lucky for you, this addon is for people who enjoy boss fights and want more in your Minecraft world. It adds 9 unique bosses to fight in your gameplay loop each with their own special quirks.

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Welcome to my addon: Disciples of The Void: Volume I, an addon dedicated to adding more bosses, items, and weapons to spice up your playthough a little bit. This addon is split into three parts. Two of which have a set of bosses tougher than the last, and the last one has a pretty tough final boss.

What’s that? Do you want MORE?? Lucky for you, there is, in fact, a SECOND volume to this addon which can be found here:

Disciples of The Void: Volume II

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Quick Notes

  • These are the three “chapters” of this addon. Each part beyond chapter one is assuming you have completed the objectives of the previous one.
  • It is recommended to play on NORMAL difficulty to get the full experience.


The story of Disciples of The Void: Volume I has concluded. With the first ever creator defeated and his children laid to rest, the overworld can finally stick to the original beasts of nature it had before. ...or can it?

Check out Volume II here, where an update as big as this one can be expected soon.

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Updated on September 07

Addon Update v3.3: Close to Final Hotfix

  • Addon art has been adjusted
  • Alatar's Manifest has been reimplemented
  • Eribus and Limbosis' animations now play
  • The "Yin" Blade recipe is now shapeless. You no longer have to place the items in a specific order
  • Addon text has been updated
  • Addon art has been slightly updated
  • Addon no longer contains "Positions" by Ariana Grande
  • Addon no longer contains "Kick Back" by Kenshi Yonezu
  • "Rage+" has been removed
  • All references to Erius have finally been removed
  • Majar now properly despawns when Alatarah dies
  • Pack size has dropped from 26.2MB ---> 3.63MB
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  1. ヒル actually means leech, not hill.