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Disenchanter Table (Version 3.1)

Thumbnail: Disenchanter Table (Version 3.1)

This addon adds a new block to the game called the Disenchanter Table. The Disenchanter Table is a unique block that will add a whole new disenchanting mechanic in the game.

The Disenchanter Table with floating items

What does it mean? Now you can extract several enchants from an Enchanted Book or equipment into separate books. This allows you to use the enchants more effectively!

You need to enable the all experiments to use this addon:

Required experimental options.

How to use?

To start disenchanting first craft the table (Amethyst Shard x4, Block of Gold, Obsidian x3 and Enchanting Table).

Disenchanter Table craft recipe

Put the enchanted equipment or book in the middle.

Enchanted Book

Put books around it, only put 1 book per slot andadd the amethyst shard on the bottom right slot.

Enchanted Book with Looting I

Enchanted Book with Efficiency III

Animated GIF:

How to use the addon

Classic and Pocket UI

The desktop interface is slightly different when using Classic and Pocket UI.

Classic UI

Pocket UI

UI Breaking?

If the UI of the disenchanter is breaking (turning into chest), change the disenchanter settings in the behavior pack.

There are settings Chest container and Horse container.

  • Chest container should be the default, but there is a high chance the UI will break when partnered with other addons.
  • Horse container has less chance of the UI breaking.

Disenchanter Table pack settings



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Updated on May 24

Version 3.1:

  • Added Minecraft 1.20 version
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