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This addon adds a new block to the game called the Disenchanter Table. The Disenchanter Table is a unique block that will add a whole new disenchanting mechanic in the game.

The Disenchanter Table with Floating Items

To start disenchanting, first craft the table:

Disenchanter Table Recipe

How to use:

  1. Put the enchanted equipment or book in the middle.
  2. Put Books around it, only put 1 book per slot.
  3. Add the amethyst shard on the bottom right slot.

Change the UI a little bit for mobile and PCs to fit the UI for mobile.

Classic UI Profile:

Disenchanter Table Classic UI

Pocket UI Profile:

Disenchanter Table Pocket UI

In the mobile UI the hot bar has been moved to the left side.

UI Breaking?

If the UI of the disenchanter is breaking (turning into chest), change the disenchanter settings in the behavior pack:

Disenchanter Table UI Fix 1

Disenchanter Table UI Fix 2

There are settings: Chest container and Horse container:

  • Chest container should be the default, but there is a high chance the UI will break when partnered with other addons.
  • Horse container has less chance of the UI breaking.


If you encountered any problems, join my Discord Server


  • You are not allowed to repost this resource/addon outside ModBay / MCPEDL without my permission.
  • You are not allowed to create your own download link.
  • You are not allowed to share the direct link.
  • Feel free to make videos, just credit.


Experimental Settings Must Be Turned On:

Required Experiments for the Disenchanter Table Addon

Updated on May 21

  • Download links have been replaced with a download file
v1.20.80.X Version 8 / April 30 / Old Update

Version 1.20.8x:

  • Updated Addon For Minecraft Version 1.20.80
v1.20.70.X Version 7 / March 16 / Old Update

Version 1.20.7x:

  • Updated Addon For Minecraft Version 1.20.70
v1.20.60.X Version 6 / February 07 / Old Update

Version 1.20.6x:

  • Updated for minecraft 1.20.60
  • Updated enchanter class to support 1.20.60
v1.20.50.X Version 5 / December 13 / Old Update
  • Updated for Minecraft 1.20.50.X
  • Removed other disenchanter items from being seen in the creative inventory, only the table will now appear.
v1.20.40.X Version 4 / October 18 / Old Update
  • Updated for minecraft 1.20.40.X
v1.20.30.X Version 3 / October 05 / Old Update
  • Updated for Minecraft 1.20.30.X
v1.20.10.X Version 2 / August 01 / Old Update
  • Optimized GameTest code
v1.20.10.X Version 1 / July 18 / Old Update
  • Updated addon to 1.20.10.X
  • Updated GameTest version and code
v1.20 / May 24 / Old Update
  • Updated addon to 1.20
  • Updated GameTest version and code
v3.1 / April 30 / Old Update

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated addon to 1.19.80
  • Updated GameTest version and code
v3 / March 26 / Old Update

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed amethyst shard not decreasing.
  • Fixed disenchanter breaking when breaking a disenchanter block next to it.

Technical Changes:

  • Removed the place 1 book text warning in ui.
  • Improved Disenchanter Block texture.
  • It will now spit out items that are more than 1 and items that are not allowed in certain slots.


  • Would now display floating items above the table.
v2.1 / March 19 / Old update
  • Updated addon for 1.19.70
  • Updated installation description image to fit with the new version.
  • Fixed disenchanter block not being interactable when being place.
v2.1 / February 09 / Old Update
  • Merged main version and server version.
  • Recoded the whole gametest script.
  • Can now easily edit the script file to change the amount of amethyst shard needed and time for each disenchant.
  • Changed the disenchant sound.
  • Can now visibly see the enchants being taken from the enchanted item.
  • Books will now be spit out if more than 1 book is in the slot.
  • Can now disenchant items that has a huge enchantment level.
v1.3.3.1 / January 23 / Old Update
  • Added a version for servers
v1.3.3 / December 05 / Old Update
  • Updated Manifest for 1.19.50.
  • Fixed Disenchanter block becoming black.
v1.3 / December 01 / Old Update
  • Updated the GameTest code for Minecraft 1.19.40
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Dis-Enchanter 1.20.8x[mcaddon, 66.05 Kb]
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