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Item Pedestal

Thumbnail: Item Pedestal

Item frames don't look too cool, do they? Try Item Pedestal addon by Amon28 and add a new block called item pedestal to the game. Place the desired item on this block and show it in a more interesting way.

To use the item pedestal block, it is enough to place it on the surface. After that, act similarly to the item frame, hold the item and interact with the block, be sure to point at the top of the item pedestal.


Creator: Amon28 (Twitter)

To use this addon you need to enable some experimental features:

Some enabled experimental options.


That is what pedestal block looks like:

Item Pedestal block on the ground.

To craft item pedestal block use the following recipe, it accepts different kinds of stone:

Item Pedestal recipe craft.

Here are some examples of usage item pedestal:

Gold chestplate on the Item Pedestal. Melon on the Item Pedestal.

You can make the pedestal glow using glowstone dust. Hold glowstone dust and interact with the pedestal:

Item Pedestal is glowing at night.

Good fact is that item, which you placed on pedestal will follow wherever you are looking.

Trident on the same view while looked from two different angles.

Updated on October 23

  • Reduced the light of pedestal when glowing
  • Removed Version Changing, Version 2 is now the default version
  • When pedestal is glowing the item now will ignore light