Sword Craft (1.20.30 update)

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Have you ever thought that if Minecraft Mojang adds more swords in the game, the Minecraft game will be even more exciting? >w<very good, in Sword Craft addon! You can craft more than 30 swords and it's a minecraft friendly addon. Which means this sword is not over power and not boring. TRY IT NOW!

(this addon does not contain PLAYER.json and does not contain all VANILLA mobs)

Usage Advice

  1. You can use this sword craft addon for PVP, zombie slayer game, minecraft manhunt game, etc.
  2. If you are lazy to install the addon, you can click 'LETS PLAY' link than the others, with this you can immediately play and craft all swords in minecraft world, and you will get 3 bonus swords
  3. King sword = made for the king of you!
  4. Ender sword = to activate the ender sword, you just have to attack the target and jump/in mid-air
  5. Physic sword = This sword will move by itself and attack the target that has been marked, to mark the target you only need to attack the target, after the target is knocked out. You can pick up the sword again. (if there are two physic sword users, and they fight each other. Then the physic sword will be confused and can attack the master. Note: physic sword is still not perfect and under the development)
Sword Craft Function

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Sword functions

Some Pics

Nether Sword recipe 1

Inc Sac sword recipe

Nether Sword recipe 2

TNT sword recipe

Ender Eye sword recipe

Golden Nether Star sword recipe

Ultimate sword recipe 1

Ultimate sword recipe 2

Ice Sword recipe

Sword from enchanted books recipe

Chorus sword recipe

The best thing about this addon is that it only uses original items from minecraft


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Download links
sword craft BP
sword craft RP
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0