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Do you want to play Monster School in Minecraft but you can't? Well... This map is for you! It'is add the Monster School in Minecraft! All Members of Monster School are here like Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Herobrine, and so much more!ย 

Note: If you are making a YouTube video about my map, you should give me a credits as the creator of the map.Anyways, Enjoy.

The Monster School:

The Monster School

Welcome To Monster School!

If you are a fan of Monster School, you know this place. This place is where you can meet Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Herobrine and so much more!

The Monster School Main Room:

The Monster School Main Room Screenshot 1

The Monster School Main Room Screenshot 2

Welcome to the Monster School Main Room! This is the room where you can meet Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Herobrine, Husk, Spider and so much more!

This are the monsters that are in the Monster School:

  1. Zombie.
  2. Creeper.
  3. Skeleton.
  4. Zombie Pigman.
  5. Witch.
  6. Snowman.
  7. Zoglin.
  8. Spider.
  9. Ravager.
  10. Iron Golem.
  11. Wither Skeleton.
  12. Husk.

You can also communicate with the Monsters!

Communicating with the Monsters

As you can see guys that you can talk with Zombie. You can also do that with Herobrine and all of the monsters.

Monster School Map Official Trailer Here:


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