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Conflictic Honor addon provides a variety of mobs with the aim of bringing a new experience and perspective to the Minecraft Bedrock game with unique battles, great animations, effects, and sounds.

Unlike the previous Soulless Knight Update, this Orcs Update does not bring a "Boss" as such, but the objective of this is for the "Boss" to be when all the orcs are together in their village. Each orc complements another, they work as a team and interact with each other to defeat intruders, ranged attacks, melee attacks, annoying dwarves, a support orc and etc.

Challenge the orcish camps and village, will you be able to defeat the orcs? Face immersive combat with enemies with advanced behavior, play smart or perish.

This update also add the "Low Detail Mode" with new models and textures made by Sebastian9380.

If the addon crashes the game, enable Low Detail Mode or Ultra Low Detail mode on Behavior Pack.



Soulless Knight Update



Table of Contents



The Soulless Knight update brings us the Soulless Knight, a knight who swore to serve his king. Even after death, not even someone so powerful was expected that something as insignificant as words could have such power. His wish became a curse consuming his soul and corrupting it, even as an undead what was left of humanity was overshadowed by the desire to protect what was left of the castle and his most beloved king even if he was no longer in this world.

When you kill Soulless Knight, you get his curse, the Dark Soul Curse, that allows you to use his weapons.

Soulless Knight: Screenshot 1

Soulless Knight: Screenshot 2

Soulless Knight: Screenshot 3

Soulless Knight: Screenshot 4

Soulless Knight: Screenshot 5

Soulless Knight: Screenshot 6

Soulless Knight: Screenshot 7


The Captain Orc is a master in combat, due to his extensive experience in battle, he developed many combat skills to finish off his enemies. He is the strongest Orc in the village, he is capable of performing unique combos by combining several individual attacks using his preferred weapon, the Bardiche and its fists.

This Orc has the most advanced behavior of the Addon, even more than the Soulless Knight, you can try to fight with him and discover it yourself.

Captain Orc: Screenshot 1

Captain Orc: Screenshot 2

Captain Orc: Screenshot 3

Captain Orc: Screenshot 4

Low Detail Model:

Captain Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot 1

Captain Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot 2


The Adult Orc is a young Orc without much experience in battle and weapons, he is a forger and a gatherer. He uses his own fists for combat, as that is the only thing he can do. Let himself be carried away by his instincts and massacre his enemies with pure brute force. This orc can carry Dwarf Orcs (Mob shown later) in his bucket, where they can throw them if his enemy is too far away.

Adult Orc: Screenshot 1

Adult Orc: Screenshot 2

Adult Orc: Screenshot 3

Adult Orc: Screenshot 4

Adult Orc: Screenshot 5

Low Detail Model:

Adult Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot 1

Adult Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot 2


The Cannoneer Orc, as its name suggests, is capable of carrying a cannon and using it as a lethal weapon. He carries 6 bombs on his waist and chest, with which he recharges the cannon. Despite being a huge Orc, the recoil of the cannon will make him retreat. This orc attacks both at a distance and at close range. When he runs out of ammunition, he will only attack melee, but he will also be able to use the Dwarf Orcs (Mob shown later) as ammunition and will be able to replenish the ammunition using the Bomb Box (Block shown below).

Cannoneer Orc: Screenshot 1

Cannoneer Orc: Screenshot 2

Cannoneer Orc: Screenshot 3

Low Detail Model:

Cannoneer Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot 1

Cannoneer Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot 2


The Dwarf Orc is the most annoying and stupid Orc that exists. They are extremely annoying and cowardly, they are capable of opening doors and breaking your things. They only attack from behind, like the cowards they are, when they burn, they spread the fire everywhere. They really are very stupid and, at the same time, funny. They can climb into the bucket of the Adult Orc (Mob shown above) and throw stones from there in order to annoy his opponent with the knockback. They are used as ammunition by the Cannoneer Orc (Mob shown above) and can collect bombs from the Bomb Box (Block shown later) and commit suicide alongside their enemies. Why don't they just throw it away? The answer was given at the beginning of this description in the Ninth word.

Dwarf Orc: Screenshot 1

Dwarf Orc: Screenshot 2

Low Detail Model:

Dwarf Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot 1

Dwarf Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot 2


The Mage Orc is the leader of the village, not because he is the strongest, but the most intelligent, he is able to use magic thanks to his intelligence, making him the most suitable to lead the orcish village. He sits on his throne in his chambers, and when there is an intruder, he will get up and teleport to the nearest orc. This orc has the role of Support, he can use area skills, heal the orcs, and give them shields that will make the orcs immune to any attack for 4 hits. This orc always keeps his distance from his enemies so as not to receive damage, and if you get too close, he will use his teleportation ability and stay close to the other orcs.

Mage Orc: Screenshot 1

Mage Orc: Screenshot 2

Mage Orc: Screenshot 3

Low Detail Model:

Mage Orc Low Detail Model: Screenshot



Broken and weathered sword, soaked in the blood of his enemies, a sword that has severed countless heads and is imbued with the power of a corrupted soul. Using this power drains the vitality of those with a pure soul.

You can only use this weapon if you have the dark soul curse, which is obtained only by killing the soulless knight, otherwise, it will hurt you when equipping it. You can also obtain it manually using the command "/tag @s add dark_soul_curse".

When holding the sword it will appear custom slots with his abilities, crough and interact to change slot and interact to use the ability.

The 1st is the Basic Attack slow and strong slash, that deals 21 damage to enemies.

Soulless Sword Basic Attack: Screenshot 1

Soulless Sword Basic Attack: Screenshot 2

Dodge: The 2nd ability is a movement ability that will help you move faster and avoid enemy attacks.

Soulless Sword Dodge Abillity: Screenshot

Charge Attack: the 3rd ability is an attack that uses the power of the dark soul to charge a powerful lunge attack that causes great damage, the longer this attack is charged, the more damage will cause, be careful as dark power drains vitality from those with a pure soul.

Soulless Sword Charge Attack: Screenshot

Jump Attack: Pressing the jump button twice consecutively in survival or adventure mode performs an attack in which he makes a great jump and then falls and does great damage in the area, this attack can be combined with the charged attack using the interaction button or by pressing and holding the screen on touch devices.

Soulless Sword Jump Attack: Screenshot


Used and worn chestplate, power and blood lie stained on it, a token of the countless battles its previous owner took part in.

You can only use this armor if you have the dark soul curse, which is obtained only by killing the soulless knight, otherwise, it will hurt you when equipping it. You can also obtain it manually using the command "/tag @s add dark_soul_curse".

This chestplate is unbreakable and protects 10 points of armor, because its have been corrupted, its enchantability is not very good.

Soulless Chestplate: Screenshot


The Bardiche, is the weapon used by the Captain Orc, it can be created from the orc anvil (Block shown later), it is a fast weapon with good range and has the ability to make a charge attack that will carry the enemy and perform a finish. The charge attack will display an element on the HUD showing the Cooldown of this attack.

Bardiche: Screenshot 1

Bardiche: Screenshot 2


Bardiche Recipe

Bardiche Part Recipe


The Orc Cannon is a single-use destructive weapon, it is dropped by the Orc Cannoneer and when used it sends you flying due to its recoil and is destroyed, so use it carefully.

Orc Cannon: Screenshot 1

Orc Cannon: Screenshot 2

Orc Cannon: Screenshot 3


Orc Cannon Recipe

Orc Cannon Part Recipe 1

Orc Cannon Part Recipe 2

Orc Cannon Part Recipe 3


The Automatic Crossbow, as its name suggests, is a crossbow with a system to use it automatically and fire consecutive arrows. Can be created from the Orc anvil (Block shown later)

Automatic Crossbow: Screenshot Recipe:

Automatic Crossbow Recipe

Automatic Crossbow Part Recipe


The Magic Wand used by the Mage Orc is nothing more than a wooden stick that is used to channel mana, but for that, you must first have mana. To obtain mana (for now there is only evil mana), you must form a pentagram with red paint that is created using red paint or a red flower and a bowl and interact with the wand in the center, sacrificing several levels of experience and vitality.

When it is ready, the red paint will turn green as it has evil mana channeled into it. The next step is to obtain the mysterious liquid from the Orc Mage's cauldron. You will have to sneak into an Orc Village and steal the liquid from the cauldron in his chambers with an empty glass bottle. Do not break the cauldron, or you will lose the liquid. Once you have obtained the bottle, you must drink it in the center of the pentagram previously drawn, if you do it correctly you will obtain the evil mana and a container of mana will appear on the HUD, otherwise, if you do it incorrectly, you will obtain a series of negative effects from the mysterious liquid.

Once the mana is obtained, custom slots will appear when holding the Wand, where the Orc Mage's abilities can be used.

You change slots by interacting with the staff while crouching.

Pentagram: Screenshot

Magic Wand: Screenshot

Only obtainable by killing the Mage Orc.


Small Stonebricks

Similar to stone bricks but its bricks are smaller, they are obtained in the stone cutter by cutting stonebricks

Small Stonebricks: Screenshot


Small Stonebricks Recipe

Mossy Small Stonebricks Recipe

Cracked Small Stonebricks Recipe

Small Stonebricks Stairs:

Small Stonebricks Stairs: Screenshot


Small Stonebricks Stairs Recipe

Gotic Glass

Dark crystal that casts a shadow on the face covered by a block which gives it a darker feeling, a crystal that witnessed a bloody battle.

Gotic Glass: Screenshot


Gotic Glass Recipe

Curved Gotic Glass:

Curved Gotic Glass: Screenshot 1

Curved Gotic Glass: Screenshot 2


Curved Gotic Glass Recipe

Large Stone Plinth

A structural and decorative block that uses deepslate and stone as an ingredient to achieve greater resistance to structural loads.

Large Stone Plinth: Screenshot


Large Stone Plinth Recipe

Stone Pilar Block

Structural and decorative stone that, depending on the placement, can act as a column or as a beam.

Stone Pilar Block: Screenshot


Stone Pilar Block Recipe

Mossy Stone Pilar Block Recipe

Stone Pillar

Vertical structural pillar of smaller dimension, this pillar also acts as a decoration, placing a support if a pillar of the same type is not detected above or below.

Stone Pillar: Screenshot


Stone Pilar Recipe

Mossy Stone Pillar Recipe

Torch Holder

Torch holder that can also be used as a decoration.

Torch Holder: Screenshot


Torch Holder Recipe

Mossy Torch Holder Recipe

Stone Plinth

Decorative piece that reinforces the union between the wall and the floor made from the large stone plinth

Stone Plinth: Screenshot 1

Stone Plinth: Screenshot 2


Stone Plinth Recipe

Double stone plinth used for corners.

Double Stone Plinth: Screenshot

Double Stone Plinth Recipe

Carved Stone Decoration

Carved stone decoration is generally used on walls.

Stone Decoration 1: Screenshot 1

Stone Decoration 1: Screenshot 2


Stone Decoration 1 Recipe 1

Stone Decoration 1 Recipe 2

Double sculptured stone decoration used for corners.

Double Sculptured Stone Decoration: Screenshot

Double Sculptured Stone Decoration Recipe 1

Double Sculptured Stone Decoration Recipe 2

Stone Fence

Decorative stone wall.

Stone Fence: Screenshot


Stone Fence Recipe

Stone Decoration 2

Stone decoration made from the large stone plinth.

Stone Decoration 2: Screenshot


Stone Decoration 2 Recipe

Stone Chest

These heavy chests are merely decorative, they cost a bit to open unlike normal chests, you must interact several times to open them.

Stone Chest: Screenshot


Stone Chest Recipe

Thatched Roof

Thatched Roof is used for economic constructions in materiality.

Thatched Roof: Screenshot


Thatched Roof Recipe

Thatched Block

Thatched Block used to complete the top faces of a thatched roof.

Thatched Block: Screenshot


Thatched Block Recipe

Wooden Stakes

Trunks carved in the shape of a point, used to scare away intruders and as a decorative means.

Wooden Stakes: Screenshot


Wooden Stakes Recipe

Pieces of Wood

Pieces of wood on the ground that are used to build. Used as a decorative means.

Pieces of Wood: Screenshot

Only obtainable in Orc Villages, but you can use it to craft sticks.

Practice Dummy

Practice Dummy, used for training, detects the number of damage received and bounces depending on the direction of the damage. You can pick it up by crouching and interacting.

Practice Dummy: Screenshot


Practice Dummy Recipe

Red Paint

Red Paint used for painting in the ground.

Red Paint: Screenshot


Red Paint Recipe 1

Red Paint Recipe 2

Bomb Box

Box containing a certain number of bombs. Used to replenish the ammunition of the Cannoneer Orcs, when broken or when interacted, they will explode, be careful!

Bomb Box: Screenshot

Low Detail Model:

Bomb Box Low Detail Model: Screenshot


Bomb Box Recipe

Mage Orc Cauldron

Cauldron found in the chambers of the Mage Orc, containing a liquid with suspicious substances. If you break the cauldron, the liquid will be lost, but it can be obtained by using empty glass bottles.

Mage Orc Cauldron: Screenshot

Only obtainable in Orc Village.

Orc Throne

High-quality wooden throne where the Mage Orc, leader of the orcish village, usually sits to oversee his domains. Can be obtained by crouching and interacting with the throne.

Orc Throne: Screenshot

Only obtainable in Orc Village.

Orc Anvil

Special anvil, used by Forging Orcs to create their weapons and armor and use them in battle. This block has a custom interface when used and is used to assemble weapon parts.

Orc Anvil: Screenshot

Orc Anvil: UI

Only obtainable in Orc Village.

Orc Chest

Chest used by Orcs to store valuable belongings, sometimes Dwarf Orcs want to feel important and usually sleep there.

Orc Chest: Screenshot 1

Orc Chest: Screenshot 2


Orc Chest Recipe


Soulless Knight Castle

It is generated only once per world, it is always found in the coordinates X: 100, Z: 100, being that the height varies depending on the generation of the terrain, it can also be generated in the underground.

Towers can be spawned with custom chests that contain resources to help you fight the Soulless Knight. These towers are spawned diagonally from the main tower, where the Soulless Knight is. Due to world spawn limitations, you must move closer to the position of the tower to be generated.

Soulless Knight Castle: Screenshot 1

Soulless Knight Castle: Screenshot 2

Soulless Knight Castle: Screenshot 3

Small Orc Camp

Small exploration camp with resources and sometimes with a captured villager. It is generated in forests with various types of wood and is inhabited by 3 Dwarf Orcs.

Small Orc Camp: Screenshot

Orc Camp

Orc Camp where two Adult Orcs and 4 Dwarf Orcs live, they have resources, weapons and use the captured villagers as labor for the extraction of minerals. The camp is surrounded by a wall of pointed logs that adapt to the terrain of the world.

Orc Camp: Screenshot 1

Orc Camp: Screenshot 2

Orc Village

Orc Village, an Orc colonization with training areas, watchtowers, armory, forge and houses (50% chance to generate with villagers building them). Each structure inside adapts to the terrain of the world. In this village, there are many orcs. Will you be able to conquer them?

Orc Village: Screenshot 1

Orc Village: Screenshot 2

Orc Village: Screenshot 3


Enraged Mobs

With a 10% chance, every mob in the Addon can spawn in an enraged state, including bosses. In this state, monsters will deal almost double the damage and have almost double the health. Those that drop these monsters will be in an enraged state, where they will do double the damage, or, in the case of the Magic Wand, it will consume less mana.

You can set an entity to enraged state using the command "/event entity @e minecraft:buffed_event"

Enraged Mobs: Screenshot 1

Enraged Mobs: Screenshot 2

Enraged Mobs: Screenshot 3

Orc Raids

The orcs will be able to Raid Vanilla Villages to capture the villagers and use them as labor. First, they will kill the golem and then capture the villagers. The raids towards the villages will be a large group of orcs. Raids will be randomly generated when the player is in a village for a long time. When a Raid is generated, a message with animation will appear on the screen.

Orc raids can also be generated in the players' houses, the houses are defined by the spawn point, that is, when interacting with a bed, a timer will start that will randomly try to generate an orc raid.

Unlike the raid on the villages, these are guided by levels to measure your strength. The level 1 raid will only be 3 dwarf orcs, when you kill them, you will have to wait for another raid to be generated, and this will be level 2, two orcs adults and 3 dwarf orcs, level 3 is the same as level 2 but with 2 Cannoneer Orcs, level 4 is a Captain Orc and level 5 is a Captain Orc, 3 Cannoneer Orcs, 3 Adult Orcs and 5 Dwarf Orcs.

By killing a Captain Orc or a Mage Orc, your raid level will be increased to level 5 instantly, as you have proven that your strength is worthy of a level 5 raid.

You can see your actual raid level using this command: "/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar ch_raid_level"

Orc Raid Started: Screenshot

Dark Soul Curse

A curse transferred from another cursed soul, this curse will allow you to use cursed weapons.

Having this curse will show an icon on the HUD.

Dark Soul Curse Effect Icon

Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions
  • Is the addon compatible with other? Yes, this addon does not use player.json so it is compatible with any other addon.
  • Does this addon use experimental mode? Yes, it use Beta API, Holiday Creator features and Adittional Modding Capabilities.
  • Does this addon have performance issues? The game in general has performance issues, however, in this update has been added the New Low Detail Mode that can be activated from Addon Settings in World Settings. With this enabled, the models will change to a lowpoly one, the particles will be reduced and in behavior pack, the low detail disable connected blocks and tickingareas (activate this if this addon crash or freeze your game) and Ultra Low Detail bone visibility blocks and some Orc Village features.
  • Will you continue developing this addon? Of course, this is only the beggining, the next update will the The Knight Updates, it will be so epic like this.
  • What version do I need to use it? Try having the last Stable version of the game, at the moment, you need minimum 1.20.50


If you have any problem with the addon, contact me through my Discord Server, this way you can report bugs and see the progress of this addon.

Updated on June 14

  • Support for 1.21.0.
Changelog for May 07 / Old Update
  • Support for 1.20.80.
Changelog for April 02 / Old Update


  • The Soulless Knight bossbar is now compatible with other custom bossbars;
  • The paint block function was moved to Scripting, making it much faster and more optimized;
  • All items were moved to scripting, so now there are no problems in multiplayer, and it is much more precise and faster;
  • Many functions, abilities and mob attacks were moved to scripting, so it is now more optimized, more precise and knockback attacks also knockback mobs with knockback resistance such as iron golems;
  • Now enemies that have phase 2 except bosses, when generated in their enraged mode, will always have their phase 2 active, which will make them more aggressive;
  • Moved the generation of structures to scripting, so the generation of the orc camp and the orc village is much more optimized and faster;
  • The Ultra Low Detail was removed from Behavior Pack, since the village is now generated with scripting, so it is not necessary to remove any feature to reduce lag, since before it used entities;
  • Weapons now support enchantments such as sharpness, fire aspect, knockback, and Unbreaking for melee and multi-shot and Unbreaking for ranged weapons such as the automatic crossbow and Orc Cannon.

Bug Fixes:

  • Now the blocks emit a shadow (this probably solves the fact that some blocks were not displayed in RTX);
  • The BUFFED soulless chestplate cape now moves correctly;
  • Bardiche's vertical attack particles now always spawn on the ground;
  • Weapons now consume durability;
  • The Adult Orc's strong ground attack now no longer plays in the air;
  • Now the Adult Orcs and Cannoneer Orcs do not attack the villagers, they only approach them and capture them, you will no longer see Cannoneer Orcs shooting at the villagers or Adult Orcs carrying out an attack towards them;
  • The volume of sounds was reduced;
  • Fixed "Large Ground Energy" particle;
  • Custom chests in the structures have their loot again;
  • Dwarf orcs with Crossbows no longer mount Adult Orcs;
  • Dwarf orcs no longer grab bombs and explode if their target is a practice dummy;
  • Fixed loot on orc village watchtower barrels.
Changelog for February 08 / Old Update
  • Support for 1.20.60.
Changelog for January 17 / Old Update
  • Added more info about Dark Soul Curse.
Changelog for January 16 / Old Update
  • Support for 1.20.50+
  • ORC CAPTAIN added. This mob is a remastering of the Reinforced Ogre, so its previous version was completely "DISABLED";
  • ADULT ORC added. This mob is a remastering of the Adult Ogre, so its previous version was completely "DISABLED";
  • The behavior of the DWARF ORC (previously called Dwarf Ogre) was completely improved, and the reinforced Dwarf Ogre was "DISABLED" as it was all done in one behavior;
  • Added the CANNONEER ORC;
  • Added the MAGE ORC;
  • The LOW DETAIL MODE was added to both the Resource Pack and the Behavior pack. In the Behavior Pack, it disables connectable blocks, reducing the use of "minecraft:queued_ticking" in the world, and also disables the use of "Tickingareas" which is used to generate the Orca Village correctly. In the Resource Pack, it reduces the detail of all the models to a simpler one (Models by Sebastian) and also reduces the amount of particles, which improves performance. This option is activated in the Addon configuration in the Resource Pack and Behavior Pack section. There will be a nut icon when selecting the addon;
  • Added Enraged system where mobs have a 10% chance to spawn in an Enraged state. In this state, they will have a red effect, their eyes will glow, their health will be increased by almost 50% and their damage will be almost doubled. This status can also apply to bosses;
  • New orc items were added, and the Soulless Knight's sword was improved;
  • Added new orc blocks, both decorative and functional;
  • Added more music for the Soulless Knight, it has a 50% chance of playing between the music that already existed and the new one added, also, when finishing the music and starting the loop again, you can select a new one;
  • Soulless Knight's Items are now 3D on the ground;
  • A Raid system was added, where a group of orcs can be generated to raid a village of villagers or even your own house where you live. When your own house is raided, this system will work by levels to indicate the difficulty of defeating you. First, first Some Dwarf Orcs will be sent, if you defeat them, you will level up, so the next raid towards your house will be adult orcs along with the dwarves, so on up to level 5. By killing an Orc Captain or Orc Mage, the Raid level will rise directly to level 5. Also, when they raid a vanilla village, it will be a level 5 group due to the existence of the iron golem and Pillagers raids;
  • The orcs will be able to capture the villagers, and the iron golems will be able to free them;
  • New structures were added, such as both small and large orc camps and a custom orc village. The generation of the village is done when you approach its main structure, so it is recommended to keep a distance when the process of generating the village is in progress. If this freezes the world, it is recommended to activate Low Detail in the Behavior Pack.


  • Fixed the "Ground Explosion" particle not displaying correctly on both mobs and items and improved its texture and behavior;
  • Most attacks in the Soulless Knight animation now aim at their target, depending on their height. For example, if the target is higher, the attacks will be made upwards, this was also included in the orcs;
  • The "ch:arrow_ground" block was translated into the languages used;
  • Fixed the bug that when exiting and re-entering the world, the "stone chest loot" in the Soulless Knight's structure would be duplicated or changed again;
  • Fixed exiting and re-entering the world after using the "Soulless Sword" charged attack, which kept the slow effect and prevented you from performing sword attacks.
  • Added first-person animations for the Soulless Sword and slightly improved the existing ones;
  • Vanilla emotes work again when the Addon is active;
  • The "Statue of the King" in the Soulless Knight structure should now be generated in the correct position;
  • One half of the "Soulless Knight Structure" no longer spawns (or significantly reduced the chance) to spawn one block lower than the rest of the structure;
  • Most of the functions of the "Soulless Sword" already work in multiplayer, and attacks are now performed using the item or right click, while for the other skills, you must alternate using the item while crouching, as custom slots will appear to the left of the hotbar with the skills;
  • Soulless Knight no longer dies instantly from blocks that deal damage (Cactus, Magma, Sweet Berry Bush, and Campfire);
  • Adjusted the damage range of some Soulless Knight attacks;
  • Soulless Knight's damage reduced;
  • The Soulless Knight no longer deals premature damage in the close-range horizontal attack in Phase 1;
  • The Soulless Knight particles in phase 2 now have a better disappearance transition, making the particles more fluid;
  • Fixed Soulless Sword thrust damage;
  • Soulless Knight's thrust damage partially fixed;
  • Automatic Crossbow display correctly;
  • Fixed Z-fighting in the Mage Orc Cauldron;
  • Added Ultra Low Detail Mode on BP.
Changelog for June 20 / Old Update
  • Structures Support for 1.20.30;
  • Fixed Stone Chest.
Changelog for June 09 / Old Update
  • Support for 1.20.
Changelog for May 10 / Old Update
  • Updated blocks for 1.19.80.
Changelog for December 01 / Old Update
  • Support for 1.19.50.
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