Custom Enchantment Update (1.20.81)

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This addon add new enchantment. This lets you add custom charm for each sword, including modded or vanilla weapons. You can choose from level 1 to level 10. Hold the information paper for more details.

Enchanting Menu:

Enchanting Menu

In-game overview:

Information Paper Item

Custom Enchantments on Iron Sword

How to enchant weapons:

Updated on May 01

  • Updated to support 1.20.81.
Download links
Download Custom Enchantment v0.1 (1.20.81)
Download Custom Enchantment V0.1 (1.20.70+)
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70
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  1. Does this work on 1.20.60?
    Im curious
  2.  profile avatarVoronDZet profile avatar VoronDZet
    Version 1.20.81 of the mod does not work. The old version worked. Maybe you uploaded the wrong file?
  3. This no work in mcpe
    1. What the fuck are you saying
  4.  profile avatarDG0097 profile avatar DG0097
    I tested the armor prenetration but is not working, but the others Enchantment is working correct
    1. Level 1 armor penetration only deals 0.5 damage, Level 2 deals 1 damage
  5. satan profile avatar satan
    it doesnt work
    1. Use Minecraft bedrock version: 1.20.80/1.20.81