Bedrock Prisons

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In this map, there are total five Bedrock prisons which you have to escape. For that, you need skills, IQ and to know Minecraft mechanics to escape all the Prisons. Can you escape all?


  1. When you escaped a prison or not want to at the time and want to back in lobby just type this in your chat to come back "/tp 0 -60 0"
  2. You can play this map multiplayer but at a same 2 or more players not tries to escape same or different player it can create issues
  3. Reset button is given to reset the prison


  1. When you go to prison five, all the players in the game will be teleported to prison five
  2. When you click on reset button to reset to will be killed (make sure your inventory is cleared and to get you back to that prison spawn which you are escaping)


Bedrock Prison with lava

Prison tower

Small prison

Closed prison

Another prison

Map lobby

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Free to use in single player and private servers.


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