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Welcome to the [SITE]-22 beta map. It is the first and last publicly available version before the full release of the map. The concept is that you and your friends play as a squad of M.T.F in order to detain a S.C.P who escaped from prison. All this on a wonderful and very detailed map with new 3D armor and skins!


Creator - Kuto49612969 (Twitter).


  • Plagued knight
  • Smug 049
  • I87 cold
  • hendrix
  • galaxy_wolf
  • prismoid
  • dinogamer
  • OrangeFox Production

Special thanks to:

  • JSGG Studios for the New 3D armor and skins
  • just suzz for his map being the base of this project
  • golden lun for his addon that has helped my site feel alive with his S.C.P blocks


When you launch the map for the first time, you will appear in the lobby, where you can choose your role and the place where you would like to be:

3 New armor sets. M.T.F Unit options.

When you choose to be M.T.F, you will be able to choose armor and kits that comes for M.T.F:

Game scenario selection. Representation of the armor of various M.T.F units.

Map Features

The site has 3 main elevators, one for each zone:

Elevator on the site.

There is a cargo object to make the site realistic, now it does not work, but it will in the full version:

Freight train on rails. Garages for trucks on cargo facility. Warehouse with underground entrance.

Not every S.C.P has its own cool sign yet, but they will be added soon. While you can also meet the usual wooden signs:

Signs of two SCP's. Yellow SCP sign.

There is a PA System room on the site with two working sounds: Alarm and Containment breach alarm:

PA System room on the site.

At the MTF base you will find an armory and several trucks for MTF, when they need to leave for work:

MTF base with armory and several tracks.

Interesting fact: almost all of the custom terrain is built by me same goes with the trees:

Custom terrain.

Once again, I express my gratitude to MC creator for the opportunity to use his addon with a black hawk, which makes the map more realistic:

Black Hawk at the helipad.

Use the cool [SITE]-22 Skin pack, which includes D-class, M.T.F members and a Humanoid S.C.P:

[SITE]-22 Skin pack preview.Character in military skin.

Some of the S.C.P Containment chambers

Place of confinement SCP with an artificial ecosystem. Experiment room. Rest zone. Huge building with several floors. Room with a huge container.

Trailer of the Map

Just Suzz texture pack and his youtube:

Download links
[SITE]-22 Map beta download
[SITE]-22 Skin pack download
Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0